TradeGecko Inventory Management Software Review

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In the digital world of sales, there are few things more essential than being able keep track of your inventory. An inventory management software program is a must-have for entrepreneurs.

It is not always easy to find a solution you can trust.

TradeGecko offers today’s businesses a customizable and powerful online inventory management platform. This cloud-based software allows businesses to keep track of every product they sell and how it is manufactured across multiple channels and locations.

TradeGecko allows businesses to integrate multiple channels and programs into a single overview of their digital store, unlike other inventory management tools. You can also manage orders and fulfill customer requests all from one interface.

This is everything you need about TradeGecko.

What is TradeGecko? A Overview

TradeGecko is a cloud-based tool operating on the software-as-a-service model. TradeGecko offers support for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps them manage their inventory, operations, and finances in an easy to understand environment. TradeGecko is used by thousands of companies around the world.

TradeGecko’s headquarters are in Singapore but the company was founded in New Zealand. Carl Thompson was frustrated with the difficulty of managing inventory data for his clothing label. He decided to create his own back-end admin tool in 2011. Thompson founded TradeGecko with the help of his brothers Cameron Priest and Bradley Priest.

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The company has seen rapid growth in the past ten years and now supports more than $1Billion in transactions. TradeGecko has customers in over 100 countries. This integrated, automated software gives companies everything they need for a multichannel or wholesale operation.

Pros and cons of TradeGecko

Every software program has its pros and cons. TradeGecko is a great tool for order management. Tradegecko is a great addition to any B2B eCommerce platform. It can make sales easier.

Unfortunately, the company has a bad reputation for poor customer service. TradeGecko reviews indicate that it is difficult to get answers to your questions immediately. Customer support is not as good as what you might expect from Shipstation or Shopify.

These are the pros and cons of inventory management software that you should be aware of when considering using it for your small business.


  • Great for multi-channel sales orders
  • Management of the wholesale supply chain
  • All aspects of the sales process covered
  • Support for B2B platforms
  • TradeGecko Payments offers a quick and simple payment process
  • Automated components that streamline workflows
  • Intelligence and reporting
  • Integrations with powerful tools such as Quickbooks, WooCommerce and Amazon are possible
  • Excellent value for money


  • Software bugs can occasionally cause problems
  • There are some learning curve issues
  • Customer support issues
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TradeGecko Pricing

Before you combine your sales channels with tradeGecko you need to ensure that the service is within your budget. TradeGecko is a powerful tool that can help you grow your business. You can manage multiple business units from one place with it, such as Quickbooks online or Magento. It also comes with a 14 day free trial to allow you to try it out before you purchase.

If you purchase an entire year upfront, you will get a discount after your free trial ends. For those who have an annual plan, the following packages are currently available:

  • Founder: $39/month for one user, 1 sales channel integration and 50 sales orders per months. Multiple currencies support. Basic user rights. Accounting integrations. A mobile sales app. TradeGecko payments. Basic intelligence.
  • Lite $79 per user, all features of Founder, 300 monthly orders, and TradeGecko Connect.
  • Small Business: $199 a month for all the features and Lite plus access to 5 users, 1000 orders, batch and expiry tracking and two hours support.
  • Business: $599 per Month for everything in small businesses, plus 8 users.
  • Premium: $799 per Month for all features of Business. Support for 15 users, 5,000 monthly orders, multi-language documents and 8 hours setup assistance. Multi-themed documents.

TradeGecko offers a “Pro” package for enterprise businesses. This package pricing is not available unless you contact our team. If you have the funds to purchase Pro, it may be able to cover all your business’s needs. Unlimited user support is available and you can place unlimited orders.

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TradeGecko Features

TradeGecko allows companies to manage their products, orders and payments in one place. It’s an application that helps you track all the complex components of your business. Let’s look at some features that TradeGecko offers.

Manufacturing and inventory support

TradeGecko’s core platform is its inventory management system and manufacturing tools. You have complete control over every item you sell through the easy inventory management interface. TradeGecko’s intuitive inventory management interface allows you to have complete control over all the items you sell, whether you are a brand-owner or a company selling wholesale to businesses.

