Tokopedia Dropshipping Reviews Indonesia eCommerce

Tokopedia was established in 2009 with the help of e-commerce. Tokopedia is a well-known name in online commerce and trade in Indonesia after 9 years of success and continued improvements. Tokopedia is one of few companies that has been able to sell more than 5 million products per month (as reported by 2015). Dropshippertokopedia is an excellent example of dropship businesses that have become internationally recognized.

What is Tokopedia?

Tokopedia focuses on dropship basics, which allows dropship manufacturers or dropship dealers to set up and manage their online stores. Tokopedia helps small business owners develop and manage their online stores without the need for a technical team or to invest time in hiring programmers. Tokopedia is backed by big names such as Sequoia Capital, Soft banks and Softbanks. Dropship Tokopedia is a marketplace online that offers a wide range of products. The website sells everything from electronics, books, software, and everyday food items. not only sells products, but also offers a variety of services such as electricity and water bill payment. You can also use it to manage mutual funds, bank deposits and make donations. offers entertainment options and even game vouchers. The dropshipperTokopedia provides all resources necessary for daily living, from food and entertainment to finance and even legal entertainment.

What about Tokopedia?

It is well known to all that provides a variety of products and services and has made a huge and established name in the Indonesian digital marketplace. Tokopedia’s business model has been tried by many companies and failed. When Tokopedia first started operating, there were many issues such as security and an uneducated market. It eventually overcome these issues with the passage of time. Tokopedia’s huge success can be attributed to many factors. These are some of the reasons.

Funding – Tokopedia has racked up a significant amount of funding through its venture. The company has used the funds it received from the venture in a responsible manner. It has never failed to invent technology and has made every effort to push itself forward, reaching the highest levels of success. Sequoia Capital, Softbank and Media Inc are just a few of the big names who have made large investments in Tokopedia. Alibaba recently invested $1.1 billion. These large investments show that Tokopedia has great faith in its growth.

Customer orientation – Tokopedia is a customer-oriented company. Since the inception, customer feedback has been the main focus. Tokopedia believes that the only way to grow the company is by involving every merchant or seller in its growth. Tokopedia understands that customer satisfaction and feedback are the foundation of all e-commerce. Therefore, it has worked to strengthen it. Tokopedia keeps the customer at the center of its activities and has grown along with every stakeholder.

Expansion mindset – Tokopedia, despite its losses in the initial phase, continued to operate. Although it faced many difficulties in its beginning, Tokopedia continued to operate because expansion and growth were always its goal. Management and the founders were determined to create a culture of growth. Continuous learning and striving for growth is the key element and foundation of the entity.

Tokopedia has many success factors, but there are still many problems with dropship culture. Some of these are:

Inventory Management – Tokopedia makes every effort to control and optimize stock. However, there are times when products become out of stock. It is nearly impossible to manage stock effectively when working on such a large scale. It is difficult to keep track of all products due to the large number of dropshippers that has.

Price rationing – Because there are many sellers involved with them, it is impossible to fix a price for any particular product. Dropship sellers may charge different prices for products, so a standard price for the same product is impossible to establish. Although Tokopedia is making every effort to reduce this disparity, it is still not possible.

Tokopedia takes strict measures to ensure the quality of its products. It is impossible to verify each product because the business operates online. Tokopedia will only sell products from trusted sellers. However, the quality of the products cannot be guaranteed.

Tokopedia’s limited operations – Although Tokopedia is growing rapidly, it is still not able to expand its operations globally. Due to a limited resource of supply chain management and restricted logistics, Tokopedia cannot expand its operations worldwide. – The brand that saves the day has been worldwide working on the dropship model. It has worked to close loopholes that are common for major drop-shipping firms. It offers world-class inventory management, quality inspection methods, and customer satisfaction. API allows dropship sellers to integrate inventory data across 20 e-commerce sites like Amazon, AliExpress and Wish. The company also owns an inventory storage facility, which helps sellers avoid the hassle of storing goods. is a dropshipping company from China that operates on a large scale. This allows for huge profits potential. is a tie-up with 200 top logistics partners such as UPS, DHL, and EMS. This allows for delivery to more than 250 countries. maintains strict quality control. offers dropshipping support through a top-notch customer service and after-sales services. Comparing with Tokopedia has shown that Tokopedia’s drawbacks have been addressed by

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It is evident that has a distinct advantage over Tokopedia in many areas.

Conclusion has a huge market of expansion and years of experience that makes it an advantage for dropshipping companies. has reduced its operating costs by taking advantage of its Chinese orientation as well as its vast area of operations. Tokopedia is a rapidly growing company that is overcoming all obstacles. However, is already past the phase of trial-and-error. is a well-respected name in dropshipping and would be an excellent alternative for dropshipping in Indonesia.