Wix Editor X Review, Features, Pros, Cons, and Pricing

If you’re a Wix fan, you’re undoubtedly already aware that the company announced the launch of Editor X, a new responsive website creation platform, in February of this year (2020).

Designers and agencies alike were looking forward to Editor X. It’s a terrific platform for anyone looking to create modern website designs, thanks to its comprehensive design and layout features. This is especially true if your company prioritizes fully responsive design.

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Is Wix’s new website editor, however, equal to the task? Continue reading to learn more about Wix Editor X

Who’s Wix Editor X?

Editor X is ideally suited for web designers and agencies, as you may have guessed from the introduction. It was created specifically to eliminate the monotony of generating the same design for multiple screen sizes.

It seems to reason that what looks great on a smartphone screen might not look so great on a laptop screen. Not only that, but with Google’s mobile-first indexing, responsive design is becoming increasingly vital for search engine optimization (SEO).

This is where Editor X shines.

It has the same easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder that Wix is known for, allowing you to create completely responsive and advanced site designs without knowing CSS.

In a nutshell, Editor X is a fantastic complement for anyone who:

Experienced in the use of website builders

Knowledge of programming

This necessitates a great deal of design flexibility.

I wish to create a website from the ground up.

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After that, let’s take a deeper look at Editor X’s main features…

Key Features of Wix Editor X

The beauty of Wix Editor X is that it retains the simplicity of building a Wix site while also allowing users to create more complicated web designs without writing any CSS or HTML code.

Some of Editor X’s most prominent features are listed below:

  • A CSS grid is used to create the advanced 2D layout system.
  • Docking allows you to anchor items in a specific position regardless of the view.
  • Custom breakpoints: This allows you to tailor your designs to any viewport – The days of tailoring to the demands of old devices are long gone.
  • Stack and scale media: This functionality ensures that your website is always responsive.
  • Use this tool to produce scalable font sizes for your text.
  • Flex layout: This smart layout solution takes advantage of flexbox technology. This automatically reorganizes your online content to make it suitable for whatever device your website visitors are using.
  • Flexible canvas: This canvas has resizing handles so you and your team may examine and adjust your web design in multiple viewports.
  • Advanced sizing control: Choose whether a web design element is ‘fixed’ or ‘fluid’ here.

Website Creation with Editor X

Editor X is still in Beta status at the time of writing, so you may notice a few bugs that need to be worked out when you play about with it.

However, building your site from scratch or choosing one of Wix’s professional-looking ‘design expressions’ is entirely up to you, depending on your company’s needs. This is merely another word for “website templates.”

If you don’t have much experience with site design, we recommend choosing one of the Wix templates. It’s the most convenient approach to learning everything there is to know about Editor X. Rest confident that every Editor X template includes responsive design features such as grid, stack, and overflow.

However, you don’t have to take our word because Wix’s templates are all beautiful. Instead, you may test your ideas on desktop, tablet, and smartphone displays to better understand how they will seem to visitors. Then, when you’re completely satisfied, you can publish your design.

We’d say it’s somewhat user-friendly in terms of ‘ease of use.’ However, the more programming expertise and knowledge you have, the easier it will be. It’s easy to get started with our website-building tool. However, as you might expect, there are many editing options at your disposal, so getting to know Editor X’s full power takes some time.

Never fear if you run into any problems or have any inquiries regarding how to use Editor X. Wix’s Academy area includes many useful tutorials and guides. These resources are accessible and simple to consume, so they’re well worth your time!

It’s also worth noting that if you have web programming skills that you’d like to use, you may use ‘Wix Corvid’ to switch to Wix’s ‘Developer Mode.’ You can use this to customize Wix code, link APIs, and leverage other programming tools.

Editor X is compatible with Wix’s freemium program and any of its subscription options (more on those in a sec). To use Wix’s Editor X, sign in to your Wix.com account and select Editor X from the drop-down menu.

