Userlike Livechat Review, Pricing, and Login

Are you interested in learning more about Userlike This Userlike review will cover everything you need to know.

Consumers expect more from companies these days.

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The problem is that it isn’t always simple to add live chat software on your website. There are two options. You can always build your chatbot yourself. This allows you to have complete control over the way the system operates. This might not be possible for small businesses that don’t have access to a developer.

There is an alternative: Userlike.

What’s Userlike?

Userlike is a live chat program specifically designed for integration with existing websites or eCommerce technologies. it is gaining popularity rapidly, even though it hasn’t been around for too long. One of the few live chat options that offers a free trial, this is a great option. You can also use the chat feature to support different types of chat:

  • Chat on the internet
  • Customer messaging
  • Chatbots
  • WhatsApp

Userlike is a convenient tool that improves customer communication for sales staff, managers, support agents, customers, and managers. Userlike is a German company that supports all the most recent EU privacy laws including GDPR.

The chatbot is a new feature that has been added to the product. The chatbot can answer questions and handle chat requests at lightning speed until a human agent is available. Let’s have a look at Userlike.

The Pros and Cons for Userlike

Userlike, like any other Live chat service, has its pros and cons. Chat macros, chat tag, agent grouping, chat tagging and many other features are available. The application appears to have issues with things like team support and value.


  • Chat tagging, macros and agent grouping
  • Chat rating
  • Chat window customizable
  • Surveys pre- and post-chat
  • Analytics (average chat duration, response time, etc)
  • Mobile solution, iPad and desktop
  • There are many integrations available with everything, from Hubspot to Mailchimp to Salesforce.
  • There are many widgets
  • No cost plan
  • There are many payment options


  • The price is higher than other chat solutions
  • It is difficult to pay for team support

Essential Features

Userlike has a great feature: it doesn’t have any unnecessary weight. Every feature has a purpose. This is the company’s commitment. Some of the most popular features are:

  • Operator groups These allow customers to select the department they wish to speak to in a single click. Your user can see how fast each department responds.
  • Integration of buttons: With the all-inclusive button service from Userlike, you can easily add the service to your website or other pages. Customers don’t have to go to another site for chat.
  • Context forwarding Userlike forwards chat data to the next employee that a customer talks to. This allows your clients to speak more often and reduces the need for repeating themselves.
  • Custom design: Make chat solutions that fit your brand. Customers will have a personalized experience that is tailored to their business colors and style.
  • Operator skills:Companies are able to organize their employees based on the skills they possess. This allows you to quickly find the right support representative to answer your questions. The Userlike system will connect customers to the appropriate agent by giving reps their “specialties”.

Userlike Pricing

Budget is a key consideration for any business owner when it comes to investing in new technology. While every company wants to provide the best customer service possible, it is important to ensure that your budget allows you to afford the right solution.

Userlike is a great option for budget-minded users because you get access to a free trial version. Unlimited chats are included in the free package. You can upgrade to Business, which supports up to 10 agents. These packages include:

  • Unlimited chats for one agent
  • Team: 90 Euros per Month: Chat for four agents, 4 chat widgets and integrations
  • Corporate 290 Euros per Month: Chat with 10 agents, 10 widgets and analytics, as well as live translations and live translations
  • Business $720 per month: Chat with 20 agents, 20 chat widgets plus skill-based routing and full API access to Chatbot

An annual billing option is available with a slight discount

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User-like Internal Chat Logic

Userlike is a business messaging system that can help you improve customer relations. This customer support system uses internal chat to build stronger relationships between employees and customers.

The technology includes sticky chat rules functionality. The tech will attempt to locate the same agent that someone has spoken to before if they receive multiple messages. If the operator is not available, the chat will be opened by the person who has the most idle time.

Userlike keeps track of your customers and connects them with the same operators. This makes it easier to establish valuable relationships with your audience. This makes it even more powerful when you combine it with Userlike’s smart customer profiles.

Userlike, unlike other chat tools such as Telegram, can create customer profiles for each client automatically in real-time. The technology collects information about customers when they connect with you through Userlike chat.

