Top Online Marketplaces to Sell Your Products

Not sure where to sell your products online? Consider eBay, Walmart and Etsy as global online marketplaces offering large networks of potential customers and cost-competitive pricing and shipping rates.

Etsy is an attractive option for sellers offering handmade and vintage goods, regularly ranking highly in surveys of seller satisfaction for customer service, communication, and ease of use. Based in Seattle, Etsy’s online marketplace features goods made by its sellers from across the world – offering shoppers access to handmade and vintage products with excellent customer service, communication channels, and ease of use features.

Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace provides users with an online marketplace where they can buy and sell items in their local area for free. Users can communicate between buyers and sellers using the Messenger tool on the site – creating a safe and trusted environment in which to shop.

Facebook Marketplace is similar to Craigslist and eBay in that it offers listings ranging from furniture, cars and collectables – as well as local services, housing rentals, job vacancies and job openings. Sellers can list their products under categories like “For Sale,” “For Rent,” or “Services,” with each listing having an optional description that can be edited and optimized for search engines.

This platform is available both to casual sellers seeking to offload used items as well as business owners looking to expand their omnichannel sales channels. Due to its vast audience of buyers, this can be an ideal platform for brands with diverse products to sell.

Users can navigate the marketplace using either their mobile phone app or website, with both options making it simple to search items easily with filter options. Sellers can create listings by uploading images and setting prices; sellers also select a location before opting to post their item publicly or privately based on user preference. Furthermore, this platform features seller ratings to help buyers select trustworthy sellers while checking identity with public profiles and cover photos of sellers.


While eBay may be best known for its second-hand offerings, it remains one of the world’s leading online marketplaces. Its vast clientele offers sellers ample opportunity to increase sales growth while its various selling formats give sellers plenty of flexibility when selling.

eBay is well-known for its convenient shipping policy, which helps increase product visibility and build buyer trust. Over 90% of shoppers state that convenient shipping is an important factor when making their purchasing decisions online.

eBay’s fee structure is also very reasonable; for instance, listing fees are calculated based on total products listed rather than per item listed, while it does not charge monthly subscription fees like other eCommerce marketplaces do – making it an ideal solution for small businesses or individuals wanting to launch an e-commerce store without incurring high startup costs.

eBay’s global reach makes it an invaluable resource. Home to over 180 million active users globally, the platform provides your products with access to over 180 million relevant visitors worldwide. In addition, it features tools that make running your business simpler, such as its Seller Hub which simplifies marketing and shipping processes – you can upload inventory quickly or create ads campaigns using this feature – as well as track return rates and order fulfillment times using it.


Walmart, an enormous online marketplace with unparalleled brand recognition, provides third-party sellers an opportunity to tap into its vast audience. Sellers benefit from Walmart’s logistics systems and range of seller tools; furthermore, Walmart provides on-demand fulfillment services that make it simple for sellers to drop off items immediately and send them off directly to customers.

Walmart stands apart from many online marketplaces by not charging monthly fees to its merchant partners when they sell products through them, instead offering referral fees that vary based on product categories. Walmart also provides valuable sales tools like its Buyer-Generated Merchandise Report to help merchants monitor trends and optimize listings.

Other helpful tools include the seller center, an e-commerce platform that enables sellers to efficiently manage inventory and orders, while WFS’s Enhanced Returns service helps minimize shipping and customer returns costs by offering discounted return rates.

Selling on an online marketplace means creating product listings that clearly communicate how your products will make customers’ lives better. Utilizing high-quality images and writing concise product descriptions are effective tools for drawing customers in. Offering expedited delivery services will increase conversion, while these factors also impact search results ranking. Finally, having a pricing strategy in line with marketplace guidelines should not only increase conversion but also decrease costs of sales transactions.


Etsy is an ecommerce platform where shoppers can purchase handmade goods, art and vintage items from over 4.3 million sellers with over 60 million products available on its marketplace. Etsy features an easy user-friendly interface which enables buyers to browse various product categories or search for specific items as well as review detailed product descriptions from sellers directly – helping build trust between both buyer and seller.

Buyers can pay with credit cards or PayPal to complete their purchases on Etsy. Sellers can set shipping and handling prices that reflect actual costs; many offer free shipping guarantees to increase visibility on the platform while some also charge extra fees for rush orders or additional services such as insurance policies. Furthermore, some include production partners in their profiles so customers are aware who else contributes to making their product(s).

Use social media to increase sales. This can be accomplished via free posts or paid advertisements on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Email marketing is another effective method that keeps audiences engaged with regular updates about new products or sales; connecting your Etsy shop to services such as Constant Contact allows customers to be automatically added into segmented email lists.


Nextdoor can help your business attract more customers in its local area by connecting with neighbors and increasing business growth. Like Facebook, Nextdoor connects neighbors based on location to help create meaningful relationships within communities while building trust between neighbors. Plus, Nextdoor features a marketplace where items for sale and services can be advertised and traded!

Users can create groups in their neighborhoods or join existing ones and post about topics ranging from lost pets to free moving boxes. There’s also a “For Sale” tab where users can purchase everything from furniture to secondhand clothing and plants; unlike Craigslist, it makes filtering listings by category or price simple and seamless. You can even advertise your products or services directly.

Nextdoor may have its share of challenges, but it remains an invaluable platform for local businesses to connect with local consumers. Be wary, however, as trolls and bullies may use Nextdoor to spread negativity or falsity – always report any suspicious activity to Nextdoor Support immediately! It’s also essential to be mindful of any risks involved with selling online marketplaces – never give out personal details in public posts and always work through trusted sellers/buyers so as to protect yourself against scammers or fraudulent buyers.


Newegg is an online marketplace specializing in electronics and computer products, offering sellers various marketing tools to increase visibility and sales. SEO guidelines help sellers optimize their listings for search engines; product images help buyers locate items easily; while Newegg’s shipping label service simplifies time-consuming manual work when shipping orders both through Newegg itself as well as through other channels.

One effective way of increasing visibility is through Newegg’s premier seller program. This will give you access to special promotions and provide superior customer support, in addition to selling your items on Newegg’s website and mobile app. In order to qualify for this program, certain criteria must be met, such as having many positive reviews with excellent service.

Newegg’s marketplace is an increasingly popular option for electronic product sellers in North America, though its audience may be smaller than that of some leading marketplaces. Still, shoppers from all around the globe visit this platform regularly as its reputation for competitive prices and superior customer service has earned it significant visits worldwide. Newegg also imposes stringent eligibility standards and quality analyses, with commission fees that range between 8%-15% depending on category.