Wholesale Gemstones Beads Suppliers and Distributors

This guide will cover all you need to know about wholesale gemstones and beads, including some trusted suppliers and frequently asked questions.

Gemstones can also be called precious stones. These stones are mostly used to make jewelry. It can also be worn for astrological purposes, but only in certain countries.

No matter what gemstones are used for, they are in high demand. They are often used in ornaments. You will need to locate the best wholesale website if you have a jewelry store and are looking to order precious gemstones.

If you’re unsure which wholesale site you should visit, you can read this article. We’ve compiled a list of the top wholesale gemstones websites for you to check out.

The Basics of Gemstones Online

The first thing you should remember if you’re interested in selling gemstones online is to have a selection of items that are related to gemstones. This will bring more customers to your website as they won’t need to visit any other site to search for the items.

You should also have a large collection of gemstones. But, it is important to consider the demand and decide where you should keep your collection. You should ensure that you have enough stock to meet the demand for any particular gemstone.

To attract more customers, you should offer attractive discounts on products.

Best Wholesale Gemstones Suppliers

2. Stone bridge imports

This site is for you if you’re looking wholesale prices for authentic gemstones. You will find many appealing features on this site. You can order gemstones in bulk at very low prices. You will also find easy returns and free shipping on the site.

You can even find the most rare gemstones on this site. This is why the site is so popular with buyers. If you have any questions or need assistance with your order, you can contact the customer service. To order from the site you’ll first need to create an account. This will only take a few seconds.

After you’re done, you can begin as many orders you want. It is easy to navigate the site and features a very attractive interface. It is one of the most popular sites to find wholesale gemstones.

3. Stachura Wholesale Gemstones

Stachura Wholesale Gemstones is the second best place to visit. Here you will find a wide range of gemstones. This site also offers cultured pearls. The homepage displays all the products on the site. The best part about the site? It has very low prices.

The prices are actually lower than wholesale gemstone suppliers. The site also features their autumn collection. It is easy to navigate through the products on the site. After creating an account, you can order whatever you like.

4. Ishugems

Ishugems is another great website for finding wholesale gemstones. It is possible to browse the items by category, which makes things much easier. The site offers a 10% discount when you purchase precious stones. Check out their top-selling products.

Customers can also get various deals from the site. This site will have the gemstone you need, no matter what type of stone you are looking for. This site is your one-stop shop for all things gemstone. This is the place to order authentic and high-quality stones for your customers.

You can also translate the site in many languages. This option is located at the top right of the homepage. This is a great wholesale site for gemstones.

5. Indiamart

Indiamart is a well-known site to search for gemstones. This site also sells wholesale products. You can browse the various categories of gemstones easily using the filters on this site. You can also browse the products by city.

You can call their customer service for any assistance with your order. Prices for the gemstones range from within the range. It is possible to say that this wholesale site for gemstones is quite good.

6. Holistic Trader

Holistic Trader, a UK-based website that deals in gemstones wholesale prices, is well-known. This site has a wide range of gemstones and is a unique one. This site can help you find any type of gemstones that you desire.

This wholesale site for gemstones is undoubtedly the best. The homepage displays all the available products. To view the product prices, you will need to log in to the site.

Register for an account to get the best out of the site. Log in to access the site. The site sells gemstones, but also a few other products. You can find a list on the site.

6. Gem Stone UK

Another wholesale website for gemstones, this one is located in the UK. You will find a variety of attractive deals depending on how many orders you place. You can find all the details on the website. You can order bulk orders on the site, which is the best part.

The homepage only displays a small number of products. In the search box, you can type the name of the gemstone you want. This will allow you to quickly find the right product. However, you must register first to place orders. This site is great for wholesale gemstone shopping.

7. American Bead Corp

This site is unique in the world of gemstone ordering. This site has a unique feature: it offers different deals on different days. This site offers discounts up to 60% Black Friday deals are currently available on the site.

You will find the code at the top of this site. This code can be used to receive 40% off your order. On the site, you will find information about all types of gemstones. It has a beautiful interface. It is one of the most popular sites for ordering wholesale gemstones.

Do wholesale suppliers of gemstones offer free shipping?

Stone Bridge Imports is one of the most prominent wholesale suppliers of gemstones. They offer free shipping. Stone Bridge Imports is well-known for offering free shipping and easy returns on all orders. This site is a great place to start if you’re looking for high-quality gemstones at wholesale prices.

Canada: Where can I buy wholesale gems at a cheap price?

There are many places that offer cheap wholesale gemstones in Canada. Skygems Jewellery and Gems is one of the most highly rated sites. Fine Gems Canada Inc, Stone Bridge Imports and Skygems Jewellery and Gems are also good options.

These are the best places in Canada to find authentic, cheap wholesale gemstones.

Where can I buy bulk wholesale gemstones from Australia?

You can find many places in Australia that sell wholesale gemstones. You can find such places at Simply Gems, Crystal Universe, and AUS Crystals Melbourne. These are the best places to visit if you want to buy bulk gemstones.

Is there any distributor of wholesale gemstone beads in India?

There are many places and sites in India that sell wholesale gemstone beads. Indiamart is a top wholesale site. You can also search the internet for more ideas.


You will now be able order the highest quality gemstones for customers by knowing the top wholesale gem sites. These sites are very popular with buyers so you should also check them out.