An Overview of Dropshipping from China to the UK

Dropshipping allows a company to buy product from a third-party manufacturer or wholesaler, and then ship it directly to customers. There is no need to manage a warehouse or handle returns or inbound investment. This allows you to open an e-commerce shop without spending millions.

Drop shipping’s most distinctive feature is the fact that you don’t need to buy a product unless payment has been received from the customer. Dropshipping is a low-maintenance business model.

The UK dropshipping market is highly competitive. There are both overstocked drop shippers as well as seasoned online shops competing for the same customer base. Here is a picture of how dropshipping works from China to the UK.

Drop shipping from China to the UK: Factors to Consider

Dropshipping from China to the UK presents the biggest problem, with delivery times of approximately 3-6 weeks. When ordering from the UK, customers will need to wait longer. The manufacturing costs are higher because the UK population is smaller than India and China. Dropshipping is relatively new in the UK, so drop shippers are not well-known. Shipping to the UK via China requires complex procedures and official gateways.

Dropship items are subject to VAT

Import custom duties and high shipping costs can make it difficult to ship products to the UK from the EU. The store’s customers will have to pay additional customs fees to receive their delivery. This can make the whole process tedious and costly. Customers are required to pay an additional fee to the Postage Company in order for import tax to be collected. You can avoid it by registering VAT in the first port of entry within the EU for your commodities. This could be done, for example, inside the UK. You are the record importer and VAT is levied at the ingress rate. Your VAT return will be able to redeem the VAT paid on import. The consumer can remit the full price and check out with VAT included.

If you sell goods outside of the EU to UK customers, this is not considered distance selling for VAT purposes. The EU does not include the Channel Islands. Your clients should be able to understand that import VAT must be remitted to the UK for commodities once they arrive in the United Kingdom. They must also pay duty.

If you are looking for drop shipping options from China to the UK, import duties and charges can be a problem.

Delivery time

Dropshipping has become a major issue over the years. Dropshipping from the UK takes longer because the UK market isn’t as developed or advanced as it is in America. Dropshipping from the USA allows customers to get their products immediately, while customers must wait to receive them. E-Packet delivery from the UK to the US takes longer than the UK (approximately 20-40 days in UK, while it arrives in the US in 12-20 days). Dropshipping from China to the UK is possible, but it takes a long time. Customers should expect slower delivery times and lower conversation rates. This time factor is not acceptable by all buyers.

Untrustworthy dropship associates

Undependable associates can cause havoc with your reputation and even lead to you being penalized on vending platforms. Drop shippers often find it frustrating when different aspects of their business are managed by someone else. Drop shippers in the UK are inconsistent and unreliable. UK is less advanced than China and USA in drop shipping, so customers have to trust that UK has reliable drop shippers. Most UK distributors do not prefer to supply only online-based businessmen. Drop shipping from China to UK requires that you only deal with trustworthy and reliable drop shippers.

Dropshipping from China to the UK: What is the process?

Manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers are the most important dropshipping supply chain managers.

Step 1 – The Customer Places an Order

Two things happen when a customer places an Order: Their payment is automatically collected and a new Order Email is generated.

Payment Capture: Many shopping carts can be used to verify that customers have cleared their payment method. The funds will be automatically transferred to the bank account if they have paid by credit card. This usually takes 2-3 business days. After placing an order, the confirmation and transfer process is completed automatically.

Email generated: After payment has been received, an order email will be generated. These new emails will automatically be forwarded to the preferred supplier so that drop shipping can be done with maximum efficiency.

Step 2 – The phone accessory channel forwards your order to its dealer

The approval process is quite simple as the phone store sends the email to the sales representative at bulk accessories. Wholesale Accessories will keep the phone outlet’s credit card in file. They will bill wholesale accessories for the bulk price. This includes shipping and processing costs.

Step 3 – Bulk accessories ferry the order

Wholesale Accessories will take the commodity out of reserve and charge Phone Outlet’s credit card. If this is the case, they will pack the order and ship it to the customer. Although the shipment is from Wholesale Accessories, Phone Outlet will see the name and address of the wholesaler and the logo on the invoice. After the consignment has been approved, Wholesale Accessories will email an invoice and a tracking number to Phone Stores.

Step 4 – The consumer receives notification from the phone stores about shipment

Once the tracking number has been received, it is transmitted to the consumer. The tracking information can be sent to the customer by phone stores or via an email that is embedded in the online outlet’s interface. The order cum fulfillment process is complete when the order has been dispatched and payment collected.

Step 5: Transit time to UK

The shipping of items via sea route can take between 28 and 35 days depending on the vessel. This is after the vessel has been lifted from its filling port. It is a good idea to keep three to four days in reserve for an emergency situation due to the late arrival of vessels.

It is possible to add an additional three to seven days delay to customs clearance and domestic procedures in the UK for your commodities to arrive in your inventory. This applies to FCL consignments and seven to ten days to LCL cargoes. Dropshipping from Chinabrands is a good option as there are not many Chinabrands warehouses in the UK. However, products can be delivered quickly.

