Zendrop vs EPROLO Highlighted Features Comparison

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Zendrop Faster Shipping Times

AliExpress typically takes 3-7 business days to process orders that are fulfilled by suppliers. They can take up to a week for your order to be shipped. Your customers’ orders will arrive 2 to 3 weeks later if they choose to ship using ePacket standard shipping or AliExpress. This will result in unhappy customers and a lower conversion ratio for your store.

Zendrop takes away the hassles associated with long shipping times. Upgrade to the $49/month plan to get express shipping within 4-7 days. Zendrop works only with suppliers that can process orders in 24 hours or less and deliver them to customers within one week.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Being able to guarantee Zendrop’s quicker shipping times will increase your store’s conversion rates and help you build profitable dropshipping businesses. Advertise express shipping times under the product descriptions on each product page.

Zendrop Private Labeling & Custom Packaging

Private labeling and custom packaging are the best options if you want to create a brand from scratch. Zendrop lets you create custom packaging and send thank you letters. Your business will grow if you are able to customize the packaging and communicate with customers.

Private labeling is usually a costly service. Zendrop offers this service to dropshippers who have already found a product that works and are ready to scale their business. It’s not worth paying for private labeling until you have found and tested a product that will help build your business.

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Zendrop Fully Automated Dropshipping Shops

Imagine an automated dropshipping shop that you could run in your sleep. Zendrop integrates with Shopify to fully automate your shop. You can now place orders through Oberlo or AliExpress without having to manually do so. Zendrop automatically fulfills your order with their suppliers as soon as it is placed on your store.

Your Facebook advertising campaigns will be your only responsibility. Zendrop will allow you to have an automated dropshipping shop that generates $1,000 per day if the campaigns are profitable.

Zendrop Product Sourcing

You can access thousandss they have already sourced from the Zendrop dashboard. These products can be imported to your store and shipped to your customers in record time. Zendrop will source a supplier for you if you have done your own research on a product you are interested in.

It’s simple. Their 24/7 live support with US dropshipping agents will be available to you. You can send them a message and fill out the product source questionnaire. The product will be ready for upload to your store in 3 to 5 business days.

Zendrop Dropshipping Review

Zendrop is rated 5 out of 5 on a scale from 1-5. Zendrop is the best dropshipper service that Shopify offers. They are able to provide express shipping, source products and private labeling as well as build fully automated dropshipping shops.

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Zendrop offers a free trial to dropshippers who wish to test their services before they commit to a paid plan.

Do not hesitate to start your dropshipping business. This is the perfect time to launch an ecommerce store. Shopify offers a free trial for up to 90 days and very low Facebook marketing costs. Zendrop still offers their express shipping options and very competitive prices despite the fact that the virus has caused a global pandemic.

Do not waste time and create a no-cost Zendrop account now! This Zendrop dropshipping review should have given you the confidence to make money online immediately.

These screenshots are from two Facebook ads that I launched recently on April 1, and will give you more inspiration to get started. Both campaigns saw huge sales before we spent even $5. Both products are in the home-improvement niche and have a profit margin of more than $30. We had 4 additional sales the next night, after the initial insane hours.

What is EPROLO?

EPROLO offers drop shipping for free to online shops like WooCommerce and Shopify. It buys high-quality products directly from reliable suppliers in China.

EPROLO was established in Shenzhen in 2011. It has become an easy way for western retailers and distributors to source products from abroad. These products can be easily sold online without the need for stock management.

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EPROLO manages all product sourcing, shipping and tracking. It can also accommodate custom packaging to branding purposes.


Let’s start with the elephant in the corner.

Is EPROLO free?

It’s free dropshipping service. There are no subscription costsEPROLO earns its money bulk buying from Chinese suppliers. Dropshipping products from them will result in a higher price. You make a profit by charging customers a higher price, but in return, your customers will pay more. This system bridges the gap between Chinese producers and international customers.

How does EPROLO work?

