WP Event Manager Plugin Review, Features, and Pricing

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What is the most efficient method for selling event tickets?

Early bird discounts are available.

Yes, 51.3 per cent of event organizers claimed that offering early bird discounts was the most effective way to sell tickets. Other successful strategies include:

  • 24.4 per cent discount codes
  • 13.5 per cent for group bookings
  • 10.8 per cent offer referral codes

Have you picked up on anything?

It’s as follows:

None of those event promotion strategies will work without an event management solution. It’ll be a disaster.

WP Event Manager comes into play here.

This application provides a dashboard that allows you to design, administer, and change events on your WordPress website without writing code. It provides

  • Ticketing,
  • Calendar,
  • Google Maps,
  • Zoom,
  • Attendee Information

As well as additional tools to make event planning a snap.

This feature-rich plugin also includes lessons and instructions to assist users in getting the most out of it.

What is WP event Manager?

WP Event Manager is a WordPress plugin for creating and managing event listings on your website. You can also invite other registered users to post their events on your site, enabling collaboration.

The plugin has a dashboard where you can organize, administer, and promote events in addition to displaying them.

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WP Event Manager Pros and Cons


  • It allows users to submit listings from the backend and the frontend.
  • It works with almost all devices and add-ons.
  • The initial template is not changed by customization.
  • It’s search engine optimized.


  • Certain functionalities of the plugin require paid add-ons.

WP Event Manager Plugin Features

WP Event Manager is packed with features, including:

  • You can change your listing without code using the field editor.
  • You can enhance the plugin’s fundamental features and functions by customizing it.
  • It’s search engine optimized.
  • WP Event Manager is fully responsive on all platforms.
  • Thanks to the plugin’s various views feature, you can view event listings in a box or a list format.
  • Users can preview events before they go live, allowing them to make rapid changes.
  • It organizes events into categories and event types so that visitors can quickly find them.
  • The plugin has a dashboard that allows users to view many events simultaneously.
  • Users can choose from various choices and settings to help them construct a visually appealing event management platform.
  • The event widgets provide customizable chronological and organized details.
  • Users may manage many events, organizers, and locations with a single account.
  • You can use the plugin to customize templates without changing the original.
  • It offers multilingual translation services so that users can reach out to more people. A third-party translation plugin is also an option.
  • The plugin works with Gutenberg and other popular third-party page builders like Visual Composer, Elementor, and others.
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What is the Use of a WP Event Manager?

WP Event Manager features a simple user interface that requires no coding. So, regardless of their technical expertise, anyone who wants to display their events can use this plugin.

WP Event Manager is suitable for both live and virtual events.

Assume your non-profit organization is holding a benefit and wishes to notify guests. You can use the plugin to list the event’s title, duration, presenters, and any other details you’d like them to be aware of. It can also be used if you have a blog discussing other people’s events.

Others who can benefit from the plugin include:

  • Webinar hosts
  • Fitness trainers
  • Administrators of any social network
  • Concert ticket sellers and more
  • The plugin is for everyone, in a nutshell.

WP Event Manager’s Pricing

WP Event Manager is completely free. The complementary add-ons, on the other hand, have two pricing.

The first set of add-ons is priced at $19 for personal plans and $49 for developers. This group consists of

  • Bookmarks
  • Embeddable Event Widget
  • Sliders
  • Event Tags
  • Contact Organizer
  • & Google Analytics


The personal plan costs $39, while the developer plan costs $99. This group consists of:

  • Calendar
  • Google Maps
  • Registrations
  • Sell Tickets
  • Attendee Information
  • Zoom
  • WooCommerce Paid Listings
  • Recurring Events
  • Alerts
  • Colours
  • Event Export
  • iCal, and
  • Recaptcha by Google
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Bundle Packages

All of the plugins mentioned above are included in the Personal Bundle, costing $235.

The Developer Bundle has all of the plugins in one bundle. However, it is only available to developers. At $499, they can utilize a single licence key for five different domains.

WP Event Manager Migration

WP Event Manager Migration makes it easier to import events, organizers, and venues from other platforms into WP Event Manager. It will first save the event data in CSV files to make it easier to import. However, you’ll need WP Event Manager to use it.

The core plugin for WP Event Manager is free. Nonetheless, the following add-ons will assist in increasing conversion rates.


This plugin can display an event calendar on your website that shows forthcoming events. The 31-day layout gives customers complete visibility and easy access to information about their favourite events.

A pop-up appears when they hover their cursors over any event on the calendar. The image provided by the event organizer and the event name and date will be displayed in the pop-up.

You may also use the calendar as a widget in your sidebar and footer to attract customers.

Non-programmers can use the calendar because it has a short code. It displays events in chronological order so that current, past, and future occurrences may all be seen on the same page.

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Google Maps

This add-on allows you to see all of the event locations in detail. Users may type events faster with the auto-correct tool, and filters help to streamline the search.

The event will then be projected on a map to display the exact location.

It also allows people who don’t want to travel far to find nearby events to use proximity search.

Attendees can sort by title, distance, date, or location where the event took place.


Invitees can register as attendees for your events using the registration add-on. On the dashboard, you may manage all of your registrations.

The add-on allows you to register numerous people at once. Guests can register and wait for a seat on the event manager’s waitlist.

The well-designed registration dashboard displays a summary of registration information, such as:

  • Registration status
  • Registration confirmation
  • Archived registration
  • Cancelled registration

You’ll also notice buttons for exporting and downloading CSV files.

The registration plugin creates a separate dashboard for all registered attendees. Because individuals on the waitlist require your confirmation, you have complete control over who attends the event.

