WooCart WooCommerce Hosting Review and Pricing

New WooCommerce store owners have many concerns. Because most managed WordPress services run on shared hosting, this concern is legitimate. Your store will load faster if there are more users sharing the same server.

This can affect the store’s usability and sales.

If your website performance is poor, 79% of your customers will not be likely to purchase from you.

WooCart is therefore different.

WooCommerce is provided with a dedicated Google Cloud server by WooCart. It is fast and easy to use, making it ideal for both new and existing store owners.

WooCart Features

WooCommerce is a platform WooCart knows better than anyone. Its hosting platform also includes powerful features such as its Store Wizard and Lossless Staging.

Let’s find out how WooCart works, and what it can do for you.

Lossless staging

Staging allows you to continue taking orders and running your business, while you test new functions and features in your store.

Generally, the staging store replaces your live store when you publish it. You’ll lose all orders and customer data that occurred while you were staging.

WooCart’s Lossless Staging, unlike other WordPress staging environments syncs your changes from your live shop before publishing your staging store. This reduces stress and risk associated with updating WooCommerce stores. It only takes a few steps

  • WooCart allows you to create a staging shop
  • Make sure to update everything in the staging store.
  • Changes to be reviewed
  • Wait for the order and customer data to be synchronized by publishing to live

WooCart is only for WooCommerce. This means that the platform can keep track of any changes in WooCommerce. This means that you won’t need to worry about files and database changes.

Simple Troubleshooting

It can be frustrating to see error pages.

You had to do this in the past:

  • All plugins should be disabled
  • Set your theme to default mode.
  • You can enable each plugin one by one.

WooCart provides a simpler way to troubleshoot WordPress and WooCommerce issues, without the need of a developer. You can see the ID of each error and use that to identify the root cause.

You can see the exact reason for the problem by entering the error ID in the Error Logs.

WooCart’s WPCLI (a command line tool) allows you disable plugins and themes even if you are unable to log into your WooCommerce store. It can be used to disable or update faulty plugins, without you having to sign in to your WooCommerce store.

WooCart allows you to see MySQL and Webserver’s CPU, memory and other usage. An increase in server metrics could indicate that your plugins are having issues. To resolve the issue, you should check your plugin metrics.

Store Wizard

Store Wizard reduces the time and effort required to create a store in your area to three steps. It integrates WooCommerce and WordPress, and adds

  • Language packs
  • Format for localizing date and time
  • Configures the tax settings for a country
  • Currency and more

Language packs allow you to set up taxes for your country and localize currency and dates.

This feature allows you build a functional, well-designed online store with demo products. You can change the color if desired, add your logo and then start selling.

Once you have activated the wizard, you will be taken to the profiler. Here you will provide information about your store. You’ll then receive a checklist that will help you determine when your store is ready.


WooCart’s dashboard can be customized to suit each store’s needs. It gives you a 30-day sales and traffic overview. It also gives you tools that will help speed up your store-building process.

You can easily navigate between your WooCart dashboards and WordPress dashboards by clicking a button. Once you have set up your site’s nameservers with the registrar, everything else can be managed from your WooCart Account.

A GDRP-compliant website, free SSL and daily backups are included. WooCart’s also offers a no hack guarantee.

WooCommerce: CBD Hosting

WooCart offers a friendly, CBD-store-friendly hosting service. Your store must be located in the USA, where CBD (cannabidiol), and other hemp-derived products can be listed and sold. Shipping is limited to the US if the state or local laws allow it.

Your certificate of analysis must be posted on your WooCart website in order to use WooCart CBD. Your Store’s telephone number, email address, and address must be included on your contact page.

It is not possible to sell products that have therapeutic or other health benefits. Don’t mislead the public into believing that these products are a substitute for medicine. The store owner is responsible for complying with all applicable laws, regulations, and requirements.

A disclaimer must be added to the footer of your shop as users should not be under 18 years old. You must also advise customers to consult their doctor before taking CBD supplements.

Free transfers

WooCart allows unlimited transfers from your old host, regardless of what plan you are on. Transfers don’t need to be made on a specific plan. So that you can sell as soon as possible after you have finished testing everything out, you can finish the transfer during your free trial.

WooCart Support

WooCart provides instant answers to any questions users may have. You can search for the answer you are looking for in the search box. Scroll down to find the answer you are looking for, and click “Get in touch” next to “Answer”.

Both “Get in Touch” or “Ask” take you to the same place. When you are prompted, choose the conversation channel that you would like to use.

You can choose to send an email by entering your question or request, and then clicking “Send a Message.” Wait for a few hours.

If you decide to chat, however, a bot will initiate the chat and transfer you to a human agent shortly enough.

WooCart quickly responds to your questions and resolves them so that you don’t need to wait too long for answers.

Our support team is here to help:

  • Quick solutions for when your store closes
  • If your store checkout isn’t working, perform diagnostics
  • If your store is unable to accept orders, you can fix it
  • Use the right tools to better understand WooCommerce
  • Assist with overall maintenance when necessary

WooCart has a network of trusted partners that can help you with non-critical issues. These partners can help improve your site’s speed, resolve theme-related problems, or help with plugins.

WooCart can run a page speed audit to determine if your site is slow. You’ll receive a detailed report detailing the problems and possible solutions.

Performance Hosting

WooCart will make your store run on Google Compute Engine. This is the same solution Google uses to power its services.

Caching is also used by the platform, which allows visitors to access pre-saved website information. You’ll see a significant increase in your store’s performance as well as conversion rate if there’s less load time.

WooCart’s plugin metrics shows the list and memory usage as well as load time. You can then identify the plugins slowing down your store’s performance and suggest better options.