The system includes:

  • Inventory Control With inventory control features, it is possible to track your inventory and ensure that you don’t run out. TradeGecko updates your stock levels automatically and tracks purchases across multiple warehouses and locations.
  • Inventory Optimization Companies can make sure they have the right stock at all times with an inventory management system. Automated strategies for demand forecasting and inventory optimization can help you streamline your internal operations.
  • Warehouse management: TradeGecko makes it easy to manage multiple warehouses for your company. TradeGecko allows you to transfer stock from one warehouse to another and can receive or fulfill orders specific warehouses separately.
  • Wholesale inventory management This service is ideal for wholesale businesses. It allows you to take bulk orders quickly with an automated and private platform. You can create and send invoices and quotes to your clients. You can even set up your own self service solution.
  • Manufacturing: tradeGecko supports complete manufacturing workflows. You can monitor everything happening within your company. You will never lose sight on your business processes, from purchase to order fulfillment.
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TradeGecko Order Management & Shipping

TradeGecko does more than manage inventory. Software like TradeGecko makes it easy for small and large businesses to improve their online presence. TradeGecko’s order management and shipping tools are ideal for account managers looking to increase their revenue. TradeGecko’s mobile app allows you to manage your orders and supply request.

These features allow you to manage your order and ship.

  • Order Management: Sync your orders with inventory automatically and improve the efficiency of your business operations. It allows you to monitor everything happening in your business, even when stock is running out. You can set up reorder triggers to receive alerts whenever stock levels fall below a specific level.
  • Purchase Order Management: Improve compliance and improve your business operations by purchasing order management. You can easily create, modify, and send purchase orders to business leaders. These orders will automatically update your inventory levels. Data accuracy is assured while reports are generated to let you know when stock needs to be ordered for customers.
  • Backorder Management: TradeGecko’s inventory management software includes backorder management services. You can use your order management software to pre-order inventory so that you can fulfill all orders promptly. As your business grows, make sure your inventory levels remain constant.
  • Pricing management: It is essential to be able to manage prices effectively when running an online business. Tradegecko integration will allow you to effectively manage your expenses. You can create custom price lists for your business in different currencies or for different customers, product categories and locations.
  • Shipping management. Shipping can be managed with TradeGecko. TradeGecko makes it easy to simplify the shipping process by setting up shipping rates based on the location and using the various shipping options.
  • Batch tracking and expiry tracking: Lots and batch tracking give you greater visibility into your products as well as how your inventory changes. It’s easier to track all products that you sell through Shopify, BigCommerce or another tool. This will make it easier to build customer relationships. This reduces the chance of spoilage and helps improve company workflow.
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TradeGecko Customer Relationship

Improved inventory syncing and order administration naturally lead to stronger relationships with your target audience. There are many other ways to build a deeper connection with your target audience. TradeGecko, for example, offers a range of additional features to complement your inventory system. These include order fulfillment as well as relationship management.

These features are crucial for building brand loyalty among your target audience, regardless of your company’s size. These features include:

  • Order fulfillment.TradeGecko makes order fulfillment easy and efficient with lower costs and greater efficiency. You can increase the stock take that your business can handle and integrate channels, locations, and processes to improve visibility and reduce mistakes.
  • CRM technology TradeGecko can be integrated with other tools such as phone support, customer service, etc. or the built-in CRM environment. Trade Gecko’s CRM allows companies keep all their supplier and customer data in one place. This technology records orders and purchases for clients automatically, so you can see where your customers might be headed.
  • Inventory management reports:Data is an integral part of improving customer experience. To support your target audience’s needs, you need to know which products are most popular. TradeGecko software allows you to easily run stock reports regularly for more business insight.
  • Sales reports In addition to inventory management reports, you also have the ability to access and generate precise insights into your sales. Knowing when your customers are most likely to buy at these times will help you increase your revenue. Tradegecko inventory management software lets businesses generate reports by product and customer as well as location, channel, and other parameters.
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TradeGecko Accounting and Payments

TradeGecko is a software solution that will help you make the most of your online business. TradeGecko offers a variety of tools, seamless integrations with other software, and powerful accounting and payment tools.

