Wiio Dropshipping Review, Pros, Cons, and Competitors

What is WIIO?

WIIO provides dropshipping services similar to Zendrop or uDroppy. CJDropshipping,, and other providers.

These are an alternative to AliExpress dropshipping.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

WIIO offers WooCommerce plugin and Shopify app for simple integrations.

WIIO stocks its own products in three warehouses in China and one in the US. However, you can also import directly from AliExpress.

WIIO Features

No Monthly Fees

WIIO is currently completely free to use.

You will not be charged a monthly fee.

They are therefore similar to CJDropshipping or Eprolo, which are free suppliers.

Virtual Warehousing

WIIO has warehouses specifically designed to hold your inventory.

WIIO will fulfill your orders for you by ordering in bulk.

You can still dropship, but you also have your stock, and you reap the rewards of that.

There are many benefits to buying bulk:

  • You can make higher profit margins when products are cheaper because they’re sold at dirt-cheap wholesale rates
  • Drop shippers cannot sell your inventory so you can manage it yourself and ensure that your stock is always full.

WIIO Dropshipping offers dropshipping from warehouses in China, the US and Canada.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

Sourcing Requests

You need to sell a product, but it isn’t listed in WIIO’s catalog.

WIIO will source it.

At least that’s what their homepage says.

I don’t have any experience with product sourcing requests. They also don’t appear to have a tab for sourcing requests in their dashboard.

Based on my experience with other suppliers, I believe that they will source the product for you if they feel it is good enough.

But don’t believe me.

Order with Paypal

WIIO lets you pay with PayPal to place your orders.

This is great as it means that you will be covered by PayPal Buyer Protection.

Dropshipping can be both a blessing as well as a curse.

Excellent for buyers, but terrible for sellers.

This means that PayPal will pay you if WIIO tries obstruct you.

Better Pricing Than AliExpress

WIIO claims that WIIO offers better pricing than AliExpress.

AliExpres is proud to make this claim. Most products are significantly cheaper than on AliExpres.

They do charge a lot of shipping fees (almost always more than $7), which can cause products to be slightly cheaper or slightly more expensive than AliExpress.

Custom Product Photos & Videos

WIIO offers a similar service to CJDropshipping. You can request product photos and videos.

This add-on is great because you don’t need to take the shots yourself and it will produce professional footage.

You will need to request a quote for product photos and videos.

Custom Packaging And Thank-You Cards

You can request custom packaging with your logo for an additional charge

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

You can even get customized labels and include thank you cards in your packages.

WIIO Review — Dashboard and UI

WIIO makes it easy to create a free account. Simply sign up on their website and complete the basic information.

The Shopify app can be installed to link your store to WIIO.

You can also install the WIIO plugin for WordPress if WooCommerce is installed.

Layout-wise, the dasboard functions and looks similar to other dropshipping apps like Oberlo and Zendrop.

You can see your sales statistics in a simple graph on the dashboard homepage.

You can access features like:

  • Products: WIIO product catalogue, AliExpress imports, Your products
  • Orders: This is where you place your orders
  • Shopify/WooCommerce Stores: Here you can link your Shopify/WooCommerce shop
  • Support Tickets
  • Employee and Virtual Assistant account management

Overall, the dashboard is simple to use and clean.

Migration from another platform is easy and users should not have any problems using the WIIO dashboard.

WIIO Review — Order Fulfillment & Shipping

WIIO is a great example of this.

We shift from AliExpress dropshipping services to services like these for one reason: faster fulfillment.

WIIO uses a line delivery method that has an estimated delivery time of 8-16 days.

They also advertise a Fast WIIO Private Line with delivery times of 5-10 Days.

They also offer basic lines like epPacket and China Post, DHL and e-EMS.

Their’special line’ appears to be the same as CJPacket’s CJDropshipping, which promises delivery within 7-17 days.

We know from experience that these’special lines are’ quite fast, but they can be affected by busy seasons like the coronavirus pandemic or holiday seasons.

Shipping is a different matter than CJDropshipping’s CJPacket. WIIO charges a lot more.

WIIO charges around $7 for delivery. This is a large amount of money to pay for shipping. It makes no sense that they charge this much when there are so many other options.

The high shipping costs will reduce profit margins and make Facebook Advertising difficult.

It makes me feel that they are taking advantage dropshippers who want faster shipping.

WIIO Review – Product Pricing and Availability

How does their product compare to AliExpress pricing?

They claim to be less expensive than AliExpress, but are they really?

Let’s compare.

Coverless Twist Cup

AliExpress: $11.85 + $1.84 Shipping. $13.69 total.

WIIO: $6.93 + $6.41 Shipping. $13.34 total.

Automatic Induction Disinfection Sprayer

AliExpress $12.52 + free shipping $12.52 total.

