10 Best and Free Shopify Landing Page Builder Apps

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Why Shopify page builders are necessary?

Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform for retailers, particularly those in the B2C sector. It allows you to create an online store using a variety of tools and features. Shopify does not guarantee that it will be the perfect tool to build your website from A-Z. The options for page building are limited in terms of themes and templates, and sometimes the default options can be quite restrictive.

Shopify page builders will be a useful tool that you can’t miss to improve your Shopify store’s appearance. The Shopify Page Builder app allows you to drag and drop any type of Shopify page (landing pages or homepages, product pages, story pages etc.) without needing any programming or design skills. It also offers a variety of pre-made templates that will save you time and effort. Additionally, you can use many other features to track data and convert your store pages.

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What is the best Shopify page creator?

There are many page builders for Shopify. So how do we compile this list? A Shopify page builder that is great for designing professional Shopify shops should have certain features.

  • Easy to use: You can drag and drop any page in your Shopify store with no coding or design skills.
  • Premade templates: The pre-made templates can be customized with large element libraries and should be able to accommodate a variety of industries.
  • Responsiveness.Customers don’t shop at Shopify with just their computers. Your appealing pages must also work well on other smart devices.
  • SEO-friendly This app is great for SEO factors such as title and descriptions, images, page loads, etc. to optimize Shopify Shop for higher search engine rankings.
  • Data tracking How many people have visited your website but not taken note? Third-party integrations such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel allow you to track your customer journey so that you can convert more leads into customers. ).
  • Customer Support: When an issue arises you will most likely need professional assistance. Unexpected problems can be solved with support available 24 hours a day.
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The Best Shopify Page Builders For Your Store

Tapita page Builder

Tapita Page Builder allows you to create pages for your Shopify store completely free of coding and design skills. You can drag and drop landing pages, homepages, and other pages easily using their pre-made templates and rich elements libraries. This app is completely free, but you can still access many beautiful templates that are responsive and optimized for speed.

Pages are automatically responsive on all screen sizes. However, you can personalize styles for mobile, tablet, and desktop. The saved blocks feature makes it easy to quickly build pages and get the most out of the templates. You can also customize the page with HTML/CSS/Javascript. This is a great tool for Shopify stores.

Outstanding features:

  • 40+ ready-to-use templates and still updating: Fashion, beauty, vehicle, technology, etc.
  • Optimized to speed: Lazy-loading available
  • To save time, design blocks once and reuse them later
  • You can customize styles for mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  • You can create custom HTML/CSS/Javascript to modify any layouts/elements
  • SEO-friendly: Fill your meta-title, description, and alt-tag quickly


Automizely Page Builder

Automizely Page Creator is another free app that allows you to build and customize Shopify stores.

All pages can be created from scratch, or you can modify pre-made templates. You can also edit and publish responsive pages in just 5 minutes. You can create pages from scratch or modify pre-made templates in 5 minutes. No coding or technical knowledge is required. The editor is easy to use and offers both individual blocks and flexible drag-and drop options. Their UX/UI professionals design and code Automizely templates. This app is a great option for Shopify businesses as it offers premium features like tracking key page metrics or advanced style settings.

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Rating: 4.9 (570+ reviews)

Outstanding features:

  • All types of pages can be created
  • Hundreds of pre-designed templates, designed and coded in UX/UI experts
  • Provide endless options for page design
  • You can customize the landing pages by adding text, color and font functionality.
  • Pages that feature product recommendations should be attractive
  • Analytics dashboard to monitor key page metrics: Visitors, Add to Cart percentage, Total Subscribers


PageFly PageBuilder

PageFly Landing Page Builder can be used by small and medium-sized business owners. It features a large element library, page section and a wide range of templates to suit a variety of business types.

Pagefly is a better page builder than Shopify. They offer Product/Collection Assignments that will help you build your pages in bulk. This saves you time and effort when designing your product pages. Although you can only build one page per type under the Free plan, you can still use all page builders and analytics available to help you decide whether to upgrade to a paid plan.

