Some of the Untapped Dropshipping Product Niche Categories

Dropshipping products that have been successful in the past are easy to find. The list of products that have been successful in the past includes a posture corrector, a moon lamp, and a talking hamster. It is difficult to find untapped dropshipping items with viral potential.

Dropshipping offers both the “best mover”, and the “first mover” advantages. The ability to scale a product with success means that other sellers cannot compete for your revenue and profits.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

You will rarely find overlap in the top-selling products of the most popular dropshipping websites. This article will show you step-by-step how to 1) Discover these untapped products and 2) Scale those products before anyone else.

Kanye West’s studio album The Life of Pablo features the lyrics , “I’ve been trending for years, y’all just a few days.”. Dropshipping is no different. There are products that don’t last long and won’t bring in steady revenue.

We can see from the Google trends for Fidget Spinners that while there was a lot of interest at peak times, the long-term potential for fidget spinning was low. This makes them unsuitable for long-term dropshipping stores. Dropshipping products should not only be trendy but also sustainable over the long-term to generate steady monthly income.

You can see the Google Trends for “Posture Corrector” to get an idea of what it means to have a consistent trend and not a quick fad.

In this example, we can see that the posture corrector product is better to sell in the long-term and short-term. Interest is steadily growing over time, which corresponds with steady sales growth despite increased competition.

This might make you wonder, “How can I convert this into a practical product research method?” Trending Now products from SaleSource have already done the hard work .

SaleSource uses machine learning algorithms to take into account search trends data, volume data from AliExpress and recent upload and best sellers data from Shopify. This creates an algorithm that presents untapped trending products with viral potential.

The above example shows us some amazing products that have the potential to be sold in large quantities during the Christmas gifting season.

We love the kawaii snacks case and cable protector for iPhones. They are great Christmas gifts and also make great skull ice molds.

Each day hundreds of products are uploaded. Only paying customers have access to the entire product backlog. This means that there will be no saturation. This is why influencers Ricky Hayes, Rafael Cintron and Arie Scherson love this method of finding winning products.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

You can view Trending products on a live store, so you can see how top dropshippers present their products. This feature can be used in conjunction with the SaleSource Store Analyzer to provide inspiration and competitor research.

Dropshippers are often looking for inspiration, particularly in the beginning stages. SaleSource recommends that beginners try to sell something that they are passionate about . But how do you get consistent inspiration regarding products within your niche?

SaleSource’s niche tracker allows you to subscribe to any one of the 30 product categories. You can also view trending and vetted product recommendations in a personalized product feed.

You can select multiple categories to fill your feed with relevant products. These are then filtered through the SaleSource ranking algorithm to ensure maximum relevance.

How to Choose Viral Products

Advertising a product that doesn’t sell is a risk. You should personally inspect the products that you have short-listed by asking these questions.

  • Does your product solve a problem?
  • Is your product equipped with video footage that can be used to create viral and shareable content?
  • Is your product cool or do you want to make an impulse purchase?
  • Are you a fan of your product? Do you envision it being sold?
  • How does AliExpress display product sales history?
  • What are the other sellers? Use the SaleSource store analyzer to find out.

The SaleSource Chrome Extension can be used to view sales history. It will show you whether sales volume has changed, decreased, or remained the same over the past six months.

This product is selling at an average of 20 units per day, based on just one listing. If this product is sold at its current price of $40, it could generate more than $25,000 in revenue.

Although branding and marketing are important in driving that volume of sales, the product’s quality has already provided a solid foundation.

Saturated Products

The Moon Lamp, a similar product, has generated over $1,000,000 in sales on AliExpress and is now considered a saturated item. Saturated products are those that have been heavily promoted on multiple sales channels.

This is an example of how the Moon Lamp was advertised on social media – Instagram TikTok YouTube Facebook and other marketing channels. It’s not that the Moon Lamp is impossible for you to sell. However, it does mean that they are unlikely to purchase one from you if they do.

This post will share 13 niche untapped products that I believe will make you a reputable businessman. Find out what makes them unique and how you can source them at a low price.

Baby electric nailcare set

This baby electric nail care set is a great choice for parents looking for gentle untapped products to pamper their children.

The battery-powered unit uses a 360-degree spinning cushioned head that trims and buffs tiny nails.

It can be used by mothers to clean the feet and hands of babies, without causing them any skin damage or cuticles.

The electric nail care set is quiet so that young children won’t notice or wake up from sleep.

The set includes six heads, three of which are able to meet adult nail care needs.