WIIO $6.65 + $7.16 shipping $13.81 total.

Resitance Band Door Anchor

AliExpress: $0.99 + 2.99 Shipping $3.47 total.

WIIO: $0.66 + $4.77 shipping. $4.77 total.

This pricing comparison shows that WIIO charges less than AliExpress, but they charge a lot more for shipping.

AliExpress prices most products at the same level as AliExpress, if you add shipping costs.

WIIO products may be slightly less expensive than others.

WIIO offers faster shipping so they should be credited. This pricing comparison also proves that they are an excellent alternative to AliExpress.

They do however make me uncomfortable with the price of their products.

They seem to be trying to mislead dropshippers.

Although they advertise their products as being cheaper than AliExpress, the reason they are so cheap is that they charge a lot for shipping.

WIIO Review – Return Policy

WIIO offers a very basic return policy.

This looks very plain, as you can see.

Orders can be cancelled before they are shipped.

You can return your order within 14 days of delivery provided that the products are in their original condition and in the same packaging.

WIIO vs Competitors

WIIO vs CJDropshipping

CJDropshipping and WIIO are very similar, as I have mentioned several times in this WIIO review.

Both warehouses are their own and both appear to use their own shipping lines. They also have their own dashboards and don’t charge any monthly fees.

WIIO currently has three warehouses in China and one in the USA.

CJDropshipping also has warehouses in China and Thailand.

WIIO vs CJDropshipping – Product pricing and availability

It was difficult to find products on CJDropshipping and WIIO.

CJDropshipping seems to have popular winning products about 90% of all the time.

This is about 30% more than what WIIO allows.

These are some searches that support my claims.

CJdropshipping has 85 products for lumbar support, while WIIO has 2.

CJ has 1771 results for the search term “sleep”, while WIIO shows 197.

I was able to find 2934 products on CJ, and 939 on WIIO for the search term “fitness”.

This list could go on.

WIIO is still a young company so I believe they have a lot of work ahead of them in terms product availability. They are certainly lacking in this area compared to CJDropshipping.

You can request sourcing, but you can also do it on CJdropshipping.

Warm Fur leggings

CJDropshipping: $1.90 + $6.08 Shipping $7.98 total.

WIIO: $1.81 + $6.56 Shipping $8.37 total.

Foam Roller

CJDropshipping: $3.60 + $9.87 Shipping $13.47 total.

WIIO: $3.47 + $11.84 Shipping $15.31 total.

Yoga mat

CJDropshipping: $4.81 + $18.80 Shipping $23.61 total.

WIIO: $4.57 + $21.28 Shipping $25.85 total.

CJdropshipping seems to offer better pricing for most products.

CJdropshipping is a clear winner in this area due to its wider product range.

CJDropshipping vs WIIO

Both WIIO as well as CJ promise comparable delivery speeds.

CJ uses CJpacket, which estimates delivery within 7-17 days.

WIIO uses a line that estimates delivery time of 8-16 days.

CJ also has warehouses in other countries, which can lead to better delivery estimates for countries like Australia.

However, they deliver in a similar timeframe and are faster than most AliExpress deliveries.

What was the best?

WIIO was a great service. I was pleasantly surprised at all the options for fast shipping: DHL and USPS. These options are not usually available through AliExpress suppliers. WIIO’s “special line” promised delivery in 7-14 days. They don’t indicate if these are business days or normal days. WIIO’s “special line” was quite expensive at $3-4 USD. However, I am willing to pay a little more to ensure good customer feedback scores. I didn’t mind.

Was it not so great?

Gradually, I noticed that AliExpress Standard Shipping was often better than special line delivery. Delivery was still slow and tracking numbers were not uploaded quickly. WIIO had promised to stock my product but they didn’t, at least not in my case. WIIO purchased the product from AliExpress suppliers and then waited to receive it. This led to poor delivery times which negated the original purpose of WIIO.

WIIO was also mishandling my orders too often, which was another issue that I had to face. WIIO changed my product’s packaging and case without my consent. It also replaced the Chinese characters and color on it with another. My customers sometimes received products that I wasn’t selling. All of this led to extreme dissatisfaction among my customers, chargebacks, and allegations of fraud.


Is it worth dripshipping WIIO?

Based on my experience, dropshipping with WIIO is not something I recommend. Dropshipping with WIIO will generally result in more losses than gains. It is possible that COVID caused long delivery times, which could have adversely affected special lines. However, this may not have been their fault. Even so, my business was still severely damaged by the irresponsible handling my orders.

If WIIO is not an option what can you do if you require better logistics? Here’s what I recommend. Ask your AliExpress supplier to ship your product with YunExpress or 4PX if there is a demand for it. They almost always can. While you search for an agent, this should be your temporary solution. You will find that not all agents are the same, but if you do find one you like, you’ll enjoy smooth shipping and order handling.