UK Wholesale Suppliers for Leather Handbags and Purse

UK’s fashion market is growing in sales each year. This can be seen in the increasing number of suppliers to various brands that are coming into existence each day to meet the demands of customers. It has been found that leather purses and handbags are the most sought-after fashion product in the UK. Dropshipping these products is a great idea.

This post is designed to provide all information you need about wholesale handbag suppliers. These facts will allow you to succeed in dropshipping today.

This guide will help you to find the best ways to make the most of reselling leather purses and handbags. It also includes information about how to deal with the best suppliers.

The basics of Wholesale Leather Handbags

As there are many buyers for leather handbags UK, the market is stable. This is a great market to begin with, especially if you don’t have the opportunity to reach all of the competitive niches. There are many products that you can dropship and potential customers willing to pay what you sell.

One example of the huge profit potentials in leather handbags UK’s market is the fact that 1.96 billion Pounds were made from leather products sales between 2014 and 2018. About 20% to 30% of that figure was contributed by handbags. This should be enough to tell you that this market is booming.

Different types of leather handbags for inspiration

You can choose from a variety of leather bags and begin selling them to your customers. Here are some examples:

1 – Shoulder Bag

This handbag is the most practical of all the many available on the market. There are many designs you can offer your customers from different brands in the UK.

2 – Satchel bag

This handbag is mainly used by women who work. This bag can be used both as a daily bag and as a laptop bag. Your customers only need the best quality bags with good functionality.

3 – Sling Bag

Another popular leather bag is the Cross-Body Bag. You can also refer to it as a cross-body bag. It is stylish and easy to carry around. This bag is perfect for shopping, travelling, and running errands.

4 – Quilted Bag

Because of its high price, this type of leather bag is not very popular. It is a great value for money, and it is renowned for its high quality. It is easy to find the best manufacturers of leather handbags UK.

Wholesale Leather Handbags & Purse Suppliers in UK

Dropshipping is possible with many wholesale handbags suppliers in the UK. Here are the top suppliers of leather purses and handbags for ladies:

1 – FCwholesale

FCwholesale is a well-known company when it comes selling handbags made in Britain. It is a well-respected company that produces high quality leather handbags. You will find leather bags such as the Handle Faux, Stud Embellished Large and Satchel bag.

2 – Harris Wholesale Supplies

Harris Wholesale Supplies is a company that produces the finest designer leather handbags. Do you need a reliable supplier who will satisfy your customers’ needs? Harris Wholesale Supplies is the right company for you. Harris Wholesale Supplies has more than 20 years of dropshipping expertise.

3 – Lulu bags

Lulu bags gives you access to the finest leather handbags that you can resell and earn money. It also offers bags from other countries. This means that you can not only get handbags made in Britain, but also bags from other countries.

4 – Bella Bags UK

Bella Bags is another company you can use to sell wholesale purses UK. You can access a variety of leather handbags to offer your customers. This company has one problem: you might not be able to find UK leather handbags at a lower price than the ones mentioned above.

5 – Jamie Bags Ltd

This company is located in Manchester. They have helped many dropshippers to make money by offering customers designer leather handbags. This company offers a wide range of low-cost leather handbags UK that you can use to help your dropshipping efforts.

6 – Jcwholesale

Jcwholesale, another UK-based company that can fulfill your customers’ needs, is also a trusted one. The company is known for producing high-quality leather bags. Wholesale purses UK are available in many designs that will be appreciated by both potential and current customers. There are many different designs and styles of bags available.

7 – UKfashionltd

Another great place to shop for designer leather handbags is this company. Customers receive new products every month. This ensures that you always have something for your customers. Here, you won’t find cheap leather handbags UK.

8 – Wholesaleclearance

Wholesaleclearance has a wide selection of leather handbags you can avail today. These handbags are high-quality and can be resold to make money. You will not find many cheap leather handbags in the UK. You may not be able to find all the options.

9 –

The best thing about this company’s leather handbags UK is their high-quality craftsmanship. You will find handbags such as Wristlet, Beach bags, Hobo bags, and many others.

10 – Wholesalebagsonline

Wholesalebagsonline does not have many leather handbags on stock but it does have high-quality ones that you can sell today as dropshippers. It has a wide range of customers from Europe and America. It is therefore unlikely that your customers will be disappointed by delivery.

Are there any other places that I can buy wholesale leather handbags?

You can also wholesale leather handbags from other countries than the UK. These include the USA, China, India, and other parts Europe. The following are the main factors to be aware of as a dropshipper:

* Handbag prices

* Quality

* The reputation of your selected suppliers

These factors will work in your favor and you can make money selling leather handbags from any supplier.

FAQ regarding leather handbags wholesale

1. Which are the major leather goods manufacturers?

These include Dongguan Kunway Leather Technology Co. Ltd. P. S. Daima And Sons. Khukriwala Handicrafts. Elite International. Kalakriti Creation. Rongwang Leather Co. Ltd. Guangzhou Jinbairui Leather Textile Co. Ltd. Guangzhou Dashang Leather Technology Co. Ltd. Zhejiang Baideli Leather Co. Ltd.

2. Where can I find leather handbags and purses for sale?

You can purchase from China, India and the US. You must also consider delivery time and price to make sure you are making the right money.

4. Where can I find handcrafted leather handbags and purses?

India is a great place to find these kinds of leather bags. There are many options available in Delhi, so make sure to visit the markets.

4. Do I want to wholesale leather handbags and purses for women from China?

Yes, you can buy from China. There are many handbag manufacturers in China that you can do business with. Chinabrands is a trusted platform that allows you to access reliable wholesale handbag suppliers.