TradeGecko payments is an option for companies who want to fully harness the power of TradeGecko in order to grow their ecommerce business. Stripe powers the payment system and users can accept cash payments from customers faster than ever before. TradeGecko invoices you create can include a Pay Now button, so clients can make their purchases quicker.

TradeGecko Payments currently only works in a few countries, but the company plans to expand the technology to all consumers.

TradeGecko Payments is not the only feature of TradeGecko. The software can also be integrated with major online accounting and economics management solutions. Even different price lists can be created for different customers.

TradeGecko offers many great features, whether you’re looking to adjust your pricing to meet the needs of a client who is currently browsing your site, or to keep track your taxes. TradeGecko currently doesn’t allow you to perform bank reconciliations. Instead, you will need to incorporate transfer data from tradeGecko into your accounting system.

TradeGecko is compatible with tools such as Xero or QuickBooks so this shouldn’t be a problem for most business owners.

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TradeGecko is easy to use

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing it with your team, even the most powerful tool for order and inventory management, it won’t do much good. TradeGecko doesn’t have as many complicated features as you might think. TradeGecko can be installed online so there’s no need for you to install any complicated software.

You can also log in to manage inventory from your mobile device. You can track your purchases and fulfill orders using the mobile app.

You’ll find an intuitive and efficient experience for business owners, regardless of whether you log in via a computer or mobile device. TradeGecko is a well-refined software that has been in the market for a while. It is simple to use and easy to understand. It’s also very nice in aesthetics – everything seems well integrated.

If you don’t use the navigation bar to locate the items you need, it can minimize so you aren’t distracted while you work.

TradeGecko is easy to use from start to finish. If you are new to TradeGecko, the dashboard will show you how to set up your account. This step-by-step guide is great for beginners. You can also add integrations quickly and easily to your technology.

We are particularly impressed with the ability to upload large quantities of customer and supplier information in one go. This makes it much easier to compile your environment. TradeGecko is compatible with all devices. You’ll have a great experience.

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TradeGecko Support

TradeGecko provides a great tool for business owners who need to track everything, from barcode details to sales figures. But even the most advanced technology won’t be much if you don’t have access to customer service from time-to-time.

TradeGecko has a comprehensive and detailed knowledgebase. The environment includes step-by-step instructions for how to use it. Learn how to track eBay sales and how to use a product SKU.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to take the DIY approach when it comes to inventory management. TradeGecko offers professional guidance options that are reliable and easy to use, in addition to the tons of documentation. All plans have email support, and all members can also access community support.

The only people who have Business Premium plans can use the phone support option. Most of the time, you should receive a response via email. To learn a few things, you can use pre-recorded and live webinars as well as eBooks. It would be great to have live chat or greater access to telephone calls for those on lower tiers.

It’s important that the tools we use every single day are as flexible as possible. No one wants to spend their workday jumping between apps to accomplish the same thing. Developer teams use SDKs and APIs in order to make integrations and add ons easier.

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TradeGecko will give you a flexible environment to run your online or offline business. You can link your ecommerce store to your inventory management software with Magento, Shopify and Amazon.

Intuit QuickBooks Online and Xero are two examples of account integrations. There are many more available. ShipStation and StarShipIt are also available for order fulfillment. Lokad Salescast is a tool that allows you to forecast the inventory required for specific periods. You also have access to Shopify POS and Salesforce CRM technology.

You should check out all the TradeGecko integrations. You’ll be able to unleash the full potential of your company if you keep all your technology in one place.

Who is TradeGecko best suited to?

TradeGecko provides inventory management and business support. This software is ideal for businesses that have to manage large inventories. TradeGecko is ideal for companies that distribute products from many different sources or are wholesale resellers.

This software allows users to quickly transfer stock information between locations using its specialized tools. You can also get price breaks for large orders. Your business customers can log in to the private eCommerce portal and view their pricing details.

