What Is The Best Way to Learn Dropshipping Online?

The best way to learn everything about dropshipping is by taking free courses online or reading books. If you cannot afford to pay for most of these expensive courses, using the free online courses will be your best option, and we will provide you with some of them. This would help you channel the little resources you have into the dropshipping business rather than learning to dropship online.

Many people may ask if dropshipping is worth spending money on when they want to buy essays online. To answer that question, let’s ask you this; If you had to spend that same amount of money on something, would you rather spend it on improving and growing your dropshipping business, or would you rather learn dropshipping? 

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Your answer to that question is as good as ours. So, to help with your business, we will show you different ways to learn dropshipping for free. Keep your hard-earned money and spend it on your own dropshipping store! Isn’t that awesome?

Before we introduce you to the courses you should take, let us give you information that regards learning everything about dropshipping.

How Does the Dropshipping Business Works?

With dropshipping, store owners can sell directly to consumers without having to stock inventory. Upon purchasing a product from a dropshipping store, a third-party supplier ships it directly to the customer. Retail prices are set by you, while wholesale prices are set by your suppliers, and whatever is left is the profit made by you. This way, you don’t have to invest in inventory or handle products directly.

To get into the dropshipping business, you need to begin by registering your account with a supplier. If you’re having difficulty finding a supplier, you can search on the supplier database of AliExpress and Alibaba or integrate a supplier’s directory into your store’s backend, or by using print-on-demand services.

However, you should note that you’re responsible for building a website for your business in dropshipping and choosing and marketing the specific product you like. You will also be in charge of setting the shipping costs and the relative prices that will lead to a good profit for you.


Take These Courses to Learn Dropshipping Gratis

If you’re ready to learn how to learn dropshipping, there are different options you can take in learning about that service. From our list below, let us point you to the different options you can use.  

Shopify Learn

On Shopify Learn you can find a “How to Start a Dropshipping Business” course which has over twenty lessons. The lesson also shows students how to find their niche and get their first sale. While you’re checking out this course, you might also require extensive knowledge of sales and marketing. There are other courses within these areas of interest that can be found on Shopify Learn. You just have to search for them using their keywords.

Facebook Blueprint

While this is not a free online course, Facebook serves as one of the highly rated advertisement platforms, so you can try to learn dropshipping from them. You can learn many things for free from Facebook and Instagram. 

Facebook offers free courses to help you become an expert in Facebook Ads. What better person to know about Facebook than Facebook itself? It is even possible to become a Facebook-certified professional by taking an exam. Though it might be difficult as you’re just getting started, it’s still awesome that it’s possible, and perhaps you can make it your aim to learn more and pass the Facebook exam in the coming times.  

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Courses Available on YouTube

You can also find some free dropshipping courses on YouTube. However, you have to be careful regarding the courses you take and the information you consume, as there are many people out there whose focus is only to sell their courses and not the quality of the course. So be on the lookout before you start taking any course.

If you want to take YouTube courses, there is a list of courses you can take below but take whatever information you find with a pinch of salt and only apply what is similar to your case. Don’t go and copy any information because they said they made millions from one supposed tactic, and you want to copy it because you’re aiming to make millions as well. Things don’t work that way.

These things take time before they can work. You need to know this as you prepare your mind to go into dropshipping. However, you also need to treat the dropshipping business as a real business for you to succeed.

Here are some of the dropshipping courses you can find on YouTube that will teach you all the necessary basics of dropshipping.

  • Free Dropshipping Course by Verum Ecom
  • Free Dropshipping Course by Kamil Satter
  • Free Shopify Dropshipping Course by Ivy Zhu
  • Masterclass Shopify Dropshipping by Dave Ying
  • Free Shopify Dropshipping Course by Arie Scherson

Udemy Dropshipping Courses

You can also find dropshipping courses on Udemy for free. When you go on Udemy, you can search for dropshipping in their search box and sort the price to be free. You will find a lot of free courses you can take, but to get the best knowledge from Udemy, you will need to take paid courses and they range from $10 to $15.


You can also get quality knowledge about dropshipping from Ebooks. Even though they’re not in the video format that you’re used to, these books still offer awesome information, all for free. You can find a lot of these e-books regarding dropshipping on ZLib or Oberlo


You can also find numerous information regarding dropshipping all over the internet. Asides from the online courses and Ebooks, you can also read a lot of information on blogs. And to make it better, the information is gratis, isn’t that awesome? There are many websites and blogs you can get dropshipping information from. Just go online and type the keyword dropshipping, and you will find related articles.

With the necessary information we provided here, you can find different insights into dropshipping and operating a business successfully online. If you don’t have enough money to take courses online, you can try out these free materials. If you have any questions or any free course you’ll like us to consider, you can contribute to them.