A Wix Editor X Review: Its Pros and Cons

If you’re on the fence about Wix Editor X, here’s a quick review of its primary benefits and drawbacks to help you determine if it’s appropriate for you:

The Pros:

It’s quite adaptable. So, you may feel assured that your vision will be realized. You can change elements to make them seem exactly how you want them to and choose whether they are ‘fixed’ or ‘fluid.’ You have an option. Compared to the regular Wix website builder, Editor X’s flexible grids allow for more customization of the web page layout. On top of that, you can use Wix’s media library to insert vector art visuals. You’ll find many symbols and video animations to help your site become more interactive. These are just a few ways Editor X may be customized… However, you get the idea!

If you require a fully responsive site design, this platform is ideal.

Like Wix’s ordinary editor, Editor X has access to the Wix app store, which has a plethora of useful plugins. These are easy approaches to improving your website’s general functionality.

Before going live, you can easily preview your designs across all device sizes.

Many powerful SEO tools are available to you. Meta descriptions and URLs, for example, are simple to change.

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The website templates from Editor X are clean, smart, and very professional.

A plugin can be used to add a blog to your website. This is quite simple to set up and has robust blogging capabilities, including categories, a comments section, and the ability to schedule articles.

Wix has good analytics and reporting tools, and you can link them with Google Analytics (only with a premium plan)

Wix keeps track of every change you make to your website so that you can see the entire version history. As a result, you have the option of reverting to an earlier version of your site. You may also restore it to its most recent version in an emergency, ensuring that you never lose your important work!

The Cons:

It’s currently in beta, so it’s far from ideal.

Because there is no method to incorporate ad code snippets, this isn’t the platform for you if you wish to monetize your website using Google AdSense.

It’s only available in English, so if you’re looking to create a bilingual website, this isn’t the best platform. Wix is, however, working on introducing more languages, so stay tuned for any updates!

Editor X does not offer a large selection of templates compared to its competitors. There were just eight at the time of writing. However, keep an eye out because Wix has vowed to release more in the future!

Editor X is best suited for advanced users, as we’ve already mentioned, so this isn’t the website builder for you if you’re new to web design.

You can’t switch back and forth between Wix’s regular editor and Editor X. This implies that you must decide which editor you want to use right away before you start developing your website.

Some users have complained that Wix’s customer service might be better.

Wix Editor X Review: How Much Does It Cost?

Costs are generally a major consideration when purchasing anything for your organization. So, if you want to use Wix’s Editor X, here’s how much you’ll have to set aside.

The Complimentary Plan

Yes, this is truly free.

Editor X’s freemium version does not require any payment. However, Wix’s advertisements appear throughout your website, and you cannot link your domain name. This strategy is ideal for getting a feel for the editor before investing your hard-earned money in one of the expensive subscriptions.

It’s not the best option for anyone looking to build a professional and trustworthy internet presence.

Domain Connection

The cheapest paid package is $5 per month. Although Wix advertising will still appear on your website, you can connect your site to your domain as the package title says.


You can connect your web domain to your website for $13 per month, just as the prior package. Furthermore, Wix’s advertising is removed from your site, and you gain access to a large amount of web space. This makes it excellent for anyone wishing to create and launch a smaller yet professional website — it’s perfect for small businesses!

You get a free domain name when you sign up for Wix’s Combo plan (during your first year). After that, depending on how many years you subscribe in one go, you’ll have to pay around $14.95 (or more). It’s also worth mentioning that Wix’s domains all support SSL certificates.


You can get more storage for $17 per month (up to 10 GB).

eCommerce & Business

As the package’s name suggests, you can use this plan to start your online store. You can start selling online for as little as $23 per month. You’ll also have access to premium Wix Hotels and Wix Bookings applications. This Wix account is the greatest in terms of business solutions of all the Wix accounts.

Our Final Thoughts on the Wix Editor X

Here are our concluding remarks to wrap off our Wix Editor X review.

Overall, if you want a website builder with many editing and customization options, this solution is great. This is especially true if you want to create completely responsive websites. If you have extensive design and programming skills, it’s ideal.

Although Wix’s Editor X is currently in the Beta stage (at the time of writing), we’re optimistic that as the application develops, Editor X will improve.

Are you thinking of using Wix Editor X? Do you believe you’ll go with Squarespace, Shopify, Weebly, WordPress, or one of their competitors? Post your results in the comments section below; we’d love to hear from you. Let’s talk soon!