How Do You Know Companies That Offer DropShipping?

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Dropshipping is an ecommerce business model that relies on retail fulfillment. Manufacturers are required by retailers to make bulk purchases. They then list the items for sale and despatch them to the suppliers or manufacturers to fulfill the customer’s order.

You can partner with bulk suppliers who have their own inventory or dropship directly. This will allow you to stop stocking products. All you need is to transfer customer orders and shipping information. The wholesale supplier then ships the commodity directly. Dropshipping is a growing business. There are many American and Chinese-based companies offering drop shipping, such as Chinabrands, SaleHoo, and others.

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It can be difficult to find the right dropshipping company

It can be difficult to find legitimate drop shipping companies. If you already know the products you want to dropship, it is a good idea to get in touch with the original manufacturers to find legitimate distributors. You might not get the permission of all distributors to dropship but you will be able to receive a list with those that you need to follow up.

Finding legitimate drop shipping companies is the first problem. Before you begin looking for your ideal supplier, you must have certain documents from your side. Before they will work with you, wholesalers need proof that you are an authorized retailer and not just a consumer. This is important because legitimate dropshippers will not partner with you unless your company is legally registered and has an Employer Identification Number (EIN). This is similar to a social security number for commercial transactions.

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Second, drop shipping is a risky option as it affects your brand and reputation. If drop shipping companies are not professional or sell inferior products, this could cause damage to your reputation. You should ensure that you have tested the products and placed the samples yourself. Dropshipping companies that are legitimate and provide quality products at an affordable price should be considered.

A lack of research can be the third issue in finding legitimate dropshipping companies. Research is essential to determine if the dropshippers will cover your orders and protect you from fraud. You should actually get an inside look at the dropshipper’s policies. A Google search can help you find dropshippers who are reliable or not, but it is better to have someone else do the vetting. Directory services have a list of certified suppliers and offer benefits such as customer service and integration applications. Shopify has thousands of ecommerce portals. There are also marketplaces that offer dropship companies to allow dealers to purchase or sell stores.

The features of a great dropshipping company

Dropshipping companies should have these attributes:


Dropshippers must have a Name registration and a County license. This license is valid for an annual renewal and allows them to operate a business. City licenses allow dropshippers to transact within a city. It also allows them to be tax-paying businesses within that city.

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No outrageous per-order fee

Drop shippers charge a fee for every order. They spend extra time and resources to pack and ship the orders. This is legal. Exorbitant fees not only reduce profit margins but can also lead wholesalers to make a lot of money.

Shipping quickly

Dropshipping is a highly competitive market. This means that suppliers cannot take more than 24 hours to ship a product. Dropshipping products quickly and companies that ship fast can give you a competitive advantage for your business.

Sales representatives who are responsive and have experience

Dropshipping suppliers will always respond to your queries promptly and have the expertise to answer them. Dropshipping companies must provide prompt customer support.

Superior product

Drop shipping is a great way to increase customer satisfaction. Selling superior products has no negatives. Drop shipping can lead to lower margins. Positive product reviews and referrals will bring you more benefits.

Technology investors

As dropshipping grows, automation technology is essential. Dropshipping companies that invest in technology will have a website with complete product descriptions. An inventory data feed will automatically update product listings, giving you the option of placing orders or deleting them on the portal.

Product guarantee or warranty

Drop shipping is a great option for companies that offer excellent returns policies for any products that fail or are not up to standard. A supplier who is efficient knows how to deal with customers making mistakes, choosing the wrong product, or sending the wrong product accidentally.

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Get sound advice about your expected gross margin

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shopify dropshipping store set up

A supplier who is an expert will always give you exact market information and average profit of other sellers. In business parlance, gross margin refers to the amount of money that is earned after selling a product less the purchase price.

You can easily modify items

If you are looking to create your own unique item, a leading manufacturer can make it. To be a successful shop owner, you must keep up with the competition by upgrading the products.

BBB Rating:

The Better Business Bureau, a US non-profit organization that promotes brands and businesses and builds trust in the market, will display positive ratings for suppliers who are ethical and good.

Accept checks and credit cards.

Nearly 99% of serious manufacturers accept credit cards or cheques. These metrics are listed in the SaleHoo directory.

Three drop shipping companies

Let’s look at 3 dropshipping companies offering a wide product range, sometimes with tons of suppliers, and with automation features.

Chinabrands is a wholesale supplier that focuses on dropshipping. It has more than 60000 products. is a leading global dropshipping platform. It offers a wide range of products, including apparel, electronics, gadgets, and accessories for kids. Chinabrands offers direct access to high-demand product lines at affordable prices. Chinabrands is able to save wholesale costs compared to other platforms.

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Chinabrands is a global leader in dropshipping. They offer a wide range of affordable products and a variety of niche products that generate revenue. Because they have direct access to the market’s manufacturers, every product they offer is superior in value and available at a competitive rate. It is a worthwhile option for every drop shipper, from new online businesses to experienced shippers. Chinabrands is a valuable addition company thanks to its expanding distributor network and new product offerings.

The communication of sales orders starts the process of order processing, which includes packaging, shipment, and categorizing. This is done by Chinabrands, a wholesale dropship company. Orders are dispatched within 24 hours and products are sourced at the most competitive rates. The dropship supplier is a professional who sources the best products on the market, follows strict quality control and oversees factory production. Chinabrands is an expert in managing physical inventory, shipping inconveniences, and product information.


SaleHoo has access top brands such as Sony and Disney. Salehoo is a wholesale supplier directory service that connects dropshippers and customers. Their platform also provides a website template that allows dropshippers to create their own online shops. Salehoo has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau for their outstanding customer service. The users don’t have to struggle to cancel their subscriptions due to its efficient customer service. You can enjoy brands such as Samsung and Levi SaleHoo, which allows you to have easy access to items from over 8000 authentic suppliers.

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SaleHoo, a legitimate dropshipping company, is an online platform for selling you can use to compare suppliers and commodities. The tools allow you to search for products by type, name and associated brand.

Although the company is located in New Zealand, many suppliers in the directory are from the United States, Canada and China. SaleHoo is not a platform for product sales, but is instead a product sourcing tool for online sellers. Every supplier page contains information such as shipping deadlines, minimum orders and other statistics. You can choose to drop ship the products directly to consumers or to set up your own shipping program.

WorldWide Brands

Worldwide Brands is the largest online product sourcing directory. The growing number of dropshipping and wholesale suppliers ensures that each supplier is subject to a rigorous authentication process to verify their credibility and legitimacy. If one is able to stay in the business for a long time, their lifetime membership fee will provide the highest value in dropshipping.

This Florida Company tracks authentic wholesalers that will do business with online retailers. Worldwide Brands is the only publisher of bulk product sourcing details that are authenticated by eBay. The company claims that they can connect you with over 14 million commodities and more than 8000 manufacturers for a small fee. Once you have been granted access to their services, your options for doing business with suppliers are endless. Worldwide Brands offers support to anyone who wants to start a business, either dropshipping or wholesale.

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These dropshipping companies are a great partner for online sellers. They offer drop shipping lists and have legitimate suppliers with millions of products, particularly Chinabrands.