Why Dropshipping Fake Airpods is a Bad Idea?

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Trends change in waves.

You should give it some thought if you haven’t. Consider all the popular things that you have seen go out of style. This includes celebrities, tech, and fashion.

Airpods are a recent trend. Because they are so popular, we’ve seen tons more businesses dropship them.

We will show you why dropshipping fake cases and airpods won’t work. Because we want you to learn, we’ll also explain what you should do instead for more consistent success.


Trend: Airpods

Airpods, as we have mentioned before, are a trend that has been around for the past few years. However, it is not as long-lasting as other trends.

Apple is even already developing new models. Apart from that, electronics are notoriously difficult to sell and become obsolete quickly.

When you are trying to follow trends, it can be difficult to find ways to automate your business and hire people. Because you don’t know the trend’s duration, you can’t be certain you’ll generate the same profits every month. You can’t be sure you’ll have enough cash flow to cover your daily expenses.

This is not the right way to go if you want to create an evergreen, reliable and consistent business.

Because Airpods can be purchased at a low price, you won’t make a lot of money.

I was astonished to find a video on YouTube about dropshipping airpods. It was from someone who claimed to have made more than $100,000 by dropshipping them. That sounds incredible at first glance. Although it’s a clickbait title, it caught our attention and we are sure that you will too.

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But, this is only a revenue figure. After you add in the cost of advertising and other expenses, it doesn’t give you an accurate picture of how much they actually earned.

They may not make $111,000 every month, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t continue to make it in the future.

To make any profit, you must also sell many more Airpods. Think about $111,000 in revenue. To make that much money selling airpods, you had to sell a lot of them. This takes a lot more work.

Businesses that are able to generate consistent sales figures and numbers over many years are what we seek. You’ll see the years of consistent numbers in our screenshots. You don’t have to spend a lot on advertising to do that. It just takes some routine maintenance.

Now let’s compare that $111,000 revenue to one of our high-ticket dropshipping stores with a similar figure. We made $95,000 in one of our stores. What number of sales did this take? 33.

This is a site with a higher average end, but we will give you more numbers if you compare it to another one of our stores. The second store is approximately $40,000 in revenue and has 26 orders.

We’re arguing that you can achieve over $100,000 in revenue by using our methods with less than 100 sales per month. You need stability and long-term potential to grow your online business if you want to be your boss.

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Customers could be angry if they use platforms such as Aliexpress to buy airpods

Aliexpress is a popular platform for dropshipping airpods. This is a problem because the quality of the airpods that you ship is poor.

It is clear that they are inferior to airpods with a trusted brand like Apple. You might make $111,000 if you sell a low-quality version of something…but many of your customers will be unhappy with the quality of what you provide.

You’ll then have a lot of returns to manage, which could result in a loss of a significant portion of the revenue you made.

We’ve covered all the details of dropshipping company return policies here.

You are not targeting a particular audience

It’s crucial to build up an audience and stay in touch with them if you use Aliexpress.

Airpods, like many trends, are very generalized. They can be bought by anyone. They are available for purchase by anyone, including teens, adults, and children.

It might seem like a great idea to have a wide range of potential customers. But it isn’t. Future growth prospects are the reason. Airpods can’t be sold forever, as they will soon be out of date with the next generation.

What are you going do? You might be able to predict what your audience wants from you if you were to target them more.

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Let’s say, for example, you sell products that are geared toward dog owners. If you know that dog owners are interested in your products, you can expand.

This is the best way to make a low-ticket dropshipping company, such as one that sells airpods, profitable. It is important to have the ability to build a loyal audience.


We’ll be discussing how to market your products more effectively, as well as the importance of targeting a particular audience. Here we will talk about our passions and not just chasing the latest trends.

Intent/Interest-Based Marketing

Intent-based marketing is a method that many people use. This is usually done through social media advertising, which allows them reach certain groups.

Your ultimate goal is to have your ad appear in the newsfeeds of people who mightinterest in your product based upon their demographics, search history and passions. However, the keyword in that last sentence is “might”.

Here’s an example you can verify. Next time you scroll through Facebook, look for an ad in the newsfeed. The three dots at the top of the ad will bring up a page with the demographic information that the ad targets.

Take a look at that ad. It is likely that it targets a very large group of people. Consider this: Are you even slightly curious about the product?

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This is a way to market your product that takes a lot more effort. The chances of someone seeing your ad buying your product are slim. You have to convince them to buy from you.

Query-Based Marketing

For a moment, pretend you are ready to purchase something right now. You can do whatever you like as long as it’s easier to find it online. What would you do first?

We’re betting that the first thing you would do is open your browser and search for the product. This is what query-based advertising is all about: finding people who are looking for the exact same thing as you.

Half the work is done for you, unlike intent-based marketing. Most likely, the person searching has already made a decision to purchase. They have their credit card information ready and are just looking at what options they have.

You just need to make sure that your store is visible and ready to sell what they want. There is no need to convince them, as they are already interested in buying. It’s only a matter of where they are purchasing.

This is exactly why we avoid Facebook ads. (We have written extensively about this here.) Personally, we prefer Google ads.


We hope that you have learned something else: riding on the trends’ coattails is not the best way to build a successful business.

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You need to build a strong online portfolio by filling it with businesses that will last many years. notgive it to you a trend that is gone in a day.

Avoid the flashiness and fads of the latest trends. Instead, focus on creating something that people are passionate about for a long period of time.