Rating: 4.9 (5800+ reviews)

Outstanding features:

  • A powerful and efficient element library and page sections
  • All page types can be created easily
  • You can build a storefront on a single page or in bulk
  • To create custom styling, you can use HTML/Liquid or Javascript.
  • Different content display types
  • Shopify and Online Store 2.0 are fully compatible
  • 24/7 Support
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  • No cost
  • Silver: $19/month
  • Gold: $39/month
  • Platinum: $99/month

Shogun Landing Page Builder

Shogun’s website elements library allows you to create all types of pages with easy drag and drop functionality. All plans include the best SEO features to optimize Shopify’s store for search. You also get the marketing toolkit (AB testing, discount tags and countdown timers) that will help you market your shopify store.

Shogun’s support team is truly dedicated. They take customer complaints seriously and work tirelessly to resolve them via email or phone.

Rating: 4.7 (2580+ reviews)

Outstanding features:

  • Complete website elements library
  • With 30+ templates, you can create and edit unlimited pages.
  • Develop custom elements using HTML/Liquid, CSS, JavaScript
  • Image compression and lazy loading
  • There are many marketing tools available: Email capture, testing, content, SEO and email capture
  • Support available 24/7
  • Integration partners from multiple third parties

Price: 10-day free trial

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shopify dropshipping store set up
  • Starter: $19/month
  • Build: $39/month
  • Measure: $99/month
  • Optimize: $149/month

GemPages Page Builder

The GemPages Landing Page Builder is Shogun’s choice at a very affordable price. GemPages can help you create stunning mobile-responsive pages no matter what industry you are in. With their 65+ templates and limitless elements, GemPages will make it easy to create beautiful and engaging pages. Even if you don’t have any coding skills, they offer advanced design tools that make page design much simpler.

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GemPages can also take your Shopify pages to a higher level with their integrated marketing features like SEO optimization and A/B testing.

Rating: 4.9 (2400+ reviews)

Outstanding features:

  • Customization interface that is user-friendly
  • Optimize pages to optimize SEO & Marketing
  • 50+ Pre-made Templates for Every Industry Need
  • Integrations with over 30+ third-party applications
  • There are many new features: Autosave and Versioning, Agency Mode, Password & Error404 Pages, and Autosave & versioning.

Price: 10-day free trial

  • Starter: $15/month
  • Business: $29/month
  • Advanced: $59/month

LayoutHub Easy Page Builder

LayoutHub is a page builder that makes it easy for Shopify users, even those with no design or coding experience. To build all pages for your shop, you can choose any layout or block designed by UX/UI specialists from their library. They plan to release 30-50 new designs each month to expand the options.

LayoutHub includes SEO features but you don’t have any data tracking or marketing tools. They are a lot cheaper than Shogun’s so they might be a good choice for small businesses that don’t have any coding experience.

Rating: 4.9 (1920+ reviews)

Outstanding features:

  • Many design styles supported
  • High-speed page
  • SEO
  • Compatible with all Shopify Themes & Apps
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Monthly updates of 30-50 new layouts
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  • No cost
  • Basic: $14.99/month
  • Pro: $29.99/month
  • Premium: $59.99/month

Zipify pages Builder & Editor

The Shopify Page Builder from Zipify is the most expensive app on our list. It could be that every page in the template comes from a proven campaign that has sold millions. These templates can be used to customize any page type.

Zipify app seems to be more focused on marketing than other page builders apps for Shopify. Many powerful tools are available to track and compare data and optimize SEO. You can also integrate with third-party like Google and Facebook. Zipify Pages Builder & Editor is a great match for medium-sized businesses that are looking to grow their business.