The plugin will have a prominent “registered” button to help users distinguish between registered and unregistered events.

If administrators want to register their customers manually, they can use a backend registration form.

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As an administrator, you have the same rights as an event manager. You can use the backend dashboard to:

  • Confirm registration
  • Determine how many tickets an attendee purchased.
  • Send participants emails
  • Change the status of check-in and check-out.
  • As a result, you may manage events with little or no assistance.

Sell Tickets

This WooCommerce add-on integrates with over 100 secure payment channels for clients. You can arrange and track event ticket sales all in one spot.

It includes a ticket information block that includes the following information:

  • The start and end date for ticket sales
  • Model of pricing
  • The total amount of event tickets available.

It makes purchase records automatically and generates tickets with ease. The add-on emails the ticket to your customer whenever you approve the order or payment.

The tickets have clear, functional QR codes for check-in or check-out attendance using a third-party app scanner or a mobile app.

Attendee Information

The attendee information add-on collects the registration forms that attendees must complete. When registration is complete, it also notifies the organizer or administrator. It allows customers to choose whether they want to submit many users’ names or just their information on all tickets.


Organizers and hosts do not have to rely solely on the admin’s account. They can use the front to connect their Zoom account for webinars and sales meetings. The administration will not have to do anything behind the scenes because the hosts or organizers will be able to:

  • Create meetings
  • Users are added, and
  • Organize activities
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When users complete these tasks on the frontend, the backend is updated automatically.

WooCommerce Paid Listings

Subscription packages can be created using the WooCommerce paid listing plugin. It allows you to bundle multiple events into free or paid packages. The duration of the events can be used to determine the price of each bundle.

As users select their bundle, the plugin allows you to segment them.

Recurring Events

The Recurring Events add-on allows users or administrators to create multiple batches of similar events at once. The add-on automatically re-lists daily, monthly, or yearly events to save you time. Additionally, your dashboard allows you to manage all recurring occurrences.

The dashboard displays:

  • Event Name
  • Event ID
  • Recurring type
  • Date of Start
  • The deadline, and
  • Action
  • Alerts

Create customized alerts for your clients with this add-on. It includes a form for your users to complete and select how frequently they want to be reminded. They have complete control over their categories, tags, desired keywords, and other options.


The Email add-on sends organizers alerts when an event is:

  • Submitted
  • Accepted, and
  • Expires

Although WordPress‘ admin panel has an email notification feature, customizing it will take hours of code. Send bespoke emails to users who accomplish any behaviours above using this add-on.

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Visitors can save their events by clicking the bookmark button on the event page if you have this add-on installed on your site. Users who can personalize their bookmarks save time and visit your website more frequently. Registered users can add notes to their bookmarks on the event page and return to them as frequently as possible.

It also has a dashboard for managing all of the user’s bookmarks. Users can view, take notes, and remove events.

Embeddable Event Widget

You can use the embeddable Event Widget to display event listings from other websites on your site. It creates a sophisticated code from the data it collects. The widget can be customized and placed anywhere on your website.

You must include the following in your embeddable widget:

  • Location
  • Pagination
  • A particular keyword
  • Show the count
  • Categories
  • Type of event, and
  • Categories


To draw attention to your event listing, you can use this add-on to customize the colours for different categories and event types.


The add-on may build a shortcode from a brief description of the event, its organizers, the time, and the kind. To create the slider for your event, you have to utilize the shortcode.

By being responsive across all devices, the slider removes any compatibility difficulties.

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Event Tags

This add-on helps event organizers to tag their events with relevant keywords to improve their search engine visibility. It adds a field to your submission form where you can add tags that define the event.

Unlike categories, you can use as many keywords to describe our event to your consumers. You may also use tags as filters to assist your users in finding what they’re looking for faster.

Contact Organizer

Users can contact the event organizers using this add-form. Users will fill-up the form with pertinent information that will assist them in providing a decent answer. An automated email is sent to the organizer when they submit the request.

Export Events

The Export Events add-on is a CSV exporter that allows you to back up your events. The backend and front end of the “All Events” page appear as a “Download Events CSV” button.

You have two choices for downloading your events. You can download all of the information by default, but the custom option allows you only to get specified facts.


The iCal plugin for WP Event Manager allows you to add events from your website to Google Calendars and other calendars. It creates an ICS file from a list of events. As a result, the plugin allows Google Calendar to notify your users of upcoming events.

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Google Re-captcha

This plugin improves the security of your website by preventing spam submissions and comments.

Google Analytics

This add-on embeds Google Analytics code into your website, allowing you to track how your events are progressing. It also demonstrates how successfully your website’s visitors interact with it. To get the code, you must first have a Google Analytics account.

When you obtain your Google Analytics code, paste it into the Google Analytics tab of your admin panel.

WP Event Manager Review: Customer Support

You can use the help centre to look for articles or file a ticket with the specific information you need.

The support centre includes FAQs, a knowledge base, and video lessons to assist you with your search. You can submit a ticket if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Before submitting your request, you must complete all fields.

How to Get WP Event Manager

Go to the WP Event Manager website to get started. Click “Get It Free Now” or “Get Started” to get started.

The first will direct you to WordPress.Org, where you can get the plugin.

The first will take you to the product page for WP Event Manager, where you can download it.

Wrap Up

WP Event Manager is one of the most user-friendly WordPress event management plugins. It’s simple and allows you to edit your event listings without knowing how to code.

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This plugin will come in handy if you hold meetings, training sessions, live webinars, or other activities where your clients must gather at a specified time.