Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

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India has hundreds of clothing factories, each one specializing in creating their own designs for their customers.

This article will provide you with the top Indian clothing manufacturers, as well as pro tips on where to find brands and private label clothing factories.

You will also find useful FAQs that provide more information about Indian clothing manufacturing.

Let’s get started.

Overview of India’s Clothing Manufacturing Sector

The average ranking of India’s clothing sector after China and USA is third. The textile industry is growing rapidly and wholesalers enjoy the best. The textile industry contributes at least 5% to India’s Gross Domestic Product each year, which is quite high compared to other states.

India’s apparel market is one of the most promising around the globe. Statista’s 2019 market research shows that the India apparel market stands at $113,516m, and will grow by 11.6% annually between 2016-2023, according to their estimates.

How to Locate Indian Clothing Manufacturers

In this age of advanced technology, finding clothing manufacturers in India shouldn’t prove difficult. You can find clothing manufacturers in India using a variety of methods without much hassle.

This is how you find them.

* Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. )

Search engines can provide all the information you need. All clothing manufacturers, large or small, can be found on the fast pages in one click. This is not difficult if you know how to search specific words.

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Google search: How to Search

It is possible to find a particular manufacturing company that you are interested in. You could be looking for a company that makes children’s clothes, or a company that produces designer clothing, etc.

It is best to use the following methods to find the right companies.

A. Keyword +manufacturing firm+ India

b. Keyword+ garment factories+ India

Keyword+ India wholesale manufacturing+

d. Clothes+ manufacturing firms + India

Directory & B2B Marketplaces

These are the best places to find information as they include contact information and links to their websites. While some may look like trial papers, the majority of them contain accurate and current information.

There are two types of directories: online directories or offline directories. These directories are available for you to refer to:

a. Indian Apparel & Textile Directory

b. Diya Textile Directory

c. YnFx.Com

d. TradeIndia.Com

Trade Shows

This is the best way to meet with the manufacturers. To showcase their products, trade shows are held throughout the year. This is a great opportunity to meet people, get to know them and make contacts.

Listed below are some of the most important apparel trade shows:

International Garment Fair a. India

b. Garment Technology Expo- New Delhi India

c. Parineeti – The Royal Edit ( PBYMM )

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d. Heimtextile India 2019


Many people are in the same business as you. Ask them about the contacts for cloths manufacturers. This is the quickest and easiest way to get information from people who deal with the manufacturers.

This is a great way for Indian businesses to get factory direct wholesale clothing as they only deal with the manufacturers.

Local Libraries

Nearby libraries are available. There are many magazines, newsletters, and booklets about the textile and apparel industries. They also have hundreds of websites of cloths manufacturers. These resources are offered by the clothing factories, as well as wholesalers or distributors.

Checklist of Top Clothing Manufacturers in India

India has been producing all kinds of clothing for hundreds of years. India is home to the largest number of industries due to its people, culture, and emerging trends.

To make it easy for you to find the right clothing manufacturers near you, I’ve first listed the top 17 best clothing companies you can buy directly from in bulk or wholesale.

Because of their low prices, high quality and beautiful designs, the technology and production capabilities used in India’s clothing factory India make them more popular with wholesale sellers.

1. Loyal Textiles Mills Ltd.

This textile company was founded in 1956. It is one of the most important manufacturers of textile clothing and fabric garments with a turnover of US$225 millions annually. It is ISO 9002:2008 accredited, making it an Indian clothing factory that can be trusted for high-quality products.

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Specialization area


Home textiles such as bed sheets and covers

Protective clothing, corporate wear, hospital wear, and workwear.

2. Cheer Sagar

Cheer Sagar, a family-owned manufacturing company, specializes in the export and manufacture of T-Shits and readymade garments. QSI ISO 9001 is a QSI certified company that has won many other awards.

Specialization areas

Women’s wear

Children’s wear

3. USHA Garments

It was established in 1964 as a small family-owned business. The company has offices in Andheri East Mumbai. They provide computer-aided customized design and are now compliant with BSCI. USHA believes in 5 core values; strict control, testing, and inspection of products- excellent customer service -efficiency-competitiveness- quick delivery and high-quality compliant products.

They can produce 200,000 pieces per month.

5. Ace Clothing Company

Although this textile Company was founded in 1925, it wasn’t until 2005 that the company was known as Ace Clothing Company. Because they require a very low minimum order, it’s ideal for small businesses.

Their garment prices are quite competitive because they have access to low-cost raw materials. They accept custom orders. All orders are delivered promptly because they are factory direct wholesale clothing India.

Specialization area

Men’s and women’s cotton wear

Kaftans for Middle East

Corporate uniforms

Clothing under private label

Organic clothing

6. Arvind Mills Ltd

It was established in 1897 and is one of the oldest Indian fashion clothing manufacturers. It wasn’t until 1931 that it got its name, Arvind mills.

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This company has been responsible for the launch of many of the most iconic brands in the world, including Denim, TOMMY HILFIGER and Calvin Klein, Gap and Nautica, Elle, Ed Hardy, and Lee Jeans.

Specialization area

Denim Jeans

Multi- fibres fashions

Production of casual shirts and dresses, tops, woven trousers, and jackets

Knit fabrics

Voile fabrics

7. Raymond Textile and Apparel Ltd

Raymond Group has many income-generating business divisions. The largest business division, however, is the textile and apparel.

The company is well-known for its manufacturing of shirts and suit cloths.

Raymond Group owns big brands

Park Avenue


Raymond Ready to Wear



8. Bombay Royal Fashions

This company has the largest range of fabric and garments in India. Bombay Royal Fashions can produce 60 million units per year. Their manufactured clothing is 100% combed cotton yarn, and 100% organic yarn.


