LightIntheBox Dropshipping Customer Reviews, Pros, and Cons

Dropshipping market

Dropshipping is a process of fulfilling customers demand for a product directly from the manufacturer/wholesaler to the end user. Dropshippers earn more by selling products at a lower price.

This process is great because the dropshipper doesn’t have to stock inventory.

Drop shipping Lightinthebox is easy. You don’t have to worry about order fulfillment, inventory management or supplying issues. Drop shipping sites like Chinabrands or Light in the Box can help you greatly.

As soon as an order is placed, it gets routed to the manufacturer/wholesaler and once the product is ready for dispatch, the manufacturer/wholesaler directly sends it to the customer.

In recent years, the dropshipping market has seen rapid growth. Dropshippers have made China their preferred destination due to its low manufacturing costs.

According to Google research, the Southeast Asian ecommerce market will grow faster than the rest of the world and could reach US$25 billion in 2020.

What is Lightinthebox?

Lightinthebox, China’s online B2C marketplace that integrates supply chain services (internally known as L2C or LightInTheBox 2 Customers). It has its own data warehouse, long-term logistics partners, and a variety of suppliers.

Let’s now talk about Lightinthebox so you can get a better understanding of this cross-border online dropshipping business.

Next, we’ll introduce Light in the Box Dropshipping, which will be available from the product category, main company, and other aspects.

Product category

The Light in the Box Dropshipping Collection includes 14 categories, including clothing, electronics, toys, accessories and sporting goods. There are more than 60,000 types of goods.

MP3/MP4 player with accessories, wireless network equipment. Mobile/mobile phone accessories. Digital camera/digital camera. Projector. Radio equipment. Computer/computer accessories. Portable DVD players. Hard disk Players. Radio equipment. Small Sports Equipment. Wedding dresses, bridal dresses, women’s dresses. Home clothes. Textiles. Toiletries. Kitchen supplies. Pet supplies. Tools.

Main business

Lightinthebox is a collection of domestic wedding dresses, home improvements and 3C products. These products make a relatively small gross profit. Despite the high business volume, the profit margin is much lower. This is why the bulk of international trade B2C with ordinary products occurs. This is due to the low manufacturing cost and the difference in price.

Lightinthebox is primarily a collection domestic suppliers that provide an “long tail procurement model” to the international market. This website’s address is Beijing. More than one-quarter of the IP is from the United States. International design is used in the station’s style, payment and delivery processes. The site has been providing products to customers in 208 different countries since 2006.

Do I need to do droshipping with Lightinthebox

Dropshipping lightInTheBoxYou can be your own boss and run your business on your terms. Dropshippers can start their business with the inventory provided by light in the box in three easy steps.

Select the items: This is the first step to choosing the items you want to ship to your customers.

You can choose to place orders on behalf of customers as all inventory and items are listed on lightinthebox.

Please provide the shipping address– The shipping address is the second most important step.

You will get the fastest delivery and customer satisfaction if you are precise about the address of your customer.

Even better, provide the nearest landmark. It makes it easier for delivery people to locate the exact location quickly and can even speed up the delivery process.

Shipment–  After payment is cleared, the last step would be to deliver the goods on your behalf to the customer.

The box is light so that the shipment leaves their warehouse as soon as payment has been made. You don’t have to worry about availability because they have their warehouses.

Coupon for light in the Box: Light in the Box frequently releases coupons to different categories. The maximum discount used to be 80%.

Dropshipping Light in the box can help you save money on your business’s purchasing. They will update promotion information by sending you e-mails at the right time.

The company’s Lightinthebox collection was a secret crisis. First, wedding dresses are not a great product category. The repeat purchase rate for this product is low and it is easy homogenize.

Lightinthebox products have low prices as their main selling point. Lightinthebox does not have the capital to wage price wars, as compared with other domestic ecommerce platforms and trading companies. Alibaba’s AliExpress business was launched in 2010. It is an “international version” of Taobao in the usual sense. While the platform commission is 3 points, the eBay and Amazon in Lightinthebox commissions are 10 points. This puts great pressure on the Lightinthebox episode. The wedding dress category didn’t have a brand effect and there were more price-oriented customers, which had an impact on Lightinthebox’s wedding dress business.

Due to product homogenization, fierce price wars and light in the box dropshipping, it is only possible to advertise and fight traffic. This makes the marketing costs remain high and the difficulty of Google’s algorithm adjustment has only increased.

The management of Lightinthebox saw the problem with the wedding category early on. Lightinthebox began expanding its categories in 2013 to address this problem. Lanting was not able to benefit from the increased collection finance. This company is far too large in inventory units (SKUs), which has made it difficult to manage supply chains.

Lightinthebox’s pioneering role has not been able to establish any barriers in the past few years. This is what has led to its problems. Lightinthebox Group launched “Wise Lightinthebox”, a global cross-border logistics open platform, in early 2015. This was to create its own advantage. However, this logistics approach could put more pressure on capital. The layout of the platform Aliexpress and JD is all there, so the Lightinthebox Gathering doesn’t have any advantage.

Pros of Lightinthebox

Company listed: This company is listed on New York Stock Exchange. A listed company will give you an advantage and the satisfaction of knowing that it is genuine and your money are safe.

14 days Satisfaction guarantee: A unique feature of the shopper Dropshipping lightinbox You will be satisfied within 14 days.

If there are no quality issues with the product and you are unhappy with it, the company will reimburse the cost of returning the product to its warehouse. The return shipping costs will be borne by the customer.

Multiple payment methodsLight in Box Company also offers multiple payment options. There are 11 payment options available to customers.

Customers have the option to pay with Visa, MasterCard or American Express. There are many options available for payment.

Cons of lightinthebox

Warehousing: Light in the box warehouses are located in Europe and America. These warehouses can be returned to those who live in these countries. For the rest of the world, however, they will need to ship the shipment back to China. This could prove costly.

Poor delivery: According to most customer reviews, lightinthebox seems to have a major problem with delivery. Some customers complained about very late delivery, even though they paid extra for fast delivery.

Quality control: Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the products they received from lightinthebox after placing orders. Some customers had issues with color and quality.

Inapt Customer service: This is another major concern for this company. Many customers have complained that they have not been notified of the refund, the change in shipping address, and any extra delivery charges.

Chinabrands is a better choice, considering all of this. They have some missing items, but they still provide the essential requirements for running a business.

Reviews and comments about Lightinthebox

It’s well-known that Google searches are used by consumers to find information about sites before they shop at unfamiliar websites. The most important thing is the experience of other shoppers. Next, we search

However, we found the Turstpilot evaluation of Lightinthebox to be very unfriendly. Turstpilot is an online platform that focuses on consumer shopping experiences and understands real consumer shopping habits. Trustpilot allows consumers to share their shopping opinions and read them. Consumers can rate shopping websites on Turstpilot in five categories: Good, Great, Average, Poor, and Bad. Unfortunately, 78% of customers leave a negative comment about BAD. Why is this?