Step 6: Calculating the landed cost of goods

Three main cost elements are required to be weighed when calculating the landed cost of goods imported from China to UK. The Tariff or Import Duty, the Value Added tax (VAT), and destination charges (Charged to the forwarder & liner for clearing & trucking) are the three main cost elements you need to weigh when calculating the landed Cost of your goods from China to the UK. This is a different method than in the US for calculating duties. The “customs duty” in the UK is levied on CIF (Cost, Insurance & Freight), value of goods, as opposed to the US, which is based on the FOB estimation of commodities.

CIF estimates include all costs associated with getting goods to their destination port, such as freight, insurance and mold charges. It excludes any charges incurred by quality-checking or sourcing firms.

Step 7 – Dropshipping fees

Many dropshipping platforms for e-commerce charge a fee to their customers. The product weight and transport allowances will determine the drop shipping fee. Drop shippers in China typically don’t charge drop shipping fees. They ensure customers get high-quality products at affordable prices.

Chinabrands is one of the most reliable platforms that doesn’t charge drop shipping or customs fees. Because they have warehouses in the UK, there are no import duties and customs duties. This means that UK consumers get the best quality product at the lowest prices.

Step 8 – Invisible dropshippers

The dropshipper role, despite its importance in product fulfillment and ordering, is completely invisible to the end user. Only Phone Outlet’s return address will be included on the shipment after it is received.

The UK’s ecommerce industry, which is valued at $150 billion, is the third-largest in the world. Dropshipping is only a part of this economy. Online sellers make up around 15% of that total. Dropshipping can be difficult because of the high cost of shipping products from outside EU to the UK. Import custom levies can also make it prohibitive. Dropship traders can lose important business opportunities, which is quite frustrating. Drop shippers in the UK are inconsistent and unreliable. Dropshipping in the UK is less advanced than that of China and USA.

Top Chinese dropshippers

Although there are many suppliers and manufacturers that dropship to the UK, the prices are hard to match.Drop shipping availableChinaUKComparitively. They are even improving their shipping strategies to offer prompt and economical shipping worldwide.


*Wholesale pricing

Chinabrands is able to leverage the global supply network of key agencies and manufacturers, which has been mastered over the years. This allows for quantitative cost savings that are comparable to other trading platforms. By transferring any cost savings to their customers, they ensure that the global customer base receives the best rebates. This maximizes the value of every customer to ensure maximum profit potential.

*Description of high quality

Chinabrands provides information about the products and high-definition images to assist clients in marketing.

*Team of professional QC experts

Chinabrands gives the highest priority to the product quality of all products, with a large portion of them being made by top brand manufacturers. Their highly skilled, professional QC technicians are extremely attentive to details and supervise, handle, and complete every step of internal quality control mechanisms and procedures. They do not compromise on quality and make sure every product is delivered in perfect condition.


AliExpress is an online platform that connects buyers around the world to small enterprises in China. Although it is often compared to Amazon and eBay, AliExpress is more like eBay in that both tradesmen and individuals can display their merchandise on the portal. Ali Express does not allow Chinese mainland buyers or non-chinese businesses to trade on its network. You will often have to rely on their reviews and store ratings as there is not much information about their stores.

DHgate works exactly as AliExpress, connecting global buyers to small- and medium-sized enterprises in China. They offer buyer protections and have an escrow system that transfers the payment from the purchaser to his vendor only after he receives the product.

China to UK VAT Tax Implications

Dropshipping is a popular service that many companies offer. These companies are located all around the globe. Dropshipping is possible in two ways. You can either buy an item from the country you wish to ship it to, or you can import the item from another country.

Keep in mind, however, that vat may apply to dropshippers based in the UK. Vat and the rates of vat can differ depending on whether there is vat to be paid. Vat could change even after Brexit is completed. However, the UK is still trying for an exit agreement with other EU countries.

Dropshipping goods from China or another country into the UK may result in import tax. Not all goods are subjected to import taxation. The import tax is usually paid by the buyer of the item. However, you can register your company as the importer. You will be responsible for the vat if you do this. However, you can claim it back at the end the tax year after you have completed your accounts. This option is preferred as it ensures that your customers will not complain about having to pay extra to get the item delivered. It is important to make sure the price your customer pays covers all costs.

A label must be attached to the package’s outside to describe what’s inside and the cost. This will determine whether or not duty is due and how much.

Importing goods from the EU to The UK

Different rates of import duty and tax apply to different countries. You will need to be familiar with the differences before you sell to customers.

What if no one pays the import tax?

Import duty means that a product will be kept until the tax is paid by the buyer or the seller.


Dropshipping is a fulfillment method that does not require the purchase of inventory or management of warehouses. Dropshipping reduces this responsibility by handing it over to wholesalers until it is delivered to the consumers’ doorsteps.

Dropshipping from China to the UK requires you to open an online store, establish a productive relationship with a wholesaler, and place ads. Dropshipping requires no additional staff nor stock piling and is therefore a very attractive financial proposition. Dropshipping is a great option for online transactions that are home-supported and can be done with very limited budgets. You also have unlimited virtual inventory access by working with, a professional dropshipper.