Why Would Someone Buy From The Dropshipping Store?

This question is common among dropshippers newer or looking to start a dropshipping company. Why buy from dropshippers?

There are many reasons you shouldn’t be concerned about losing customers due to the low prices on AliExpress. Let’s take a look at some of them.


While AliExpress is well-known to you, many consumers don’t know what AliExpress is. Only 5.11% traffic to AliExpress is from the United States.

Let’s take a closer view.

Many shoppers start by doing a quick Google search. This is what I did for this article. I searched for “Green Utility Jacket”. I searched for “Green Utility Jacket” in the Google search.


Next, I examined the actual search results listing pages. Although statistics from Feedvisor.com indicate that approximately 45% of shoppers don’t scroll past page 2, I continued scrolling. It would be a proud moment to share that I scrolled to page 12 and did not give up. Even after 12 pages of searches, there were no AliExpress results for my green utility jacket search.

You don’t have to worry about competing with Google Ads or listings from AliExpress sellers. AliExpress sellers won’t be actively competing for your business.


While consumers are becoming more comfortable giving their credit card information online, how they interact with the online store will have a significant impact on whether they make a purchase.

Let’s say I am a customer who has heard about AliExpress. Now, I have changed my Google search to “green Utility Jacket Women AliExpress” and am about to hit “enter”.

You’re probably nervous right now, I’m sure! !

(Honestly, I was, too, lol. )

Here’s what happened.

There were no AliExpress listings in Google Shopping.

I clicked the first link in Google’s search results. I was taken to page 154, with only TWO jackets. Here’s what I saw when I clicked on the first image:

  • Images of product were low quality and very grainy.
  • There weren’t any product reviews.
  • The text warned me to take my measurements because the size was “Asia sizing”.
  • It stated that delivery would be 2 1/2 weeks from the date of my purchase. However, the small print stated that they do not guarantee delivery for international shipments.
  • Although the price was great for me as an individual consumer, it was quite overshadowed in my opinion by the absence of quality information.

As a consumer, this jacket seemed ‘risky’ so I searched Google and clicked the second link for “green utility jacket women Aliexpress”.

14742 results were found. Overwhelming! !

I scrolled through the first page, but not one green utility jacket for women was shown. I had the option to scroll through 60+ more pages.

No. Thank. You.

Instead of scrolling through 14,724 results I decided to change the AliExpress search field back to “utility Jacket Women Green” instead of going to the Google search page.

Here are the results.

Only 8 results

  • One jacket didn’t meet my search criteria.
  • 5 were the same as my earlier discouraging experience.
  • The two remaining ones, which were subject to further investigation, were also not favorable.
  • Although the product had 2 reviews, I was not able to see the page where the reviews were displayed.
  • Although the pricing was good, I was not confident in the product that I would receive.

If you were the customer in this scenario, and you had this experience, would AliExpress be a good place to buy? Was the Google search favorable for Alixpress? Do these AliExpress sellers care about the quality and authenticity of their product listings or are they just a fad? These products are they trustworthy?

Okay, but what about those consumers who just go to AliExpress.com to look around?

The truth is that:

AliExpress can seem overwhelming to the average user. It’s like being on the New York Stock Exchange trading floor, with each seller asking you to buy their product. You may not be familiar with AliExpress and the many results that can be returned by a single search.

  • Use AliExpress search terms to find the product you are looking for. This search term returned 2,299 results, compared to 8,
  • To find the right product, you need to sort through the thousands of products appearing in an AliExpress search result.
  • If there are multiple sellers selling the same product, communicate with them and decide which one to buy from.
  • Know which products are not worth buying from AliExpress.
  • Determine which shipping method is best for your product and country.

You will quickly notice how frustrating it is for customers to deal directly with AliExpress sellers if you look through the product reviews on AliExpress. The average customer will ‘tap out’ rather that spend the time to learn about AliExpress. The average customer might not trust AliExpress to make a good purchase.

This is where you come in.

What advantages do you have?

To show customers that you can trust them, create a more pleasant customer experience.

Here are some ways to do it:

Get high-quality products from top-rated suppliers for your potential customers

So that customers don’t have the burden of researching products , do thorough product research. They will pay more for your product because they know you are trustworthy and can trust the products.

The example below shows how I used AliExtractor to find a utility jacket for women from AliExpress. What’s AliExtractor? It is a Chrome Extension which crawls AliExpress pages, and displays product results according to your filters.

This is an example of how I use AliExtractor filters to show me only products that are:

  • 4.8+ star ratings
  • 25+ reviews
  • Orders 50+
  • ePacket tracking shipping options
  • Positive feedback from 98% of sellers

Look at what I discovered in just a few seconds.

