Wholesale Synthetic Hair Wigs Dropship Program and Suppliers

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Experience of a successful wigs dropshipper

You might inquire about the experiences of persons who have dealt with dropship wigs. You’ll feel more secure before you start your dropship wigs business this way.

Carole made a fictitious appearance in Houston, Texas. She was a highly curious person before the advent of retail fakes, and she also liked to wear wigs.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

As a result, he began to consider starting a wig selling business. She was born during a period of rapid Internet development, and the e-commerce business grew at a breakneck pace. She learned about dropshipping during an e-commerce industry friend’s party.

Dropship wigs are a solution to assist merchants that want to sell their items online but don’t want to have their inventory of wigs on hand.

When a merchant sells goods, it purchases a wig from a platform and sends it directly to the client.

The company, in fact, never saw or processed the product she sold. She was worried about her commercial funding at the time.

As a result, she discovered that starting a business on the Internet is one of the simplest methods to start selling wigs because the startup cost of dropshipping wigs is typically considerably lower than the typical physical shop business.

She also has a range of sales options, ranging from affiliate sales to order fulfillment to distributors (or combining the three).

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Carole has accomplished her business dream by selling dropship wigs, and she is happy to sell what she enjoys.

The ecommerce market of wigs dropship

You must be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping wigs. You can start by learning about the market.

The wig industry has grown dramatically in recent years, and “head fashion” has become increasingly recognized and regarded.

The wig market has developed significantly from 2017 to 2025, according to the newest analysis of global opportunity analysis and end-user wig market from 2017 to 2020 on global opportunities analysis and industry forecasts.

People’s need for wigs has grown over time as science and technology have advanced. Wigs are headwear constructed from human, animal or synthetic fibers used for various reasons. For example, many people wear wigs to cover up their baldness. In addition, wigs offer many appealing qualities, such as smooth, shining, fluffy, and meeting people’s hair length requirements.

No damage to natural hair and reduced damage to actual hair are just a few of the advantages.

The worldwide wig market is primarily driven by an increase in demand in the beauty business, a rising trend in the hair products and cosmetics industries, and the exploration of fashion sense in the entertainment business, such as movies, theatre, and television.

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Furthermore, the world’s population has grown, society is modernizing, and people have accustomed to a high quality of living. As a result, wigs have been discovered to be an effective technique to prevent surgical treatment while also promoting market expansion.

Wigs have grown fashionable in several countries. The world hair products sector is growing at a 20 percent annual rate.

North America is the world’s largest consumer market for hair products, according to statistics from key consumer organizations, with annual sales of approximately US$40 billion.

After the United States, Europe is the second-largest consumer market, with yearly sales of approximately 25 billion euros, followed by Africa.

It is primarily limited to practical populations, with yearly sales of roughly US$16 billion and annual sales of roughly US$1.2 billion to US$1.4 billion in the most populated Asian market.

The fashion audience is largely uninterested, and there is plenty of space for expansion in Europe and America.

Why do we drop-ship wigs?

We can easily comprehend our aims and company orientation once we understand why we want to dropship wigs. This will be quite beneficial to your dropship wigs company.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

After we study the worldwide market state of the wig sector, we will discover that dropshipping wigs is a very profitable business, especially for merchants who love wig products, because this matter can provide us a lot of money. So we’ve brought a lot of profit and a lot of business chances.

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Why am I saying this?

The target audience for wig products is very extensive.

Wigs are required by everyone, from children to the elderly, women and men alike. People’s stress levels rise as their living standard grows, followed by illness and hair loss. Wigs can help persons who suffer from hair loss feel less self-conscious and strengthen their relationships. Wigs can also provide spiritual solace to those who have lost their hair due to sickness, and they may even aid in the recovery of the body.

There are many different types of wigs available.

Because the entertainment sector, such as movies, dramas, and television, is boosting the fashion field, wig goods in various styles are particularly appealing to modern young people. In addition, people can attempt various hairstyles in a short period, demonstrate diverse styles, and suit their own needs for the rest of their lives.

High-quality wigs are beneficial to people’s health

Perming is frequently chosen by those who desire to modify their hairstyles. People can avoid perm harm to their hair and potentially their health by using wig items.

The dropship business model is very simple and efficient

The merchant uploads product details after picking the wig product they wish to offer in their online store.

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When a client places an order, the merchant purchases it wholesale from the supplier and fulfills it independently. The price has been agreed upon.

Furthermore, wigs are simple to market and transport. Businesses only deal with sales challenges on their own. Others, such as wigs, are safely packaged and sent.

Furthermore, drop shipping firms can operate at any time and in any location, with no time or geographical constraints.

To take advantage of such a handy opportunity, the merchant merely needs to choose a reliable drop ship platform.

How do you decide which wigs to dropship?

Because your guests’ needs are frequently the most crucial, we need to know what kind of wigs they require.

A wig that is appropriate for the customer’s head size 

First and foremost, we must confirm that the wig’s size is standard, necessitating extreme caution when researching wig products.

  • Your wig will be able to meet the customer’s hair requirements.

Cancer patients, for example, are likely to have a higher demand for wig materials, such as human hair. This wig has the same shape as the real hair and can be styled in various ways. However, because it comprises actual hair, it takes more upkeep, style, and upkeep. Without adequate maintenance, wigs will become dry and fragile if there is no natural oil in the human scalp to condition them.

