Wholesale Suppliers in UK for Cosmetics and Other Products

This article will cover everything you need about UK wholesale suppliers, including clothing and electronics as well as cosmetics, handbags, shoes, and handbags.

It is worth spending the time to find the best suppliers of these products. This will ensure that you get genuine products and great value for your money.

Wholesale Clothing Suppliers UK

1. The Wholesalers UK

Wholesalers in the UK are the best when it comes to the supply of wholesale clothing. It was founded in 1999. It has seen tremendous growth and is now a major player in the industry. Customer service is a key factor in the wholesaler’s success.

Instead of being referred to the website, a human will attend to any concern you have. This directory is for your convenience. This directory does not limit you to one supplier. You have many options.

You will find the one that suits your needs. You can still be sure of high quality from all suppliers listed here, as they have been thoroughly vetted before being included in the directory.

2. Missi Clothing Wholesale Fashion

Another destination for wholesale clothing is the UK. This supplier is a good choice if you are looking for trendy and current clothes. There are many styles available in a variety of materials. The company believes that your clothes speak for you.

It takes the time to make sure it conveys your message. Missi also supplies party wear, dresses, and clothing popularized by celebrities. You can still get them, even if there is a high demand.

Missi Clothing Wholesale Fashion offers amazing discounts for bulk purchases.

3. City Goddess

City Goddess was founded in 2003. It strives to provide the best clothing on the market. This is the place to go if you want to have fun and flirty clothes.

Here you will find the best apparels for celebrities and models. City Goddess will provide you with the latest design as soon as it hits the market. This company has been in business for 15 years and knows what works for customers.

UK wholesale electronics suppliers

1. Aulola

Aulola is still one of the top suppliers of electronics. You can find any type of consumer electronics here, including Smartphones, gaming accessories, analysis and measurement electronics, office electronics, or other electronic products. You only need to purchase 10 pieces of any electronic product.

Even if you require more than 1000 pieces, you will be able to find the right quantity. They offer high quality products. This ensures that you get excellent value for money. Your order worth more than PS200 will be shipped free of charge.

2. 121 Wholesale

The company has been in business for 25 years. This company only deals with authentic products. Each product goes through a quality control to ensure that it is not sold as counterfeit.

Shopping at 121 Wholesale is easy. It is very easy to use the user interface and doesn’t require any previous experience. The company also offers several payment options. You can choose the one that suits you best.

3. Clearance Sale UK

It is important to ensure that you verify the authenticity of any electronics you purchase. Wholesale Clearance UK is a trusted supplier that can guarantee the credibility of their electronics. Wholesale Clearance UK stocks a wide range of electronics, and almost all you will need are there.

They offer a great value for money and their pricing is very competitive. You will receive your order in a matter of days.

Wholesale Cosmetics Suppliers in UK

1. Shure Wholesale Cosmetics

Shure Wholesale Cosmetics is sensitive to the customer’s needs. Shure Wholesale Cosmetics knows that customers want branded cosmetics and promises to fulfill that demand. They understand that it is important to get the most value for your money, so they offer wholesale pricing on all items.

They also understand that shipping is a delicate business and you don’t want delays. The order is packed and delivered to your shop as soon as it’s placed. What’s more? You can negotiate the price. They will be a pleasure to shop with.

2. Wholesale-Cosmetics

Wholesale-Cosmetics believes it is crucial to pay attention to the products that they purchase to enhance their beauty. This should not be the responsibility of the client only, but also the supplier. Wholesale-Cosmetics will imprint authentic photos and detailed information on products.

The company also only sells products they believe are genuine and healthy for you. They care about your customers. Wholesale-Cosmetics only sources products from trusted manufacturers to ensure this. You will receive the best value for money with these products.

3. CoLour Zone Cosmetics

You can’t go wrong with CoLour Zone Cosmetics in the UK. You can find all you need here and it is your one-stop shop. You can find branded cosmetics here at reasonable prices. We stock the latest cosmetics as they hit the market.