Manufacture Guru Fashion


Raymond Ready to Wear

9. Riya Fashions

It is one of the most renowned private label clothing manufacturers in India. Riya Fashion has an experienced team that controls every single cloth. Most of the fashions it designs are made from high-quality cotton tarns.


– Custom clothing

Maxi dresses

Wear for men and women

Children’s wear

10. Vardhman Nisshinbo Garments

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Vardhman was founded in 2009 and includes several departments that include yarn processing, fabric production and thread and fibers manufacturing.

This company specializes in high-quality, premium-quality shirts for large retail companies. To help small businesses, they have a low minimum order requirement.


Classic formal shirts

Linen and washed shirt

11. Century Enka Ltd

Century was founded in 1965. It is known for its high quality products, innovation and customer satisfaction. Their production capacity is 30,000 tons per annum for NFY. It is ISO 9001 certified due to its strict quality standards.


Casual Wear

High-end clothing

Women’s wear

Sportswear for children

12. Stellar Clothing Company

Stark Clothing Company was founded in 2007. The stellar Clothing Company is an Indian clothing manufacturer and supplier. It has several divisions that specialize in the promotional T-shirts and other garments. They offer a wide range of products in many sizes, colours, and prints.


Baby’s 0-2 Year Bibs and Rompers

Men’s Polo, Plain, Promotional, and Hooded T-Shirts

T-shirts for women and kids

13. DEEPS Texstyles Ltd

The textile company was founded in 1991. It is 100% export-oriented. They provide their services to small and large companies around the globe and have collaborated with countries such as Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.

They are a well-respected clothing factory in India that produces high-quality products for highly esteemed customers.

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14. The Shirt Company

The Shirt Company was founded in 1984. It has received numerous awards for its dedication to providing excellent services, from the production of the yarn to the design of the fabric to the export of finished products to customers.


Women’s wear such as blouses, nightwear, and maternity wear

Boys wear shirts for kids

15. Trio Apparels India Pvt. Ltd

Trio Apparels, a modern garment manufacturing company that specializes in both formal and casual shirts, is Trio Apparels. They offer EOM/ODM services as a wholesale factory in India of clothing.


Formal shirts

Semi Formals shirts

Casuals shirts

Semi-casual shirts

16. Aquarelle Group

With more than 10,000 employees, this is India’s largest clothing manufacturer with a turnover of US$ 170 millions annually. This shop is your one-stop shop for woven shirts of all types, men’s and women. There are many divisions in the world, including Mauritius.

17. Cotton Blossom( India) Pvt Ltd

Cotton Blossom is located in South India. They export a variety of garments made from 100% organic cotton. They have 10 manufacturing units, which can produce 40,000 pieces per day. Cotton Blossom has been awarded numerous certifications over the years due to its compliance policies.

18. Billoomi Fashion

Billoomi Fashion, a fashion designer and manufacturer founded in 2005, deals only with 100% exporters. They are ISO 9001:2015 certified and SEDEX certified as a factory direct wholesale clothing India. This company offers full-scale OEM/ODM manufacturing services. They can produce up to 60,000 high-end garments per month.

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Billoomi Fashion is more friendly to small-scale wholesale distributors and suppliers because they only require a minimum order. It is also a highly rated private label clothing manufacturer company.

What are the Indian clothing manufacturer associations?

India has thousands of clothing manufactures and clothing retailers/wholesalers all are controlled by one body, the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI).

CMAI has branches in Pune and Solapur. It has been working as a catalyst for change, collaborating with government officials to create policies that will impact the future apparel industry.

How to Locate Private Label Clothing Manufacturers In India

These are the areas where you can find Indian private label clothing manufacturers:

* Online directories – These directories offer a large list of all types clothing manufacturing companies. You will need to refine your search in order to get the best results.

* Trade shows – Trade shows are held throughout the year. This gives you a great opportunity to meet them.

Google – This is the best source for all information. To find the best option, you only need to enter the exact keywords “Private label clothing manufacturers in India” into the search box.

Are there any top men’s clothing manufacturers in India?

Yes. Some of these include:

* NG Apparels

* Tirupur Knitwears Ltd

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* Billoomi Fashions

* Vogue Sourcing

* F S Clothing Company

Where can I find the best ready-made women’s clothes in India?

Here you will find the best ready-made women’s garments in India.

* B2B Marketplaces

* Search engines

* Referrals

* Directory

How do I find Indian Brand Apparel Factories?

There are many ways to find brand apparel factories in India.

* Looking for online platforms that connect you to Indian apparel factories?

* Talk to other business people who work with you.

* Google can help you find the brand apparel factories that you are looking for.

Which are the best clothing companies for small orders in India

India offers many manufacturers that are suitable for small orders of clothing.

You can place your order with these companies

* Billoomi Fashions

* Wings2Fashion

* AppareWin.com

* Urban Purple

* Panda Tailor

Which are the best baby clothing manufacturers in India

Baby clothes make more profit than other types of clothing. This list will be of great assistance to you.

* Tirupur Apparels

* Organic & More


* Dudheria Apparels Ltd

* Cassanova Textiles

Which one is your favorite Manufacture Factory?

The Clothing Manufacturing Association India sets high standards for the apparel and textile industries in India. This has allowed for the production of high-quality clothing that is highly admired around the world. This is the country for anyone who wants to import cheap clothes in any quantity.

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India’s clothing industry has tripled in the last few years. This is because the country’s textile industry is very promising. The population is growing rapidly, which is causing an expansion of markets in all cities.