10 Best Art Wholesale Suppliers and Marketing Tips

Things to remember before starting wholesale art supply business.


Obviously, Money! Money! Money is a crucial part of every industry. When starting an art supply store, it is important to determine how much money you can afford. The financial requirements will vary depending on how big the store is and what inventory they stock. This money can come from personal finances, a friend’s loan or a bank loan.

Knowledge of Art Supplies

It is important to speak to wholesale vendors as well as the general public. For the development and growth of your art supplies company, you will need to have some basic knowledge. You can also learn from books or art seminars.

Locate your Art Supplies Store.

A place that is well-visited and has high traffic is a must for wholesale art supplies. It is possible to open a wholesale art supply business near a university that has a strong fine arts program. The internet offers a great market. The internet has millions of potential customers. Online stores can be created and integrated with the best marketing tools.

Locating the right suppliers

If you are looking for wholesale suppliers for your business, then this is the right place to start. You should look for the right wholesaler and suppliers to help you start your art supply business. Wholesalers can purchase bulk art supply inventory. To select the inventory you need, order a variety of wholesale catalogs.


Promoting business is always possible through advertising. Advertising and marketing can help promote your business in the local community. You can do this by using local radio, newspapers, and magazines. Brochures can be distributed to high-traffic locations like universities and summer camps.

Let’s now focus on the top Art Supplies wholesale suppliers.

List of art supplies wholesale suppliers

Below is a listing of wholesale suppliers of art supplies.

Oriental Trading

The company was founded in 1932. Since then, Orient Trading has been a major supplier to the US of novelty and gift items. The company has grown over the years through direct marketing, catalogs and finally the internet. In 1999, the company launched its first website. It has since become an online retailer for a growing number of customers.

Orient Trading is known for its excellent customer service and wide selection of prizes. Their customers can access over 40,000 wholesale art supplies. They offer a variety of products, including sketchbooks, art pencils and a variety of paint brushes. You will find the perfect product from their current selection of wholesale art supplies.

This company offers an easy way to shop as all the supplies are organized in a way that promotes east-to-shop. Visit their website to find all the wholesale art supplies that you need.

Art Supply Warehouse

Here you’ll find everything you need, including boards, canvas, markers and cutting tools, sculpting materials, airbrushes as well as books, crafts and all other Art supplies. The Art Supply Warehouse is available to supply all your artistic supplies.

They update their catalog every week with new products so they can meet all customer needs. They are a top supplier of art supplies and have the best prices. They offer a rewards club. They are focused on customer satisfaction and provide it with efficiency and effectiveness.

Fun Express

Fun Express is a top B2B supplier of wholesale art supplies. They have more than 10,00 products. They offer a wide range of products, from popular favorites to the most recent. They are able to keep a 95% order fulfillment rate and offer the most value and variety in the industry.

This company offers a variety of products, including plastic design drops, construction papers and paper planes, a roll double-sided tape, suncatcher paint tubes assortment, white craft cups as well as fabulous foam glue and watercolor brushes.

Fun Express allows you to save time and money. They offer a variety of services, including production, distribution, and artistic design. They offer exceptional customer service and the best services.

Art Supplies Wholesale

Art supplies wholesale offers the highest quality Art supplies at an affordable price. They are one of the most trusted wholesalers in Boston of art supplies. For over 30 years, they have proudly provided affordable name-brand art supplies at a reasonable price.

You will find a variety of products that are suitable for school projects, professional work, and artistic work. They offer Elmer’s painters and archers water blocks as well as Prismacolor brushes makers, Crayola model and Conte crayons.

Online orders are guaranteed delivery within 48 hours. Rush orders can also be shipped same day if placed before noon. They ensure their customers receive their products as quickly as possible.

Art Way

Art Way is a UK supplier of art supplies. Art Way is an educational supplier of drawing materials and technical drawing equipment, as well as other creative supplies. Over 20 years, the company has been providing high-quality supplies at affordable prices.

Through their website, they supply wholesale art supplies for institutions, retailers, groups and individuals. They also have pop-up shops at colleges, universities and other locations. Artway offers up to 45% off when you purchase wholesale art materials. Additional 25% can be taken off of other brands.

An individual can order a product through their website. To order a product from their site, the individual will first need to open a wholesale account. This will allow you to take advantage of the discounts offered by the company.

Orders must be over 100 euro + VAT to be placed. There is no minimum product quality. Once you place an order, your products will be shipped. You can enjoy free shipping if you have a wholesale account within the UK.

Global Art Supplies

Global Art Supplies is a family-owned business, established in 1999. Global Art Supplies is a leader in the wholesale UK of art supplies and represents many of the most respected fine art brands around the globe. They are proud to offer the highest quality art products, carefully chosen from specialist manufacturers.

Their 22,000 square feet warehouse holds stock of products. Wiltshire, at a height of 22,000 sq. This allows retailers to receive a reliable and fast delivery service.


Jackson’s has a wide range of products for you to choose from. These products are high quality and are sourced from all over the world, large or small, because they have unique or special characteristics.

Their team includes experts who are constantly on the lookout for new products. They ensure that you get only the best products at an affordable price. They provide fast delivery anywhere in the world. They are always available to help customers when they need it.

Art Discount

Art Discounts is a distributor of top-quality art supplies. They import art supplies directly from top quality suppliers and manufacturers overseas. Free delivery is available for orders above PS45 to all UK postcodes. They supply art supplies wholesale to schools and commercial buyers.

Which is better for my wholesale art supplies business: Instagram Marketing vs Email Marketing?

Marketers promote their businesses via both Instagram and email. Both are essential and can bring you great results. Let’s not forget which one is more efficient. Email marketing is still my favorite marketing tool and one of the most effective. Email marketing has managed to attract millions of users, despite being around so long. Although it might not be as exciting as Instagram, you shouldn’t underestimate the power and potential of email. If you do so, you could be losing a lot. Here are some of the benefits of email.

* This is the best channel to retain customers.

* Email campaigns have a higher click rate than Instagram’s 50-100%.

* It is a higher percentage.

* It offers one of the highest ROIs among all digital marketing methods.

How to make an Instagram business of art supplies?

Use Hashtags

When posting your posts, a hashtag can be a valuable search tool. Use at least one hashtag. There are always hashtags (#art), that have millions of posts. This can cause your content to be lost in the timeline. Choose a hashtag with fewer posts. This will increase the chances of your content being seen.

Connect with your audience

Your chances of increasing your followers will increase if you engage with them. How can you do this? This can be achieved by commenting on other people’s posts and leaving comments. You will be able to see their posts and ask them for the same.

Convert account from personal to company

A business account has more benefits than a personal one. Business accounts give you access to analytical tools that are more valuable for your business.