Price range: $6-8

AliExpress makes it easy to order the baby electric nail-care set. You can choose from light blue or pink.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

This product is best suited for moms and dads.

Portable multi-language translator

Another niche untapped product that is undervalued is the portable multi-language translators. They can increase sales for your store.

They can be sold to travelers, students, and tourists because they help them learn a foreign language.

These pocket translators are capable of translating up to 40 languages. This makes them very useful in understanding the native language of people from different countries.

It can be used to translate from your native language to another language. Cross-language communication is made easy by the intelligent voice recognition capabilities of this device.

Price range: $35-60

Many reputable suppliers have listed this untapped product on AliExpress. For $40, Xiaomi sells a great portable translator.

You can source the device from any reliable supplier and sell it to anyone interested in learning new languages or traveling.

Ultrasonic u shape toothbrush

Ultrasonic u shape toothbrushes are a better option than the traditional one that can’t reach the corners of your teeth.

This cleaner comes in a 2-piece, chargeable package. It is designed to clean the mouth at 360 degrees without any effort.

To turn the switch on, customers simply need to brush their toothpaste onto the bristles.

After the device is activated, ultrasonic vibrations will be produced that are used to clean, whiten, massage, and remove plaque.

You can also choose from different frequency settings, which saves you time and the hassle of traditional brushing.

The ultrasonic toothbrush is safe because it has a waterproof surface. This gives people the assurance that they won’t be shocked by electric currents.

Price range: $30-$65

You can find a number of suppliers for this modern toothbrush on AliExpress. You can market it by letting customers know that they will be able match the toothbrush to their vanity holder.

It might be worth selling to urban residents and oral health professionals who are more inclined to consider alternatives to the traditional toothbrush when considering a purchase.

Mini air conditioner

Even the most basic tasks can become difficult to complete due to rising temperatures. Air conditioners are a popular choice because of this.

Instead of listing a standard air conditioner, you might consider selling a mini version on your online shop.

Mini air conditioners can be carried around, making them a great item to sell to those who are always on-the-go.

This untapped product can also be sold all year, as the summer season arrives in different countries.

You can charge the mini air conditioner with both external and USB batteries. Customers just need to add water or ice to experience cool winds at different speeds.

Price range: $17-30

If you compare the price of a standard air conditioner to this mini conditioner, it is a great deal.

You can get it from sites like AliExpress and Chinabrands.

You can market your product by creating a Facebook advertisement that says something like, “Don’t let summer get the best of me.” A mini air conditioner can cool you down.

Dual headphone adapter

Perhaps you’ve ever had to share headphones with someone while you listen to music or watch a video. It was uncomfortable.

You could have had different results if you used a dual-headphone adapter.

Another niche untapped product is the dual headphone adapter, which features a jack that can be used with two headphones.

Customers can connect two headsets and receive the sound from both devices simultaneously. This is so cool!

The adapter is a soft 20-30cm long cable that allows users to move it around without unplugging.

Price range: $0.8 – $22.

AliExpress has many vendors that sell the dual headphone adapter.

It can be sold to those who enjoy watching movies with their partners and listening to music together. You can also use it as an accessory for long flights.

Desk punching bag

The desktop punching bag is everything you need: an outlet for anger, a bouncy bag that looks good on a desk and doesn’t look too bad.

It has a strong spring and a solid foundation that can be attached to any tabletop surface. This makes it an excellent stress reliever at work.

It can be promoted to office workers with a headline such as

Don’t let your boss nag you. You can get it out on the desk punching bag.

Price range: $12-$22

AliExpress and Chinabrands offer a variety of colors and designs for this untapped product.

This is a great tool for anyone dealing with anger, anxiety at work or stress buildup.

Anti-break mechanical pencil

Everybody needs a sharp pencil. However, it can be frustrating to break the tip and then have to sharpen it again and again.

Mechanical pencils on the other side are indestructible, don’t need sharpening, and look professional.

You can simply add another pencil to your existing lead-free pencils and continue writing.

This not only saves you time and helps you write neater.

Price: $2-8

You can buy mechanical pencils individually or in lots from a number of suppliers on AliExpress. You can choose from a range of designs and colors to suit everyone’s tastes.

This product can be promoted to parents and school-age children’s parents as well as office workers.

Silicone spatula set

Baking and cooking can be a fun hobby, but it can become frustrating after a successful baking session.

Silicone spatulas for food are an excellent substitute for metal ones. They are very popular with chefs and have many pros.

These silicone spatulas don’t stick, aren’t irritated by oil and make it easy to remove the batter.