This contextual information can be accessed by agents when they reach customers via This results in better relationships with long-term customers.

Create Customer Relationships

It’s more than simply being available to answer customers’ questions. Improving your relationships with your customers is about much more than that. Lufthansa’s Userlike team believes it is essential that companies listen to their customers’ feedback.

The chat system allows you to easily collect feedback and ratings from your website visitors. You can turn on chat rating or feedback when you install the Userlike plugin. It is possible to ask customers for a star rating or set up surveys pre- and post-chat.

Userlike makes it easy to convert leads into paying customers with the help of. Chat support from Userlike is available for any website built on WordPress or Shopify. It will give your customers the best online experience.

Userlike offers many lead-building and nurturing features, including:

  • You can use your Userlike system to send questions to web visitors. Chat support is a great way to reduce your chances of missing important sales opportunities.
  • Widget routers Userlike chat widgets come with intelligent components. You can create chat behavior that is tailored to customer interactions. Personalizing chat can be done based on customer’s location, browser language and country.
  • Registration forms If you are unable to chat with your customer during the time they are online, Userlike can use a webform to get in touch. It can be easier to find the customer information you need to deliver a better experience by using registration forms.
  • On-page guidance: Enhance your customer experience by guiding clients to the exact place they need with proactive service.

Ease and Efficiency

Userlike has been a leading chat service on the market for many reasons. It is as simple to use as Slack and has tons of integrations. There’s even a free plan. You get a well-designed and simple to use interface, regardless of whether you are using the free or premium version from Userlike.

While there are some settings that can be confusing at first, such as how to route your calls to the right agent at the most convenient times, it is easy to learn the basics of these features. Userlike makes it easy to add functionality to your website. It’s as easy as copying some code and pasting it into your website. An available plugin is also an option.

Although it takes a while for the software to become active, this is a common occurrence with many systems. Userlike allows you to customize your chat experience and make it stand out from other social media chatbots and website chatbots.

You can alter the color of your chat box and select from a variety of chat buttons styles. You can also choose from a variety of chat button styles to grab the attention of your target audience. You can drag the chat box around on your screen in any way you like. You can even see a photo of your agent.

Your agents have access to a web console that allows you to make the most out of the various services available. However, website visitors are treated with a friendly and customized experience that will keep them coming back for more. To get even more value for your money, you can add chat macros and canned messages to Userlike. Userlike has many features that increase efficiency.

  • Chat macros: Establish canned responses and messages for common situations and questions. These messages can be used automatically by quick commands. This allows you to provide faster service for your clients. However, not all functionality can be found in the Userlike version.
  • Chat slots Agents can chat with multiple customers simultaneously. Agents can choose a number of chat slot levels that are comfortable for them, depending on their ability. As they feel more comfortable, they can adjust the settings.
  • Chatbots: As mentioned, Userlike recently added chatbot functionality to its stack. You can now respond to customers using bots, in addition to human chat services. When customer requests become too complex, robots can make it easier to assist your team.

The Userlike system comes with many chat analytics and reporting tools to help you determine which tools are most effective for your team. The built-in analytics tool of Userlike can tell you when your chat support capacity is low or high. You can also get suggestions to improve your quality, so you can always improve and optimize.


Userlike provides a great solution for anyone who needs to provide a better user experience. There are some things that could be improved. It’s not as simple as it could be to set up live chat functionality. You can ask for screenshots from users quite easily. This can help you solve many problems.

Userlike can be a great choice, depending on what features you require. Multilingual performance, chat ratings and CRM integrations are just a few of the many strengths that Userlike has. Companies in Europe have the distinct advantage of being able to get live support in the EU time zone and avoiding the collection private user data options. It is possible to turn off private user data, which can help reduce issues related to GDPR.

Userlike has begun to work on chatbot technology. It will be fascinating to see how they create this functionality. It’s far too limited at the moment to be very useful. Agents will also be able to use their smartphones to assist customers while on the go.

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Userlike is still in its early stages, but there are many opportunities for live chat.