This jacket has excellent product images, positive reviews, and a high supplier rating. This product is one I may choose to test and order, especially if it allows me to create product photos or a video (recommended!). ).

Let’s talk price.

For the dropshipping price of $30.09, it might seem high. So I searched Google Shopping, Pinterest, Amazon, and eBay for similar jackets.

I looked at similar jackets, and the average retail price was $59. Shipping took an average of 8-10 days. This was only a few days quicker than the AliExpress jacket.

If I decide to sell the jacket, I may consider selling it at a price between $59.99 and $69.99 (including shipping), which would give me a small profit of $29.90 to 39.90. There would be advertising expenses, but overall I believe this jacket could offer a viable alternative to what I discovered during my research.

Why would I price the jacket at a slightly higher price than my competitors? Why shouldn’t I price the jacket at a lower price than all my competitors?

Because I’m going:

  • Provide a great ‘customer experience’ that customers will be willing to pay a little more for.
  • Create a little more buffer to allow for ads cost, etc.
  • If I want to promote a sale, I have more space to offer coupons/discounts.

Design Your Online Store in a Way That Builds Trust

Over the years I have placed orders from many online shops and sometimes waited up to a month for my products to arrive. As a customer, it wasn’t a major issue. Here’s why:

  • Many positive product reviews were left by customers who purchased the same product.
  • The product videos and images were of high quality and accurately described the product according to product reviews.
  • I was informed of the estimated shipping time before I made my purchase.
  • I was aware of the store’s return policy and guarantee before I made my purchase.
  • The trust logos and SSL certificates were clearly visible at the store.
  • I was given tracking information regarding my product. This allowed me to see when my order had been processed and when it was shipped. I also was able track the shipment along the way.
  • Every interaction I had with customer support was friendly and helpful.
  • The product arrived exactly as described. In the instances where I ordered clothing online, the size displayed was actually ‘true-to-size’.

This is the key. Dropshipping should be treated like a business. You will be able to create an online experience that explains exactly what your customers can expect from you when they purchase from you.

Do not follow the flow

Beware! Dropshipping is a popular trend that has led many owners of online shops to:

  • Stock up on products that haven’t been tested before you fill your stores.
  • Copy and paste the product descriptions and images as provided by the supplier.
  • Do not take the time to think through every step of what the buyer will experience.

You don’t have to sell the most expensive products to make sales. But you do need to show that you offer a trustworthy buying experience for your customers.

This could mean creating your own product shots and videos so that they aren’t identical to your competitors’. It doesn’t matter if you have to create your own sizing charts for true-to-size clothes. It’s okay to add a few extra days to your shipping policies to protect against unexpected delivery delays. It’s okay to take extra time to ensure a tight return policy. It’s okay to send a few extra emails to assure customers that their order has been shipped.

Quora Answers

For some reasons, people don’t shop at AliExpress but instead go to dropshipping shops.

  • They don’t know anything about AliExpress
  • They are aware of AliExpress, but don’t like or trust it.
  • They are familiar with AliExpress, but they don’t know how it can help them find the products that they love.

Dropshipping stores build trust and provide a better shopping experience. AliExpress is not the best option for everyone. These people prefer to shop in smaller, more niche-specific shops when they order online. Visitors will return empty-handed if a shop is full of niche-specific, amazing products.

It could be that people aren’t aware of it. The website looks better and is more trustworthy. You can bet that the dropshipping shop could have taken better pictures than those you see on AliExpress.

AliExpress sometimes has multiple products so it is difficult to know which one is of good quality. Dropshipping is a solution to this problem.

Hello mostly the dropshipping website is professional, and engage special catagory such as Cloth, Shoe, Jewellery! That means to customers it is special, professional,brand! People wish high quality, novelty products on dropshipping website!

In conclusion

Here’s a story about pricing and customer service.

My sons are avid followers of a variety of not-so-common “bands” on Instagram and Spotify. The online shops of these bands are not open 24/7, and they only open for a few days each year. Only a handful of products are shown to the band members, while the rest is kept secret until their online store opens.

The shipping rates are outrageous and the prices are absurd. It takes 6-8 weeks for the product to arrive in your hands.

Here’s the thing:

These bands often sell out their stores within minutes of opening them for a few days.

They have shown that it is not about the lowest price. It’s all about

  • Knowing their audience is key.
  • Knowing how to choose the best products is key.
  • Knowing how to interact effectively with customers is key.
  • Knowing how to generate excitement about the products they sell.

You don’t have to be a rockstar to generate demand. However, if you spend the time to get familiar with your audience and select great products for them, and create a great customer experience by providing great products to them, you’ll be on your way to rockstar sales.