10 Best Chinese Wholesale Online Websites List

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You have probably seen many chinese wholesale companies and websites. Now you want to find the best Chinese wholesale websites. To help you save time, I selected the top five China wholesale suppliers.

Let’s first consider why you would want to buy wholesale china products before we get to the 5 best. If you’re busy or rushed, skip to part 2.

Part 1 – How to import from china wholesale

Consumer Reports’ 2018 survey found that more than 60% of respondents would pay more for American-made products than Chinese. They believe that china products are still of poor quality.

However, many clothing, shoes and electronic labels can be found that say “Made in China”. According to Amazon data, 25% of Amazon’s sellers are Chinese. It is easy to buy chinese items on Amazon. These cases are quite common in many countries. Chinese ecommerce has grown rapidly and is now available in many countries.

Recent years have seen a shift in consumer taste. People used to like products that were quick and inexpensive, so the yellow and blue was their choice. People around the globe prefer yellow and red, which is fast and good.

We can therefore expect that Chinese products will be fast and cheap. However, they tend to ignore quality over the years. However, the world is changing and China’s manufacturers are changing as well.

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Why are so many Chinese sellers selling on Amazon?

Many wholesale china suppliers are looking for fast and reliable business. They have many favorable conditions to make this happen.

The complete supply chains

China is the world’s largest factory. China is home to many factories that can last longer because of their vast human resources and international business. The competition forces manufacturers to pay more attention to their products.

This is good news for both the wholesaler and consumer. It is possible to get high quality products at a much lower price in a short time. Why not reject them?

Which items would you most like to purchase from China?

Many of our daily necessities come from China, including clothing, shoes and electronics. In recent years, China has seen many innovative products emerge. Dropshipping clothing, lighting, electronics and other products from China is an option.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t buy too much inventory. To test whether the niche is well-liked by customers, you can purchase products with lower MOQS. This is why you should check the point before you decide to buy Chinese wholesale suppliers.

Part 2 – Top 5 Online Chinese Wholesale Sites


Chinabrands is a professional dropshipping & wholesale platform. It’s part of the Globalegrow Group brand, which is China’s largest cross-border ecommerce company.

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They were founded in 2007 in Shenzhen in China, which is the fastest growing city for ecommerce. Globalegrow e-Commerce was able to incorporate many quality factories and manufacturers over the years and has become one of the largest clothing and fashion distribution centers. Chinabrands.com is a global dropship distributor.

Their sales market has expanded to over 200 countries due to the growing number of offshore warehouses. The Digital Commerce report shows that they sell a variety of products to overseas customers, including apparel, fashion and consumer electronics.

The success of many English ecommerce sites like Gearbest has been a huge boost. Sammy dress has allowed them to create a new service platform. It’s Chinabrands.com. This service platform offers shoppers the best service possible. Chinabrands’ product prices are likely to be lower than any other site.

Let’s take a look at the main features after we have reviewed their basics.

Global fulfilment services

You can dropship products on many platforms because they can be linked to multiple platforms like Amazon, eBay and Shopify. The global warehouse system can be used in up to 200 countries.

Multiple orders in minutes

The integration of system allows you to upload products in bulk directly from Chinabrands. You must download the template for your selling brochure on Chinabrands.

Simple shipping

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Chinabrands simplifies the entire drop shipping process. Your Chinabrands account will access the order data of your customer when he purchases from your store. The order will then be processed by you. No matter where your customer is located, the products will be shipped to him from Chinabrands’ warehouse.


Chinabrands are primarily targeted at B2B sellers. However, with their feature of no MOQs limit and the ability to buy directly from customers, they can also be purchased. Many dropshippers and wholesalers have MOQ limits. Alibaba is one example. Their product are more likely to be purchased with higher MOQs because they only offer a platfrom.


LightIntheBox, an online retailer, integrates supply chain services from China. The company is similar to Chinabrands.com and has a variety of long-term logistics partners as well as manufacturers.

LightIntheBox was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters in Beijing. Their main products are wedding dresses, home, and 3C products. These products make a lower gross profit. Despite the high business volume, the profit margin is lower. This is the case with ordinary products in foreign trade to China.

The low manufacturing costs and the difference in price are the main reasons for its profit. Many ecommerce businesses are becoming service providers.

These are the main points:

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Dropshipping and Wholesale

Its website appears to be a B2C ecommerce site but it still supports wholesale and dropshipping. They are currently building their warehouses in America, Europe and Asia.

Large selection of products

It all depends on the large number of manufacturers. They offer full category products, including wedding dresses, and fahsion. They can help you find special party dresses.


Alibaba is a platform that allows you to trade with b2b businesses, and Aliexpress is a marketplace for global retailers. Despite having different features, Aliexpress and Alibaba are part of the same company. The Ali Group.

Alibaba.com is the most popular marketplace for large orders. Aliexpress strives to provide quality products at wholesale prices and in small quantities.

Aliexpress also offers free shipping. While we can understand that shipping costs are free, it is important to allow for a longer shipping time. Alibaba requires you to negotiate with suppliers. You must select the supplier, confirm samples and negotiate the price.

Alibaba and Aliexpress may have many shops selling the same product. You can then compare them to find the one that suits your needs. While chinabrands only sells one item, it is one product.

Made In China

These Chinese wholesale sites are a third-party platform that connects buyers and Chinese suppliers. It is similar to Alibaba but not on the same scale.

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This website has a wide range of product information, covering over 1500 types from 24 categories. The Machinery, hardware tools, auto parts, building materials and decorative materials are all prominent.

Chinese suppliers can also create their own website similar to Alibaba.com. This includes their company profile, introduction and product listings. Also, you will need to choose the supplier, confirm the samples and negotiate the price.

Global source

This is the most well-known b2b directory for foreign trade, and has been around for approximately 47 years. They started offering trade shows and the current format for directory.

Filters allow you to search for information about all sorts of factories and categories. They are similar to Alibaba in that they don’t sell products but instead they serve as a selling platform. They are well-known for their regular Hong Kong trade fairs, which allow international businesses to meet Chinese manufacturers face to face.

You should note that different suppliers have different minimum orders. You can still negotiate with suppliers. You must ensure that you have enough inventory and stable supply.

These websites are very popular. Here is a chart that shows the features of the top Chinese wholesale websites.

What is the most important thing about best chinese wholesale websites?

Importing from China wholesale is time-savings and low prices are the two most important factors.

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These 5 trusted wholesale websites offer cheap items, so there’s no difference in the products prices. The cost of sourcing low-cost items depends on the products quantity and shipping fees. You must not only record the product price but also the shipping fees, discounts and other factors that affect your final cost.

It all depends on the shipping time and processing time of the suppliers. Chinabrands is my top choice among the top five Chinese wholesale websites. They are committed to delivering efficient processing.

They can currently integrate with over 20 platforms. This allows you to sync order information with the store. They also build a global warehouse network for fast delivery.

Start by looking at these China wholesale suppliers. Keep in mind that the best supplier is the most appropriate.