Yakit Landed Cost for Shipping Shopify APP Review

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Innovative platform to simplify eCommerce delivery Yakit is an easy-to-use platform for international shipping, focusing on eCommerce. We offer courier services at low postal costs to customers and give merchants the tools they need to access global markets. Yakit is different International customers pay much more for delivery than they should.

They don’t know where their packages are or when they will arrive. And they don’t know how much they will have to pay. Delivery is easy, efficient, and transparent with Yakit’s data-driven Virtual Delivery Network app. Yakit automatically creates routes and tracks for every package. Yakit delivers a superior experience for merchants so they can focus on their core business strategy.

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Show your customers the landed price in the shopping cart. You can set up free shipping rules by carrier or country. Conversion analytics is a great way to understand your customers. Calculation of worldwide tax and duties. Address correction, paperless transactions and seamless end-to–end Tracking & Monitoring. You can track your package at any stage, in real time. We are available 24/7 to assist you. Shipping internationally is just as easy as domestic.

We are the most reliable and user-friendly data-driven logistics platform in the entire world. We manage all shipping partners and B2C logistics services for buyers, sellers, and merchants. Your Yakit Hub Partner will handle your shipments via Yakit Logistics Network. Shippers with large volumes may prefer to ship directly through Yakit Logistics Network. Contact us to see if your volumes qualify. Shipping is easy with us. Download our app now and get started saving immediately.

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Conversions are boosted by land cost

Profits are protected by accurate shipping costs that take into account dimension. Buyers are assured of payment and cart conversions are increased by avoiding taxes and duties.

Shipping is free

To increase conversions, set up free shipping. You can see weekly statistics about how well your promotion of free shipping has performed.

Increase Average Order Value

Your Average Order Value will increase with a reduced landed cost and a free shipping promotion that has thresholds for each country.

Easy installation

  • Install the Shopify App
  • Register on the landing page and enter your DHL Express account number
  • Shopify should have “Carrier Services” turned on.
  • Shipping Quotes will be displayed in your cart along with applicable duties and taxes.

App uses your DHL Express account

  • You must have a DDP account
  • App displays your rates. You can markup/markdown shipping and even set up “free” shipping
  • Multi-currency supported

In your shopping cart, show the “Quotes” for exact landed costs

  • App continuously learns about your products, so no need to pre-learn
  • Exact duties and taxes for more than 200 countries, including MFN and tariffs

Print labels and ship optionally

  • App generates DDP/PLT labels and pushes exact data including HS codes and commercial invoices into DHL.
  • All data electronically pushed into DHL – Single label for all countries
  • You can also use your shipping tool, just use the App to Quotes.
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Weekly analytics

  • Your PnL is how much you have collected and what you paid DHL. This allows you to manage your shipping and taxes.
  • Conversion rates for carts by country
  • Average order value per country – try Free shipping with thresholds to zoom.

Boost Conversions & LTV

  • In the shopping cart, show your customers the landed cost
  • Get shipping rules set up by country and carrier
  • To understand your customers, use conversion analytics

Superior Technology

  • Calculation of worldwide duty and tax
  • Correction of address
  • Transactions without paper
  • End to end seamless Tracking & Monitoring

Management & Analytics

  • Analyses of shopping cart conversion
  • Data driven dimensions management
  • Analyze route & cost analysis
  • Carrier time to delivery analytics