Tucows Domain Provider and Squarespace Things to Know

Domain names link your website’s identity with its web presence, helping visitors easily locate it online. To manage your domains and their settings, login to your account dashboard.

Squarespace offers domain management services, meaning we manage your website’s name and any possible connections to other websites.

Tucows was established as a shareware and freeware software download service in 1993 and has become the world’s second-largest domain registrar since then.


Domains are unique names used to identify websites on the internet, with each one possessing its own set of rules and requirements to ensure that anyone looking for your website can find and reach it easily.

Squarespace includes a built-in domain with each annual plan, but you may choose to connect your own custom domain instead if desired – however, additional registration and renewal fees apply for this option.

Tucows was initially launched as a file sharing service in 1993 before transitioning into selling domain name registrations. When STI Ventures bought it in 1999, domains could be registered at discounted rates through OpenSRS system for resellers.

Most domains are locked for 60 days after being registered by their registrar, at which point an authentication code is sent out and shared with any potential new registrar during transfer processes in order to validate that the person transferring is indeed its owner.


Domains are unique names used to identify websites on the internet and are essential building blocks of web pages and email.

Registrants can manage their domains using the Domains panel in their account dashboard. To see which registrar is managing your domain, login to your Squarespace website or parking page and view the Domains panel – your provider will be listed under Provider in either Squarespace Domains LLC or Tucows’ column.

Tucows launched its wholesale domain name registration service and multilingual domain offerings in 1998. As well, Tucows quickly established itself as a leading registrar of domain names ending with “.info,” the top-level domain for information websites.

Squarespace provides Business and Commerce plans with optional add-ons for hosting domains with their optional ecommerce features and digital product management apps; please be aware that third-party apps incur transaction fees for use.


Tucows is an Internet domain registrar and website builder located in Flint, Michigan that offers a suite of tools for managing your website. Established as a shareware and freeware download site in 1993, it became accredited with Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in 2005, operating OpenSRS, Hover and Ascio services to clients around the globe.

Tucows offers email services that include both business and personal accounts as well as spam defense, featuring an easy to use platform with customizable settings to meet individual customer needs. Security features include SSL encryption as well as a spam blocker for added peace of mind.

To transfer a Squarespace domain, a transfer authorization code (also referred to as EPP code or transfer key) is needed. You can easily obtain one in your domains panel by clicking ‘Get Transfer Authentication Code’ and following its instructions. With your code in hand, contact your new registrar and complete the transfer process.


Domain names are an essential element of a website’s identity and branding, helping visitors avoid getting confused while providing an easy means of finding information online.

Squarespace provides both domain registration and SSL certificates to increase website security while offering visitors a better user experience. You can add one by visiting Settings > Security on your site.

To switch providers, first unlock the domain in your Domains panel and obtain a transfer authentication code (also called an EPP code or transfer key). Next, share this code with your new provider to begin the transition process.

If you wish to switch domain providers, this guide provides steps on how to do so. Your new provider may charge an ongoing service fee and/or alter some features (like email or domain privacy ) from what was included with Squarespace plans.

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