TradeGecko’s inventory management tools are great for full inventory control. You can be sure that your data is updated according to sales so you won’t accidentally sell stock you don’t own.

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TradeGecko gives you full visibility into your inventory. It provides a central environment that tracks all orders and allows you to view them all from one place. You can also create custom sales reports for each channel. This makes it easy to identify which revenue streams are most profitable. TradeGecko is more than an inventory management tool.

This tool is robust, so you can enjoy many of the same ERP system benefits in an environment that is convenient and easy to use.

TradeGecko – Selling globally

TradeGecko provides flexible pricing and payment processing for people around the world. This software allows you to grow no matter how big or small your business is. You can adjust the features to suit your needs and only pay for what you need. You can gain more flexibility as your business grows, such as multiple currency support.

You will still receive payment in your base currency, even if your customers accept different currencies. TradeGecko’s accounting and analytics reports will still use your base currencies. This should make it easy for you to understand your financial data.

TradeGecko offers global support, which includes assistance in managing multiple warehouses around the globe. You can even create country-specific tax policies so that you are compliant with any company you may be selling to.

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TradeGecko’s ability to help you grow your eCommerce business is another reason it is attractive from a global sales perspective. The software can be linked to any eCommerce site you create. TradeGecko can help you power your store by integrating tools such as WooCommerce or Shopify. You can also use the API to connect everything.

You can also integrate sales and inventory data if you sell through an online marketplace such as Amazon.

What are the biggest problems with TradeGecko

TradeGecko offers many benefits for business owners. TradeGecko’s seamless integration with your favourite tools and simple order fulfillment processes are huge bonuses. It’s quick and simple to add products. You also get peace of mind knowing that everything works instantly. You can even use things like supplier management and customer relationship management to keep your company aligned.

There are also some drawbacks to this software. TradeGecko is always working to fix any issues users have, but you may still face some problems. TradeGecko can be integrated with other POS systems using TradeGecko. However, the company’s proprietary technology does not have an active solution. While this might not be an issue for all companies, it could cause problems for some sellers.

A financial accounting system is not complete. This tool could be used for inventory management, not accounting. Many modern inventory tools include accounting technology. TradeGecko again asks that you rely on integrations to enable this feature. It integrates with many popular accounting tools, making it even more appealing for businesses that don’t want to learn how to use it.

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TradeGecko has a major issue. The software isn’t always running as fast as it should. Users complain about the software’s inability to run smoothly at times. This problem was not something we encountered, but it is worth paying attention to.

The functionality of the smartphone app and B2B functions is also limited. Although the app functionality is useful, it does not cover all of the essentials. The B2B sector has plenty of potential for growth. However, it seems likely that the company will continue adding to this functionality. TradeGecko seems to be investing constantly in new ways of growing and supporting customers.

However, this does not apply to the refund options offered by TG. Credit card refunds are currently only available under an all-or nothing policy. If the business wants to attract new clients, it will need to address this issue quickly.

The support team is our last major complaint about the technology. Phone support should not be limited to those with higher-end accounts. If a company wants to communicate with customers via email, it must have a team that can respond quickly to their messages.

TradeGecko Review: Final Verdict

Is TradeGecko really worth your time? This technology has a lot to offer. TradeGecko can help you make your business more profitable. TradeGecko’s inventory synchronization technology is amazing. Shipper and supplier management are also great. We were impressed by the custom pricing models and cost tracking. It’s also convenient to have a mobile-friendly sales system.

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TradeGecko may not be the most efficient inventory management software we have ever seen. There are many other options available that can deliver better results than TradeGecko, especially when you consider the negative aspects we mentioned above.

It is possible that TradeGecko would rank higher in the SaaS marketplace if it made some basic changes. TradeGecko could easily catch up to its competitors by fixing common problems and improving the customer service strategy.

We recommend downloading the demo version of this technology to see if it is worth your time. You’ll be able to see many of the main features of the demo.

TradeGecko is a great investment for you and your team if you aren’t afraid to deal with bugs.