  • Human hair wigs can last for a year or more with proper care.
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As a result, synthetic hair is a better fit for them. One of the best things about synthetic wigs is that they always look nice, even when you’re not wearing them.

Synthetic wigs of high grade resemble human hair wigs in appearance. Synthetic wigs have the benefit of maintaining their shape. However, synthetic hair has the disadvantage of being exposed to a heat source without irreversibly damaging its fibers.

Heat-resistant wigs that allow you to switch from a curl to a straight line appearance. A synthetic wig may be an excellent option for women who desire this versatility but don’t want to wear a wig. Wearing has a three-month average life expectancy.

  • The type of wig

Classic wig

This wig is produced by a machine and put together with real hair. The majority of vintage wigs have “no caps,” allowing the head’s skin to breathe.

Monofilament wig

Monofilament wigs give the appearance of genuine hair. Each of its hair is set independently on a clear mesh cap to make it resemble real hair. Monofilament wigs are also great for cancer patients or women who have lost all of their hair due to alopecia or other conditions.

Hand-tied cap

It’s frequently sewed on a lace fabric that’s quite soft. Unlike traditional monofilament wigs, the entire hat is hand-knotted for a natural appearance.

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Lace front wig

On the very fine lace surrounding the hairline of the lace front wig, there is distinct hair. People can draw their hair back from their faces and appear more natural this way.

Top 4 Dropship Wigs Suppliers

Are you aware that there is a fantastic platform for dropshipping?

Businesses may save time and money by starting dropship wigs on this platform, and they won’t have to worry about wig product quality concerns, customer support concerns, or logistics concerns because he’s already taken care of all of it. All that is required of businesses is to cope with sales concerns.

Yes, Chinabrands is the platform! Who is he, exactly?


It is a global e-commerce company’s cross-border export distribution platform. Chinabrands delivers high-quality resources for product distribution-based cross-border e-commerce firms. So why do I claim he’s exceptional?

  • The product range is extensive, with many different categories.

What about wig products if you want to start dropshipping wigs? If you don’t address the needs of your customers, your business will suffer! Chinabrands is the world’s largest agency platform, with tens of thousands of the most popular product lines with new items and best sellers being launched every day at the lowest costs. As a result, there is a sufficient supply of customer demand.

  • Chinabrands has the benefit of being able to provide products to merchants.
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You must wish to increase your earnings! Chinabrands has integrated the supply chain network of important manufacturers and agents throughout the years, continuing to cut wholesale prices and do all possible to provide merchants with the best product discounts.

  • The QC team is really powerful.

Is the wig product of poor quality? That will have an impact on people’s health! The Chinabrands platform places a premium on product quality. Major brand providers provide the majority of wig items. Simultaneously, the platform will have well-trained professional quality control technicians who will closely control, execute, and monitor all areas of internal quality control procedures and systems. This may be able to meet the high demands for wig quality in the cosmetics sector.

  • Excellent customer service and logistics personnel

The Chinabrands platform can assist retailers in delivering goods in as little as 24 hours. The platform’s logistics network spans over 200 countries and includes over 10,000 logistics routes. To fulfill your company’s demands, it also has a high-quality customer service personnel that speaks more than ten foreign languages.

Yes, you can be confident that the dropship wigs business will be turned over to it on such a platform with so many benefits.

Hair Phenatiks Salon

Hair Phenatiks Salon, founded in 2005, is a well-known weaving, extension, and lace wig salon in Santiago, with many years of experience in weaving, lace wigs, and extensions. From creative bespoke wigs to 3D mink lashes and everything in between, Hair Phenatiks has you covered? This is also a one-stop-shop for deliveries.

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Hair Phenatiks offers a wide range of lace wig colors, textures, styles, and lengths to ensure that every customer may discover the appropriate wig for their personality.


It may be found in Qingdao, China’s most beautiful coastline city. It is one of the major makers of full lace wigs, lace front wigs, silky top lace wigs, seamless wigs, lace fronts, wigs, hair extensions, and wigs, having been founded in 1994. The products sell well both at home and abroad, and TSINGTAO HAIR is a dependable supplier to consumers worldwide as an expert and hair leader.

It provides high-quality wigs at affordable pricing. Wholesalers, trade firms, wig shop owners, hair salon owners, and others make up most clients. The profit per hair is relatively small. Hence TSINGTAO HAIR makes money by selling thousands of wigs a month.

They can usually ship within 1-2 business days if the item is in stock. They have a production turnaround time of 20-40 business days for custom orders, depending on the complexity of the request.


LightInTheBox is a global online retailer that ships products to customers all over the world. Founded in 2007, www.lightinthebox.com, www.miniinthebox.com, and other websites in various major languages provide clients with a cheap and profitable way to buy lifestyles at attractive pricing. A product

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Clothing, electronics and gadgets, home and garden, and, of course, wigs are the three main areas.

Final thoughts

We know that the retail wig industry is huge and that wig products are like people’s daily necessities. Therefore the wig market’s enthusiasm will not wane.

And having such a straightforward and effective internet retail approach is appealing. If you want to dropship wigs, you’ll need to pay attention to wig product quality, logistics speed, customer service quality, and other factors that global buyers need. As a result, selecting wig product suppliers is critical to the company’s success. You may easily fulfill your issues by finding a high-quality dropship platform!