Tips to Sell Portable Blender Bottle on Shopify

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Shopify’s pricing page is the most common way that first-time sellers assume that this is all it will cost to sell their products on Shopify. There are many other costs involved. Some of these may surprise you! Let’s look at what you should budget for before you build your online store.

Shopify’s Core Costs

Two costs that you cannot avoid are your Shopify package, and your domain name.

1. Shopify Packages

Let’s begin with the obvious. Shopify will require you to pay for it.

A. Standard Packages

Shopify offers three simple-to-understand packages Basic Shopify and Shopify.

Each plan gives you everything you need to create and manage an online store. All the tools you need to create a website, as well as payment processing and shipping labels, are included. It’s a fraction of the cost of creating a website from scratch.

These are the only options that most businesses should consider. If you have been selling online for some time, you might be interested in two additional options.

B. Shopify Plus (for Large Businesses).

$2,000+ per month

Shopify Plus offers enterprise-grade solutions for large businesses. Advanced Shopify is taken and enhanced with security, fulfillment, and API features.

It allows merchants to automate many of the tasks associated with ecommerce through Shopify Flow. Shopify Flow lets users create “if that then that” rules (ITTT), such as “If inventory falls below such-and-such a limit, email my supplier.”

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C. Shopify Lite (for Websites Already Built)

$9 per month

Shopify Lite is only $9 per month You have full access to Shopify back-end tools. This plan is ideal for online sellers with a website that already exists and needs some ecommerce features.

Are you a fan of smoothies, but are they too difficult to make? Many people love the flavor but prefer to consume them within 1-2 hours after mixing them. We tend to agree that they taste better fresh.

Research has shown that fruits lose their nutrients 12 hours after being chopped up or blended. If you are the type of person who likes to meal-prep and make your smoothies every day, you might not be getting the nutrients you were hoping for. We can sympathize with your situation, which is why we have added an electric blender to our range.

This solves the problem that fruits lose their nutrients. It also seals in the flavor. You can mix it whenever you like, from 7 AM to work, to mid-afternoon snacks to keep you awake until dinner. It is the perfect solution to our problem and even comes in cute colors!

It’s BPA-free and made from glass. The USB cable included in the box charges quickly. Because of its easy-to-clean design, we chose this bottle over the others. While the other bottles were great, and even had pretty designs, cleaning them was a nightmare.

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It is an essential part of the process. It wasn’t worth the effort of cleaning it every night, and none of the other ones felt as strong as this one. We want only the best and that is why we always ask: “Would this be used for many years?” If it meets that standard, we approve to show it to you. We are sure you will love it!

  • High Performance and portability: The Dragon portable smoothie blender blender has a built-in USB charger that can be charged using a power bank, computer, or any other USB power source. 150W of power can be fully charged in 3 hours. It can also be used up to 15 times. The blender bottles have a 380ml capacity and weigh 1 lb. This makes them easy to transport in all situations, such as when you are exercising, traveling, camping, or fishing. Mini blenders are great for making smoothies and milkshakes in the kitchen.
  • It’s simple to use: Double-click the button switch to turn on, then click again to stop. The cup is removable and easy to clean. Simply add water to the mini blender to clean it. The indicator lighting design on the power button lets you know if the product is ready to go. Please do not immerse the product in water.
  • Multifunctional and portable: The Electric Personal Smoothie Blender Cup Mixer Bottle can be used to crush frozen fruits, vegetables, stems, and seeds. It can also make smoothie shakes, Powder and Liquid Mixing, and protein mixes. In just 30 seconds, you can make delicious smoothies and milkshakes. This blender can be used for camping, fishing, gym, car, office, picnicking, and other purposes.
  • Strong power: The electric USB Travel Sport Mini Blender Cup has the Big Six Blades in 3D. The 6 Blades personal blender is more powerful than the traditional Blades Personal Blender.
  • Advanced Safety: The unique safety design and eco-friendly material provide you with a duplicate level of protection, making it easy to enjoy delicious juice while feeling safe.