Dropshipping Anime Products What Are The Legal Ways?

Since childhood, anime has been a passion of mine.

Anime merch can be very lucrative from a business perspective. They are already passionate about anime and have built an audience.

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Are anime products right for dropshipping online?

How do you dropship anime merchandise legally? Visit their website to request permission.

I have provided a list of websites that you can visit to obtain the official license at the end of the blog post.

Is Anime Dropshipping Illegal?

Yes and No.

You can sell anime products online.

Big brands must have mentioned Official merchandise on pop culture products.

They do this because they have the rights to these products.

Selling “Unofficial Merchandise”, is a violation of copyright and trademark laws. You will be in serious trouble.

You may be curious about how many stores anime products in dropship without obtaining a license.

You don’t know if they’ve obtained a license. Most likely, they got permission at the beginning of their store’s creation.

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It is possible that a store you have come across dropship anime products without a licence. However, that doesn’t make it illegal.

Selling unofficial anime products is not a good idea.

Is it possible to sell fanart online with no license?

Many people wonder whether it is illegal to sell fan art without a license.

Selling fan art for a favorite character or anime series is the same as dropshipping other items.

Fan arts are appreciated by both anime creators as well as fans. However, commercial creations always bring trouble.

How do I get an official license for selling anime merchandise?

You will need permission from the parent company to sell anime merchandise online.

I have already mentioned that you could be in legal trouble if you make any fan art, logo or character to make a profit.

But! Fret Not!

These are the steps you need to follow in order to legally obtain an anime dropshipping license.

Contact the owner.

Get the contact information of the owner you want to dropship the product.

It can be difficult to find the parent company of the character copyright, especially for anime.

Viz Media holds copyrights to popular anime series such as naruto and one punch man.

Make a business proposal and reach out

This is the most difficult part.

A business proposal that is well-written and concise will make a lasting impression on your company.

Territory: Where do you want to sell? Specify the country or region.

Rights: Most rights issued by the owner companies are non-exclusive. That means they can allow any number of merchants to use their rights.

You can also refer to the product category as the type of merchandise you will be dropshipping.

Character Names: You also need to mention the anime characters you will use in your merch.

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The number of SKUs you have: This is the total number of products that you plan to launch for each character.

Distribution channel: You need to mention where you want to dropship your products. Offline/Online or even in a B2B system.

Business Plan for the term: This part may come after submitting the proposal, but you need to be ready with a business plan at hand. How will you sell the merch in the next 2-3 years.

Minimum Guarantee: This is a fee you must pay to the owner in order to sell their merchandise. An advance of 50% could be required for the business.

Percentage of Royalty: This is the percentage you have to pay the owner for every sale you make. The amount can range from 10% up to 30%, depending on the character.

Revenue Projection: The expected revenue at the end of the term

Create a Business Proposal

This step is where you send an email asking for permission to dropship the merchandise to the owner.

This sounds daunting.

Alternatively, you can create your designs to sell and dropship. You can even copyright your designs.

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Final Words

Dropshipping anime can be very difficult because of copyright issues.

Dropshipping products such as t-shirts or sneakers that you can print on-demand is possible. However, copyright disputes are common.

You won’t get a call from an attorney the day after you import such products.

It’s always a good idea to get help from an IP lawyer in these cases.