Rating: 4.7 (540+ reviews)

Outstanding features:

  • You can easily customize any type of page
  • Included are marketing tools
  • Regular updates of new templates
  • Increase SEO
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Chat support available for plus plans

Price: 14 day free trial

  • Basic: $67/month
  • Plus: $97/month

Page Studio Page Builder

Page Studio Page Builder allows you to drag and drop all blocks into any Shopify page. The app is designed for store owners who don’t have coding experience, but you can still edit the code using the advanced editor mode.

Each page is fully responsive and mobile-ready. You can even see how your shop will look after you have designed them. The Page Studio app includes SEO techniques that will help you improve your store’s rankings. Although there are no marketing tools or data tracking options, this app is a great page builder for Shopify stores.

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Rating: 4.3 (310+ reviews)

Outstanding features:

  • A powerful page builder
  • Premade layout templates in a variety of styles
  • SEO features
  • Pages that load quickly
  • Advanced editor for developers
  • All devices are 100% responsive

Price: $8.99/month. 14-day trial

Hypervisual page Builder

Hypervisual is similar to LayoutHub. It aims to simplify the Shopify page building process. Hypervisual does not offer a large number of templates. Instead, it offers all the elements you need to personalize your Shopify store.

Additional features such as data tracking and SEO are also very useful. Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel will connect your store to ensure that all page content is indexed by Google.

Rating: 4.9 (110+ reviews)

Outstanding features:

  • Embed add-to-cart forms for entire collections or products
  • Content that is SEO-friendly
  • Built-in email opt-in forms
  • Integration of Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
  • No hypervisual branding

Price: 14-day free trial

  • Merchant: $9.95/month
  • Pro: $24/month
  • Ultimate: $49/month

Buildify is the best Shopify page builder if you don’t have much time. They offer 50+ templates with attractive designs that you can choose from. These templates come with over 80 widgets. You can add, edit and delete elements as well as duplicate them without making any code changes.

Buildify offers a live preview mode that allows you to view your page before publishing. They also offer 3 image dimensions to ensure your store content looks great on all devices.

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Rating: 4.5 (70+ reviews)

Outstanding features:

  • 50+ page templates for free and 80+ widgets
  • Social media is easy to use
  • Live mode
  • Take a look at how the page looks on different devices
  • You have full access to all the source code of the site (HTML, CSS and JS).

7-day trial for no cost

  • No cost
  • Starter: $9.99/month
  • Advanced: $19.99/month
  • Unlimited: $29.99/month

Zeno Landing Page Builder

Zeno Landing Page Builder allows you to create any Shopify page by simply dragging and dropping elements from a variety of options. Zeno Landing Page Builder was created to be a simple page-builder that is easy for anyone who doesn’t know HTML. It also includes premade sections, drag and drop elements, and beautiful ready-made templates.

Shopify also offers many add-ons that can help increase sales, including currency converter, messenger chatbox, and announcement bar. This app is great for people with no programming skills and basic page building features.

Rating: 4.9 (80+ reviews)

Outstanding features:

  • Various drag & drop elements
  • Pre-made sections & templates that convert well
  • All page types can be controlled in full
  • Design responsive pages across devices
  • Unlimited page revisions

Price:10 day free trial

  • No cost
  • Starter: $19/month
  • Professional: $29/month

SectionHub OS2 Page Builder

SectionHub OS2 can also be used as a page builder for Shopify stores. With their 70+ premade sections, you can make any page from scratch. SectionHub allows you to customize your product pages and collection pages by adding many design sections such as image sliders, carousels, grids, and so on.

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Although this app does not offer any SEO or marketing features, it is a native page creator that can help you create any page you need in minutes. You can start with a free plan before you decide to upgrade to a Premium plan.

Rating: 4.4 (40+ reviews)

Outstanding features:

  • 70+ available sections across various categories
  • You can create any page you like
  • Easy to use configuration and rapid site development
  • No design or coding skills are required

Price: 10-day free trial

  • No cost
  • Premium: $19/month


There is no one app that will work for all Shopify stores. You might need to make several mistakes before you find the right one. We hope you find the right page builder for your Shopify store, whether it is completely free or paid.