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What is a Blog?

Blogger is the English name for blog, which is the network diary. A person who publishes and publishes personal articles online using specific software.

Blogs are useful tools for dropshipping businesses, even though few people blog now. Bloggers who are dropshipping entrepreneurs can share their experiences and reviews about dropshipping suppliers via a variety of websites. Chinabrands Blog offers professional information on dropshipping, so you can learn all you need to know.

Dropshipping Blog: Importance

Blogs are informal writings that are published online and contain information about a topic. Although dropshipping blogs are not very common, they have become a popular way for dropshipping websites to inform people about their drop shipping platforms. These blogs can be used to answer general questions about dropshipping.

These blogs can be used by websites to promote any feature that they have on their website, which is not available from competitors. Dropshipping blogs, along with information, have become an important medium for marketing websites.

DSM Tool Blog

DSM Tool is an automated dropshipping suppliers directory. It automates all your dropshipping tasks, such as finding products to sell, adding products into your store, syncing stock, price, and processing orders. No time limit on the free plan.


Shopify, a drop shipping website that is located in Canada, is trusted by many. Shopify is among those companies that have decoded the dropship model and are using it to grow their business. Shopify’s blog covers a range of topics, including how to set up and run an e-commerce store, branding, and dropshipping.

Drop shipping’s first article appears to have been written in 2012. It describes drop shipping’s modus operandi. The process of Drop Shipping with Shopify is described in the subsequent articles. Another blog discusses the benefits and drawbacks of wholesale dropshipping and direct shipping. This helps the reader choose and select the most suitable shipping method. In the later blogs dropshipping with AliExpress is explained and the last article in the dropshipping blog and dropshipping forum is about e-packets

Advantage: Shopify’s steps to opening a store, as well as other important information about how to open a shop on Shopify have been clearly illustrated using good pictorial representation.

Disadvantage: There is not enough information on the blog to answer all of the basic questions and concerns that novice dropshippers might have. There are few blogs, which means that readers will have questions about drop shipping.


Oberlo was established in 2018 and is one the fastest growing dropshipbusinesses. Oberlo is one of the most highly-respected dropship platforms worldwide, having sold 85 million products in a short time span. Oberlo’s blog contains lots of information, including the best products for 2018 and how to start an online store.

Dropship information is very detailed and provides a lot of information. All dropship blogs can be categorized under the following headings: Dropship introduction, benefits, and how to start dropship. A few case studies and motivational stories are also included.

Advantage: This blog offers a comprehensive look into dropshipping and answers all questions regarding dropshipping.

Disadvantage: This blog has a lot of information that can make readers feel confused.


Salehoo is an online directory that lists wholesalers, dropship suppliers, and r-commerce shops. It was established in 2005 and has been a powerful tool for researching the right products and suppliers. Salehoo’s blog has many sections that allow you to categorize the blogs.

These sections include e-commerce, eBay and dropshipping. Dropshipping contains blogs on introductory topics such as the challenges for an e-retailer, benefits of dropshipping, and current topics such as the best product niches that can be dropped shipped in 2018.

Advantage: The blog’s main advantage is its simplicity and straightforward writing.

The disadvantage is that the blog doesn’t cover topics such as what is a dropship model or why dealers should choose drop shipping. The blog doesn’t use many photos, which makes it difficult to read.


Doba was established in 2002. Since then, Doba has worked hard to grow the company into one of the most trusted sources for dropshipping products. There are also a few categories in the blog section, such as strategies and tips and e-commerce news. A few blogs on dropshipping were found in the different categories.

It provides strategies and tips for selling products online. It answered basic questions such as what factors a dealer should consider before selecting a supplier.

Advantages: This blog dispels common misconceptions and ambiguities about dropshipping

Chinabrands University is one of the most trusted dropshipping platforms. With its exceptional service, has elevated dropshipping to a whole new level. is the preferred choice for dropshipping sellers and dealers around the world.’s blog section, also known as Chinabrands University, contains blogs on various questions and concerns that may arise for potential dropship sellers or dealers. This blog covers topics such as drop shipping introductions, strengths and many other topics.

Advantage: This blog provides a wealth of information and addresses the technical issues and concerns that dropshippers face. The blogs were very informative, concise and easy to understand.


Dropship blogs are essential. They allow the layman to gain valuable insights and tips on dropshipping. However, we can’t deny the fact that some blogs became boring and off-topic., one of the most popular dropshipping websites, understood the difficulties of dropshipping blogs and has created blogs that are shorter, more interesting and concise.’s dropshipping blogs provide the right information to the reader without excessive branding and marketing.

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