Wix Dropshipping Review Pros, Cons, and Pricing

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Wix is best known for its website builder. However, they also offer ecommerce store building and management. Wix also allows you to dropship products. The big question is: How good is Wix for dropshipping. This page will discuss the pros and cons to Wix dropshipping.

Dropshipping and Wix – Pros

It’s easy to create a Wix store, connect it to dropshipping apps, and then build one.

Wix is, at the time this article was written, one of the most user-friendly ecommerce platforms. It’s also easy to connect one of the dropshipping applications you can find in Wix’s App Store to your online shop.

Wix is affordable, if not even free.

Wix’s cheapest ecommerce plan costs $23. This is a very affordable Wix-plan, and Wix, according to my experience, is active in offering substantial discounts to encourage people to sign up for their platform. My experience is that Wix offers a discount of 50% on its prices. This makes Wix cheaper than many other ecommerce platforms.

Wix has a solid dropshipping app store

Wix’s app store has far fewer dropshipping applications than other ecommerce platforms. The Modalyst Spocket, Printful, and Spocket drop shipping apps you will find there are all quite good.

Modalyst was a great tool for finding suppliers and products. Modalyst made it easy to add dropshipped items to my Wix store, change their pricing, and make other changes.

Spocket is a great option for dropshippers who want to ship products to the USA and Europe in a short time frame.

Finally, Printful is a great option for dropshippers who want an easy way to do it. Printful also comes with a free service, which is clearly a great option.

Dropshipping and Wix – Cons

Wix’s platform may not be as flexible as other platforms. There seems to be a price for Wix being so simple to use. The problem is that Wix doesn’t allow you to customize your store as much as you would like. This can be a problem if you have a store in a language other than English. Wix uses automatic translations and these might not work perfectly.

Dropshipping apps are not as plentiful as other platforms. In fact, Wix’s App Store has some “quite good dropshipping” apps. The store does not have many top apps, unfortunately. You can’t use Oberlo to run your store. Wix is also not available in the store.

Wix is not well-known for its dropshipping capabilities. If you search for Shopify content, you’ll find an almost endless number of videos and guides that will help your dropshipping business succeed. Wix is not well-documented for dropshipping. This is a problem that can be especially problematic if dropshipping is new to you.

Is Wix good for dropshipping?

It’s free to use, and there are millions of templates to choose from. Plus, Wix also offers easy customization options so you can make your site look exactly the way you want it to. And because Wix is hosted on the web, it’s always up and running. That means you can start dropshipping without any upfront costs. Here’s how it works: First, create a shop on Wix. This will be your storefront where you sell products. Next, add products to your shop. You can add products from Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, or any other online retailer. Finally, set prices for your products and start earning profits!

Even with the basic Wix plans, the ecommerce features of Wix are amazing. Wix’s editor allows you to create stunning pages using a drag-and-drop landing page builder. Zoomable images give your customers the feeling of shopping in a physical shop. This is a great way to encourage browsing.

You might want some features that are not as easily accessible with Wix ecommerce.

These are the key features offered by Wix.

Landing Page Builder

Wix’s most important feature is its ability to build beautiful websites with virtually no technical knowledge. All subscriptions include an intuitive landing page creator.

You don’t need any coding or website building skills to create a beautiful website template. No matter what tool you use, success doesn’t happen overnight. The website builders’ incredible ease can make a huge difference if you lack coding or tech skills.

You may be surprised to find that it is not difficult to create a website with little experience. A powerful landing page builder enables decent customization. It will look great on all screens.

Wix Dashboard gives you the ability to create an online store your customers love using.

Strong SEO Features

The bottom line is that Wix has a poor reputation in SEO. There are tons of Wix websites out there with poor urls and low traffic. There were some odd URLs, such as “/#!/”, that didn’t make sense and we couldn’t change.

They stopped doing that. Problem is, the URL for their blog is not fully customizable. Overall, Wix appears to be more optimistic when it comes SEO.

Wix has been improving their SEO platform since its inception years ago. The Wix Search Engine Wizis an awesome feature that helps novices implement basic SEO in their online stores. You can achieve valid SEO results with a bit of effort and essential edits on Wix.

  • Personalize your metadata and title tags
  • You can customize the slug (but not the full URL).
  • Sitemaps and indexation can be customized

From now on, I expect improved SEO performance from sites built using the new platform.

Integration of Rewards Program

Loyalty programs for customers are a great way to create loyal clients who will stick with you in good times and in bad. Reward points are a powerful way to build customer loyalty.

This is a creative way to reward clients for every purchase they make. Customers are motivated to shop more, to both use their points and to keep earning them.