Another benefit is their inability to conduct heat. You can leave them beside an oven or stove without worrying about them burning.

Why settle for a boring, dull steel spatula when you could have a bunch of colorful ones? To make your kitchen space brighter, hang them on the wall.

Price range: $5.9-10

AliExpress allows you to order up to 5 pieces of a set, depending on your requirements.

A bright spatula is a great gift for chefs and other hobbyists who are passionate about cooking.

The main carriers of malaria-causing diseases, such as malaria, are mosquitoes. This makes them a danger to human safety and health.

Why not give them a way to get rid of the bloodsuckers who are causing trouble?

This mosquito swatter has a large, electric surface that is ideal for zapping pesky insects mid-flight.

You just need to swing the swatter and keep its button pressed.

These rechargeable swatters can be used to scare off swarming insects on camping trips, near food or at night.

Price range: $3.9-$22

AliExpress has loads of suppliers selling different varieties of mosquito swatters. Options are available starting at $3.9.

You might consider listing them in your store and marketing to people who live in humid areas. Mosquitoes thrive in warmer climates.

Mesh grid wall

Do you feel like your walls are a little empty? Are you a hoarder of decorations that have no place to go?

If yes, you are like many people who don’t have enough space in their homes.

A mesh grid wall could be a great way to attract customers to your store.

High-quality iron is used to make the grid. It is durable and virtually rust-free. It’s easy to use, and the right dimensions allow you to hang cute photos or origami art.

Customers can hang garland, fairy lights, memorable photos, cutouts, and so on. It won’t stain the walls.

Market the product to those who enjoy creating DIY items and posting trending photos on Instagram.

Price range: $4.6-$19

AliExpress and have many varieties of mesh grid walls in stock. This product comes in two main colors: black and white.

This product can be promoted by you by highlighting its multifunctionality and ability to decorate living rooms, coffee shops and other spaces.

Straws made of stainless steel

Many businesses now offer stainless steel straws for beverages, thanks to government-enforced bans on disposable plastic products.

This is a great opportunity for ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Stainless steel straws can be reused and are BPA-free, unlike single-use plastic. They are safe and easy to clean.

They have a metallic body and a shiny appearance that adds great aesthetic appeal.

Price range: $0.6-$1 per piece

Stainless steel straws are affordable so you can order large quantities to get wholesale discounts. Many suppliers are willing to offer generous pricing if you order the product in bulk.

This product can be sold to both restaurant owners and to those who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Bands of resistance to latex

For those who want to gain muscle mass outside of the gym, resistance bands can be a blessing.

They are versatile and easy to use and can be used for a variety of muscle-building exercises including shoulder presses and bicep curls.

Some bands are thin and lightweight, while others can be thick and even. Sometimes, the product may come with a loop-end or padded handle.

These features can be added to each band to provide different functions.

Resistance bands are effective and more comfortable than dumbbells or barbells in the gym.

Price range: $3.8 to $7.7 per piece

Suppliers on AliExpress or Chinabrands can provide resistance bands. They are available in both single and multiple pieces.

Resistance bands are a promising niche product that can be sold to anyone who is interested in toning down, recovering from an injury or working out on vacation.

Salad cutter bowl

The most tedious part for those who cook every night is cutting the ingredients before they can make the meal.

Most of them are eager to get things moving, especially after a long day at work and when hunger is at its worst.

You can make it easier for them by selling a salad cutting bowl through your store. It’s so easy.

This product can be used to wash any salad that customers may have. To make fresh salads, customers can simply close the bowl and use the slots.

Price range: $4.0-$9

AliExpress has many vendors selling this product.

It can be promoted to people who are interested in healthy eating and to singles (since they’re more likely cook for themselves).

Start Dropshipping Today

After you have chosen the best dropshipping products for your business, it’s time to add them into your store. If you haven’t created a store yet, you can check out our guide to starting your own ecommerce store in less than 30 minutes. It’s easy to get started. We will help you identify the most successful product ideas, help you locate the best dropshipping companies, and assist you in setting the right price.

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Dropshipping is revolutionizing the ecommerce market and you can participate in it. Oberlo lets you review products based upon their past performance. To help you make an informed decision about whether or not to sell a product, Oberlo allows you to check how many times it was sold within the last 30 days.


That’s it for the 13 niche products that can be dropshipped.

Many of these niches are still unexplored so you will need to be able enforce a healthy markup in order to make a profit.

Reputable suppliers are the best as they have professional shipping teams and quality assurance teams that ensure the best possible delivery.

Watch my video to learn how to make $100k a dropshipping product.