It compresses and stores your images in WebP format so that they can be optimized for the customer’s screen size. The Content Delivery Network (CDN), further speeds up the loading of your images.

How to use WooCart

Woocart.com is where you can get started. Scroll down until you see “Get Started Now”, then click the button. You will be taken to Pricing. Scroll down and click on “Start a Free Trial”.

A pop-up will appear asking you to buy WooCart Subscription. After a week, you’ll start paying $9.00.

Enter your email address, and select your preferred language from 13 available language options. Click “Continue”

Afterwards, click “Login” in the upper right corner of your screen to log into your WooCart account.

After your login has been successful, you will see the dashboard overview. You will quickly notice:

  • The condition of your store
  • How many errors have you made?
  • Versions of your WordPress, WooCommerce, WordPress Theme, WooCommerce and Plugins
  • Login to your online store
  • Staging
  • Visits
  • Orders
  • Sales

The left navigation also shows tools that are applicable to your Store, WordPress and other advanced tools.

Fast Access to Online Store

Click “Log In to Store” to access your online store from your dashboard.

This will take to you to your live shop dashboard.

The welcome message that appears on your store dashboard can be used as a checklist to help you determine when your store is completed.

The dashboard displays your products, customers, orders, content posts, pages, users, WooCommerce status and reviews. WooCart recommends you update your staging site as you receive orders from customers.


Click “Create Staging” in your WooCart dashboard to create staging.

A pop-up will inform you that staging won’t impact your existing store. To create a new stage store, the process will use your existing store backup.

To confirm, click “Create Stage” in the pop-up

Follow the prompts for complete instructions.

Check out

During your trial phase, customers can visit your store and make purchases. You will see the product on your customs’ side, even though no one will ship it to you.

Let’s say you add four products into your cart and then click “View Basket”

The images of all products purchased will be displayed in your basket. You will also see the total cost including the VAT.

Click “Proceed for checkout”.

You will be taken to the checkout page where you can complete your billing details.

WooCart Pricing

WooCart has eight price plans. All have a 30-day guarantee. All price plans share the following common features:

  • Google Cloud Engine Google
  • Premium CDN
  • Auto Image Optimization
  • SSL Free
  • Unlimited SendGrid Emails
  • Store Wizard
  • DNS Hosting
  • Plugin and Page Metrics
  • Error Logs and Traffic Logs

Try it Free of Charge

If you aren’t sure what plan you want, or just want the opportunity to try the platform, the free trial is available. You can upgrade at any time. Nevertheless, the Development plan offers a free trial so you can continue to use it until you make your decision.

You’ll pay $9 per Month after the first seven days.

The Cart Plan

This plan is $29/month with additional offers:

  • Dedicated Server
  • One store approximately
  • 5,000 Visitors
  • Premium CDN
  • Store Wizard
  • Backups daily
  • No staging
  • 5GB disk space

The Shop Plan

The Shop plan is $49/month and includes all of the features found in the Cart plan. This plan can accommodate approximately 50,000 visitors and has 20 GB of disk space. The plan also includes staging.

The Market Plan

This WooCart deal is the best. $99/month The market plan includes all the features of Shop but doubles the disc space and visitors.

The Mall Plan

The Mall plan is $199 a month and includes all of the features of Market plan. It allows 150,000 visitors, and has a disk space limit of 60 GB.

The Supermall Plan

The Supermall is $279 a month and offers all the Mall plans and more. It can also accommodate 300,00 visitors and has 80 GB of disk space.

Enterprise Pricing Plans

An Enterprise plan is required if your store receives more than 300,000.00 visits per month. To get more information, contact Sales.

The Enterprise plan can be sub-divided into 3 to accommodate a variety of store sizes.

The Enterprise 1 plan

The “Enterprise 1” plan costs $379 per month. However, you will need to contact support to find out how many visitors it can accommodate.

Enterprise 2 Plan

$499/month The “Enterprise 2” plan includes all the features of the “Enterprise 1”, but with 10 GB more disk space, more CPU power, and Redis Cache.

Enterprise 3 Plan

This plan is different from the Enterprise 2 plan in that it has an additional 10GB SSD storage and 2GB memory, as well as extra CPU power.

WooCart Pros

  • WooCart offers a variety of plans to fit your business and goals
  • This platform offers tools and services that are exclusively focused on WooCommerce.
  • Your store can be built faster than regular WordPress hosting
  • WooCart allows you to personalize your store however you like
  • You are in complete control of your shop and can transfer it to any WordPress hosting company you choose
  • It offers a variety of support options, and the support response time is quick.
  • You can be sure that your business won’t be affected by the introduction or testing of new features and ideas through lossless staging
  • Local commerce supported
  • You can choose from multiple time zones, currencies, and languages
  • Multiple shipping options available

WooCart’s Cons

The free trial does not allow you to fully explore the platform. However, certain activities may prompt you upgrade your plan. You can’t create staging if you store is still a subdomain of the. mywoocart.comdomain. WooCart will prompt you to upgrade your plan.



The platform features many tools to help you get your store up in no time. Lossless staging allows you to update your store without losing customers or orders.

It’s a five-star hotel, so I’m giving it a five.


WooCart is simple to set up and use. The free version has limitations that make it difficult to set up the store before purchasing a plan.

For that reason, I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Support and customer service

Your support team can respond to any issue that could threaten your store’s order. There is a team that can respond to technical issues, and partners who can respond to non-critical problems.

WooCart gets five stars out of 5 for customer service and support.


WooCart’s payment plans are flexible. The platform is free for seven days. You can still explore the platform for seven days without any cost, provided you don’t choose a plan.

WooCart will be rated 5-stars for payment.