Wix doesn’t offer any way for you to offer loyalty plans to your customers as part of your subscription. Smile is a third-party app that you can pay for.

The Smile app functions as a standard loyalty reward program. Customers can earn and redeem points for purchases. This is a low-key way for customers to be incentivised to spend more and stay with you over the long-term.

Wix Integration and Apps

Wix integrations and apps allow you to do many things. Integrations in Wix have improved dramatically since its first release.

Additionally, you can use a third-party integration tool, available for Wix, to add a fully functional blog that can be SEO-optimized. Check out how to use DropInBlog for Wix and learn how this blogging tool will help boost the SEO game. It’s an affordable and easy-to-use integration that will elevate your customer experience, enable more SEO features and drive traffic to your website.

Wix allows you to run an ecommerce business with real-time shipping, multiple payment options and the ability to sell digital and physical products. You may be disappointed by the integrations offered by Wix compared to other ecommerce platforms, especially Amazon.

Wix allows you to sell online

Wix is an excellent way to create an online store, and sell physical and digital products. Wix allows you to create beautiful pages that highlight your products. Wix is easy to use and attractive to brick and mortar shops who want to go online.

Wix allows you to sell from your Facebook Shop

Part of your marketing challenge is getting customers to your shop from your social media channels. An ecommerce shop is necessary to get traffic from search engines to your website and to establish legitimacy.

Facebook sales are not something you should ignore. Many small businesses find that social media is more effective than an ecommerce shop on Wix. Wix allows you to connect your Facebook page and your online inventory. This makes managing your shops easy.

Think again if you believe that selling on social media will make your business appear shady or fake. It is a grave mistake to ignore social media when selling ecommerce products. Social media is becoming more trusted and respected by people for all types of transactions. It is not a good idea to ignore it.

Google Product Data won’t integrate with Wix

Wix is not compatible with Google product categories. When you add products from an online store to a Facebook catalogue, they will not be added to Google’s product category.

This could be one reason why Wix is not a leader in SEO. You can make improvements in the future. This is a significant shortcoming in their integration for the moment.

Solid integration with eBay

Ebay has been an immensely popular channel for ecommerce ever since its inception. Many ecommerce businesses started on eBay. They won’t give up eBay sales.

Don’t be afraid to make the shift from managing sales for your ecommerce store. It is possible to connect your Wix store with an eBay shop. To integrate with your eBay shop, you will need either the business unlimited plan or the business VIP Wix premium plan.

Acceptable Payments via Paypal

Many small businesses prefer to use PayPal over opening a credit card account. Wix is fully integrated with PayPal as a payment provider. Paypal payments can be accepted, as well as debit and credit cards.

When they purchase, customers will be directed to PayPal. To make it easy for customers, you can add a PayPal button directly to your website.

Multichannel sales supported

Wix didn’t offer any support for other ecommerce platforms until recently. MultiOrders, a powerful app from Wix, has been added to allow you to connect with any sales channel you choose. MultiOrders gives you more control than was possible through Wix.

This app allows you to manage your suppliers, orders, shipping, and inventory. You will need to pay more if you want to be able to sell on multiple ecommerce platforms. It may be worth it to have an online store.

This platform automates many aspects of inventory management and order processing. You won’t oversell because all sales channels report to the same central inventory database. Automated ordering can be done for specific products to ensure that stock is always available.

You can be specific in product listings to help you keep track of all the goods in your online shop. You can also modify convenient features such as listing a different amount in your online shop than what is available in your warehouse. MultiChannel allows you to pair Etsy with FedEx and eBay.

Amazon Integration is not in-depth

Wix does not have its own integration method with Amazon. MultiOrders is a foolproof integration tool that Wix offers. MultiOrders allows you to dominate on all major platforms, including Amazon.

Amazon’s fulfillment program has made online shopping easy for thousands of people. MultiOrders is an Amazon fulfillment partner. MultiOrders will require Wix integration. BigCommerce and Shopify also have Amazon integration right out of the box.

Amazon might seem like another channel Wix can support by using MultiOrders. Amazon is not like any other ecommerce channel.

Amazon is a major player in the ecommerce industry, and integration with them may be more important than any other integrations. This is especially true for those who are already on Amazon. Amazon is the best place to start a side-hustle and make it your main hustle.

Through MultiOrders, you can connect all Amazon accounts. All inventory will automatically sync. It is easy to manage everything from one dashboard.

It is possible that your customers won’t even care if they are buying from Amazon or you. They will all go through the same checkout and fulfillment process.