What is the Product Handle in Shopify?

Product handle is a Shopify term for the unique identifier for a product on your store. It’s important because it allows you to track orders, refunds, and other product-related information. Plus, it makes it easy to add new products to your store. 

What is a Product Handle?

Product handle refers to the unique identifier assigned to each product on Shopify. This number is used internally by Shopify to track inventory, order transactions, and more. Because product handles are unique, they can be used to identify products across Shopify stores. This means that you can use product handles to automate certain processes related to your store’s inventory and sales. For example, you could create automated orders based on product handles instead of SKU numbers. So what does this all mean for you as a Shopify merchant? Simply put, product handles are important for keeping your store running smoothly and making sure everything is tracked properly. Keep this term in mind next time you need to manage your inventory or make a purchase!

How Product Handle Works

Product Handle is one of the features of Shopify that make it an excelling platform for ecommerce. It allows users to manage their products and track their sales data in a centralized location. Product Handle helps you keep track of your inventory, pricing, and shipping information. You can also use it to create custom reports and graphs to better understand how your products are performing.

Benefits of Using Product Handle

Product Handle is a fantastic tool that allows you to control your product data in Shopify. You can use it to manage your inventory, add new products, and more! Here are some of the benefits of using Product Handle:

1. Controlling Your Inventory: Product Handle makes it easy to manage your inventory and keep track of your product numbers. This is especially useful if you sell online or have a high volume of products.

2. Adding New Products: Product Handle makes it easy to add new products to your Shopify store without having to search for product information or manually enter it into your Shopify account. Simply enter the product information into the Product Handle interface and voila! Your new product is added to your store.

3. Tracking Orders: Product Handle also helps you track orders and keep track of stock levels. This is especially helpful if you sell multiple types of products or if you have a particularly high demand for one type of product.

Overall, using ProductHandle in your Shopify store is a great way to improve your workflow and increase efficiency overall!

Setting Up Product Handle in Shopify

In this article, we will show you how to set up a product handle in Shopify. A product handle is a unique identifier that you can use to track orders and products in your Shopify store. Product handles are especially helpful for customers who want to keep track of their order history and purchase history.

To create a product handle, log in to your Shopify admin area and go to Products → Products Management. In the Products list, click on the Add Product button. In the Add Product screen, enter a name for your product (for example, “Widget”). Next, select a category from the Categories list. Finally, select a type of product from the Type list. Click on the Create Product button.

Now you will be taken to the Product Details page for your new product. On this page, you will see information such as the SKU (stock-keeping unit) for your product, its price, and its available colors. To add an additional color to your product, click on the Add Color link next to the Color field. You can also update or delete existing colors by clicking on the Edit link next to each color field.

When you’re done editing your product details, click on the Save button at the top of the page. Now that you’ve created your product handle, it’s time to use it! Go ahead and click on My Account in the top navigation bar and then Sales → Orders. 


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