EPROLO connects you to suppliers that it already has a relationship. The platform then helps you source products for sale on Amazon and eBay. You can also sell directly from your store through integrations with Shopify or WooCommerce.

EPROLO products are available in 10 main categories as well as 107 sub-categories. This includes the majority of mass-consumer products that are not branded. There are more than one million individual items to choose from. These items are sourced from trusted wholesale suppliers by EPROLO.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

When you make a sale, money only moves between your hands. You won’t be out of money. I.e. You do not have to buy bulk or risk losing your stock.

EPROLO offers quality control by checking the items upon arrival at their warehouses. It then checks your orders before shipping them out. You can also unlock additional perks such as custom tape or boxes to help you build your brand.

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Shopify and WooCommerce apps are simple to use. First, you can view dropshipping inventory and import product information to your store. You can also customize the photos and descriptions. They won’t be distinguished from any other products on your website by customers. EPROLO will then fulfill any orders placed on your behalf.

Before you provide payment details, the platform can be set up. You are paid directly by the customer. You must then pay EPROLO via PayPal or credit card .

EPROLO Features

EPROLO reviews were conducted on all key features. Let’s have a closer look.

Source Products

Browse the wholesaler categories to discover viable products even if you don’t know what product to sell. These products are stored in EPROLO’s warehouses, after they have been sourced cheaply within China.

This covers everything from electronics , to clothing . There aren’t many top-flight brands. Most items are not branded or known to western customers. However, this gives you the chance to stand out and add value with your custom branding.

Manage Inventory

You don’t have to manage any stock yourself so you don’t need to worry about inventory management . This means that there is no need to store or move things around. This will allow you to sync your Shopify and WooCommerce listings with the item that is low.

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Inventory is basically on autopilot. It is your job to choose the items that you want to sell.

EPROLO Branding

EPROLO assists dropshipping shop owners in building their brands. EPROLO offers custom packaging without a minimum order quantity. You have many options for custom tags, scotch tap, packing bags, boxes, and so forth. There are many options available for customizing tags, scotch tape, packing bags and boxes. You can also insert a Business Style Card called a “Gift card” with your advertising or branding.

Even before you achieve any sales milestones, the invoice and packing slip must be presented to your store. Customers will not see any confusing paper trails between suppliers and EPROLO as can sometimes be the case with dropshipping.

Dropshipping by EPROLO Worldwide

Your customer base is not limited by the company, so you can sell worldwide. You can choose which localized shipping method you prefer and how EPROLO shipping costs are included in the pricing of your store. It is easiest to charge customers shipping costs at the exact EPROLO price for each option.

EPROLO Express Shipping has been developed by the company. This option is available in the US, CA and AU as well as the UK, Japan, and other European countries. You could receive items from China in 5-12 days . This is the most economical option.

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EPROLO Shopify Integration

Shopify is the best ecommerce solution. Shopify allows you to connect your store with EPROLO by downloading a free app from the official Shopify app shop. It has a fantastic rating of 4.7 out 5

The one-click import process allows you to add products from both the AliExpress website and the EPROLO catalog. Editing product photos and descriptions is as easy as editing any other product on your Shopify store.

EPROLO Shopify manages stock levels in real time so that you don’t have overselling. This is based upon actual warehouse availability.

Print on Demand

EPROLO’s Print-on-Demand feature allows you to create an apparel or merchandise store. An EPROLO Print On Demand (POD), which is available in the official Shopify store, is required.

POD offers tees, bags, mugs and pillows as well as home decor items. I was surprised at the variety of products available, so it’s easy to find something that will suit your customers.

It is simple to modify product colors and sizes. You can upload images and logos and modify them to your satisfaction. You can add text to the dashboard.

To create a sales page, all you need to do is click ‘Import to Shopify.

Partner Factories in Australia and the US print the products, not just China. This means that US customers can expect a quick turnaround.

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Amazon is another dropship option for EPROLO, but it does not integrate as well with other platforms. To process orders, you will need to manually add products.

It is possible to do this by using the Shopify EPROLO app with the Shopify Amazon App.