What is Shopify and Does it Works?

The e-commerce website got its much-deserved spotlight back when a local store had to shut down due to declining Amazon sales during the pandemic. Catering to only a few specific products, the owners decided to list them on Shopify instead. This move proved fruitful and their entire stock emptied like never before. Thus, began the era of Shopify.

Shopify and its Works

In a nutshell, Shopify empowers small businesses and gives them a platform to represent themselves online. Especially sellers who specialize in one or a few products. These can be anything from nail clippers to plastic buckets. Shopify offers a plethora of customizations and tantalizing advertising to people who want to bring their A-game by showing just how good their products are.

These websites are then effectively connected with search engines who, in turn, connect them to a variety of customers who are already looking for such items. Shopify’s search engine optimization is so good that sellers and customers are linked together in record times with relevancy and time efficiency.

Plus, if you have access to amazing internet providers such as the likes of CenturyLink whom we recommend as the best broadband flagship company, you’ll be all set to keep your Shopify services in order and up to date, on the go! Furthermore, CenturyLink internet plans provide you with the flexibility to avail affordable service that keeps you connected or you can always choose to go the extra mile and amplify them to bigger internet packages.

How to Start Your Ecommerce Journey

The technology used by Shopify is intended to be plug-and-play. You avoid the years that programmers spent developing the software and equip yourself with a one-stop shop e-commerce solution that’s ready to fire up when you are. Ready to get started? Let’s dive into some quick and easy steps:

1.      Select Your Plan:

Setting up your plan is the first step to shaping up your very own, personal Shopify. There are three options here consisting Basic Shopify, Shopify, and advanced Shopify. The first one is quite self-explanatory; coming with everything you need to get started. A taste of what Shopify truly is.

Then there’s Shopify. Can’t go wrong with this one. It comes equipped with all the regular bells and whistles of the website. Finally, we have advanced Shopify which gives your website the full experience and then some. Its advanced features help in steadily and eventually scaling your business.

2.      Make It Yours:

This is the exciting bit. You have your site now. Time to deck it out with what appeals to your tastes. This includes colors, logos, your business name, and domain, among other stuff. There is no limit. It’s your page and you deserve to show others just why it deserves special treatment and the customers.

3.      Smart Functionality:

To know exactly how to make your website work at its best, decide on your website’s goals. To add website functionality, choose from more than 4,000 Shopify applications, such as the Shopify SEO app, OptinMonster for email subscriptions, and Smile.io for loyalty programs. There’s a bunch of apps to help you get started and a further, additional bunch to put it ahead of the curve.

Management is Never a Hassle

As your business develops, your Shopify site can perform better and develop with you. It just takes a couple of clicks to customize and update your arrangement — you never need to stress over extra facilitating costs, interest in site security, and transfer speed limits with the consistent Shopify.

To reiterate, simplicity is always the main selling factor of the website in question. With integrations for international organizations and businesses alike, there are tons to enjoy at the whim of a button tap. Adjust your Shopify site to oblige more areas and worldwide development. Increment your client’s possibilities for monetary standards, and installment entryways and the sky is the limit from there.

Fast & Efficient

Shopify has more than 100 installment options and getaways incorporated into their shopping platform giving you and your clients adaptability. With its special gateway titled called Shopify Payments (accessible in select nations), no exchange expenses are charged on top of standard Visa expenses. You can also choose to promote your products on other websites too. This includes the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Walmart. All of this happens from one main platform that then manages these additional branches and linkages.

24/7 Availability

Just in case you’re wondering what’s going to happen on the occasion that you cannot figure out a certain error, Shopify has a generous team that’s available around the clock. Life happens, we get it, there are going to be instances where you reach a roadblock. The support team is always available at your beck and call through email, phone, and most importantly, live chat.

Shopify’s dedicated customer support representatives make it a point to be up and present whenever you have a query, problem, concern, or complaint. Have a different region other than the US? No worries there too. The company has over four different numbers, each region specific so they can adhere to your asks while being relevant to your time zone.

Pricing & Discounts

Probably the most concerning aspect of availing any service is the pricing it offers on its plans. Shopify does offer a range of prices, starting from a generous low of 29 dollars that comes with their basic plan up to a whopping 299$ if you’re looking to avail anything and everything. A little pinch every customer will feel however the transaction fees. These coupled with subscription fees do add a considerable dent to your savings but with the promise of providing fast and reliable service.


Alas, Shopify is a quality platform for all kinds of companies. Its accessibility and ease of business available for all its merchants is its main driving force. Having a dedicated online platform to sell or purchase is the need of the hour when the entire world is shifting and praising e-commerce websites, and Shopify is one of the leading brands to represent the digital era.