So you can get a steady supply of the most recent brands. CoLour Zone Cosmetics does not restrict the amount of products you can buy, but wholesale purchases can offer better discounts.

Handbag wholesale in the UK

1. L&S Wholesale

L&S Wholesale guarantees to offer you the best wholesale bag deals. L&S Wholesale’s stock features a clever combination of innovative designs, high-quality materials and competitive pricing. All you need in a supplier is this. You can also get fast delivery to any part of the UK.

L&S Wholesale is committed to bringing you the most current designs. Fashion is constantly changing, so your supplier should keep their stock updated. Their minimum order requirement is kept low to allow you maximum shopping freedom.

2. JC Unique

If you are interested in offering amazing deals to retail customers. This is the supplier to partner with. It was founded in 2009, and after a mere ten years in the industry, it has already gained national recognition. Their secret is that they have zero tolerance for counterfeit products and correct pricing.

Their customers get great value for their money. Your retail business will benefit greatly from the same quality and pricing aspects. Plus, you can always get the bag that you are looking for. It is possible to get the bag you want at any time.

3. HT Fashion LTD

HT Fashion LTD is focused on one thing: To supply unique, trendy and high-quality bags. This is quite impressive, as you can see. Your customers will be impressed if they are too. This company also has many bags in their showroom.

This allows you to get almost any design you need. You will also get a discount if you order in bulk. This will allow you to profit without exploitation of your customers.

Wholesale Shoes in the UK

1. UK Shoes Wholesale

UK Shoes Wholesale is one of the leading suppliers of shoes in the UK. They stock a wide range of shoes for men and women in their warehouse. Their products are all competitively priced. Shipping costs are also very low. Because they have been in this industry for a long time, they know what customers want.

UK Shoes Wholesale is able to supply exactly what you require. Their website makes shopping easy. The user interface is simple and easy to use. You will find what you need. They offer many payment options and are flexible with payments.

2. J5 Fashion

J5 Fashion has a wide range of shoe designs. All of them are affordable. The company sources their products directly from the manufacturer. This brings us to the quality issue. When choosing which manufacturers to source from, the company is very careful.

You can rest assured that you will receive high-quality shoes. Your order will be processed immediately and your parcel shipped out. They ship not only within the UK, but worldwide. They also have an amazing customer service. Their sales team is active and will respond to all your questions.

3. Livesey Shoe Company

The Livesey Shoe Company was established in 1974. They are particularly interested in ladies’ footwear. They have a special interest in ladies footwear and have given their full attention to supplying you with the right product. You get world-class footwear because they import the majority of their products.

Livesey Shoe Company offers factory pricing for all of their products, so you get the best price. They constantly update their website to provide you with the most current information about their products.

Where can I buy bulk wholesale wedding flowers from the UK

In the UK, you can buy wholesale wedding flowers from Triangle Nursery; https://www.trianglenursery.co.uk. This company is one the UK’s best flower suppliers. There are more than 1000 flowers available, all suitable for weddings.

This company will deliver to your door. The company has a florist who can give you advice and guide you through the process of ordering flowers for your wedding.

Where can I buy wholesale gifts in the UK

Sparks Gift Wholesalers; https://www.sparksgiftwholesalers.co.uk is one of the best destinations for wholesale gifts in the UK. You will be impressed by their huge range of gifts.

They don’t require minimum orders, and all of their products are on sale. They can deliver within the next day, so there are no worries about delivery times.

Where can I buy wholesale food in the UK

Bestway Wholesale; https://www.bestwaywholesale.co.uk remains the best food and drink wholesaler in the UK. It was founded in 1976. There are 65 wholesalers in the country. Your order will be shipped to the nearest one.

It has gained national recognition and supplies over 70, 000 UK retailers. It also supplies over 40,000 catering companies.


These are the suppliers you can trust. We evaluated their products and the customer service. You can get great value for money with them.