Wholesale Mobile Phone Distributors From China

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More than a third of the global population will have a smartphone by 2020. This is because of the growing demand for internet connectivity, which makes life easier and allows you to connect with your loved ones. What’s more? There’s no hassle, just a small gadget and you’re good to go. All you have to do is tap the phone, and it will take over.

There are many wholesale distributors of mobile phones that offer phones at very affordable prices. This is a golden opportunity as the prices are greatly reduced. Wholesale mobile phone suppliers are connected directly with the brands, making it possible to purchase your favorite phone within your budget.

Mobile phones that were cheap had a stigmatizing connotation. Brands offering these phones used to have a low customer base. There is evidence that consumers are choosing to buy cheap phones. This can be seen in the increase in mobile phone sales. The quality is the same as top-notch brands but the prices are very low. But, it is important to know who the distributor is that will offer you the best deals.

Today we will be discussing the top wholesale suppliers of mobile phones from China that are both reputable and sell the newest models.

Why Buy Wholesale Mobile Phones from China?

China’s smartphone market is growing rapidly with new smartphones popping up every day. All phones are made by well-known brands such as Apple, Oppo and Vivo. They are available worldwide at very competitive prices. China wholesale market has grown in popularity due to its low prices and amazing features. People are attracted to China brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei because of their similar functionality.

You will be amazed at the differences in pricing that high-end brands charge for comparable specs when you consider some of the best models available at wholesale Chinese prices. The Chinese market is well-equipped to meet growing demand, so it is a good idea to buy from them. You will get incredible features that are not available in cheaper handsets.

There are hundreds of Chinese wholesale distributors that sell mobile phones. It feels great to use the phone with features like Google Android OS, Windows Mobile OS and Wifi connectivity. It is easy to use and works at an incredible speed.

China’s Top Wholesale Mobile Phone Suppliers and Distributors

It can be difficult to find the right distributor when there are so many suppliers in China. We have compiled this list of the top 5 wholesale distributors for mobile phones. They sell phones at affordable prices. These suppliers also have the most recent models on the market, so you can get the best technology.

1. Alibaba

Alibaba Group, a Chinese multinational conglomerate, is very similar to Amazon. The website was created in 1999 to provide the best platform for sellers to sell their products. It is an e-commerce and technology-oriented website that allows you to buy electronic gadgets at the best prices. You can find new launches in more than 40 categories on the website. Alibaba has everything you need.

This website sells everything from equipment and apparel to electronics and machinery. Fortune listed Alibaba among the most loved companies in many sectors. It is a one-stop shop for mobile phones online and operates in over 190 countries.

Secure payment methods allow you to order anything and pay using them. This will ensure that your bank details are kept safe. You will also receive express delivery and updated tracking each day.

3. DHgate

DHgate, which is very similar to Aliexpress’s website, focuses primarily on selling products from Chinese manufacturers. This website promotes local businesses which in turn helps the economy. DHgate sells wholesale mobile phones, and has more than 40,000,000 products. You can browse, post and order products on this site at your convenience. You can choose from electronics, apparels, sports supplies, and many other products at very affordable prices.

DHgate supports multilingual sales i.e. Spanish, Italian French, Russian English, Portuguese and German are all supported by DHgate. Its corporate partners include Visa, Mastercard and American Express, FedEx and DHL, among others.

4. Chinavasion

Chinavasion is a great place to buy wholesale mobile phones. This ecommerce platform was established in 2004 and offers high-quality products to both wholesalers and retailers. Many people are willing to make different products in China, which has a large talent pool.

Chinavasion, a platform that sells high-quality Chinese electronics at a low price, is a great place to buy them. To meet the technology-oriented needs of people, top Chinese electronics manufacturers offer high quality and innovative electronics. To ensure you receive the best, all products have been quality-tested by our in-house quality control staff. Chinavasion offers wholesale pricing and excellent customer service.

5. Banggood

Banggood is a fantastic website that was established in 2006 as a company for computer software research and development. It shifted its focus to ecommerce services, which are now available worldwide. This website offers professional customer support and more than 200000 products.

High quality, low-priced products will be available to meet your needs. The product is shipped directly to the customer via dropshipping once the order has been placed. Banggood will send you exclusive promotions and there is no minimum order.


1. Is it not wiser to look for a wholesale company that can import phones from China?

It would be a smart decision. It can be a profitable venture to import phones from China. Everyone is searching for affordable options in the highly competitive smartphone market. Here, the Chinese wholesale market shines.

Trust is an important issue in China because there are few suppliers and distributors. Chinabrands is the top choice as it provides seamless service to buyers through dropshipping of products from renowned brands. The companies also produce small quantities of phones, so there are no wholesalers. People had to purchase the phones at retail price.

With Chinabrands, it’s now possible to buy smartphones wholesale. The website allows you to purchase products through third parties and dropship them right at your door at the best discounts. This website allows you to import phones from China without worrying about authenticity, reliability, or security.

2. Which is the best electronic wholesale market in China?

Chinabrands is the best place to purchase wholesale electronics at affordable prices. There are many electronic wholesale marketplaces in China. You will also receive CB points for every order, which you can use to deduct the amount from your next order.

3. Do you know of any cell phone distributors that dropship phones from China to customers?

Chinabrands dropsship phones from China. This allows you to get the products that you need at affordable prices. Chinabrands offers a comprehensive network of agencies and manufacturers to meet your needs. Discounts will be offered to reduce the actual cost.


The wholesale distribution of mobile phones has advanced significantly. Wholesale phone distribution has many benefits for people who wish to purchase phones at wholesale prices. It is a great way to save money and it can also help you make more profit if your phones are purchased in bulk.

Get amazing wholesale savings at Chinabrands and DHgate.