What is a Dropship Aggregator and Retail Arbitrage Tools?


Dropship aggregators are wholesalers who purchase from multiple manufacturers, thus offering customers a wider range of products. Worldwide Brands is an example of a dropship-aggregator. These aggregators provide many product categories that you can sell through your website.

Before you can understand distributed order management software, it is important to first understand what it is not. Dropship software is different from arbitrage and aggregator tools.

Dropship Aggregator Apps

Dropship aggregators are wholesalers that purchase products from multiple manufacturers in order to offer resellers a wide range of products to choose from. They act as intermediaries between product suppliers and resellers. They will often offer their products via an app.

Retail Arbitrage Tools

Retail arbitrage tools scrape webpages with publicly available products to place them in your online shop or marketplace.

Dropship aggregators apps and retail arbitrage tools do not provide distributed order management solutions. These are not areas we will be focusing on.

Dropshipping is a partnership between a seller and a manufacturer. The supplier agrees to list their catalog on the seller’s website. The seller sends information to the supplier when a sale is made. The wholesale cost of the goods is paid by the seller and the profit is retained by the seller.

A fulfillment method that has low margins requires business owners to be confident that the software they purchase will provide a great ROI and be worth their money. Dropship software can save you time, improve your profits, and transform how you do business.

Dropshipping Benefits for Merchants

Dropshipping offers many benefits for merchants.

  • It’s easy to start: You can launch your dropshipping shop in a matter of hours using Shopify or Amazon. Or you can choose to sell products via Facebook or Instagram. There are no restrictions on the places you can market your products.
  • low startup investment: your business can be started with just a few dollars. there are no inventory costs, and you don’t need to pay employees to prepare the parcels for shipping to your customers.
  • Flexible business,you can choose your work hours as well as the products that you sell.
  • Flexible hours: You can choose when you work and where you live. An eCommerce store is different from a brick-and-mortar shop.
  • It’s easy to promote, and you don’t have to sell the product.
  • Simple to maintain: You won’t have any products left over that you need to manage or deal with. All you have to do is worry about your eCommerce and nothing else.

Benefits to Suppliers

You might wonder why a producer or supplier would offer his products or dropshipping services to another person after learning all about the benefits of owning a dropshipping shop. There are many reasons, and here are some:

  • It can increase its sales network through offering unlimited sales channels, including online, offline and affiliates.
  • They can sell products without having to spend a dime on marketing or product placement
  • This method allows the supplier to have a greater penetration in order to expand into new markets or new countries using dropshipping.

Customer Benefits

Dropshipping is a method by which merchants can order products from suppliers. Most end-users don’t realize they are receiving dropshipped products.

Although shipping times may be longer than products already in the customer’s country, they are still very beneficial.

  • There are many more products to choose from
  • Prices are lower than those of brick-and-mortar shops and eCommerces that are based in the home country.