10 Best Cycle and Bicycle Parts Wholesale Suppliers

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Are you searching for the best wholesale distributors of bicycle parts and cycles? Check out the complete list below.

This article contains the most important tips for bicyclists to increase their sales.

Wholesale bicycle and bike parts: To sell or not? Let’s look for the answers.

What’s the future of wholesale cycle business?

The future looks bright for the cycle business. Mordor Intelligence’s 2018 research shows that the cycle business has a great future.

The reasons for this continued growth are cited

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*Body exercise has led many people to buy bicycles.

*Bicycles have many attractive features that will attract customers today.

*Many car owners will continue to choose to ride their bicycles despite the rising fuel prices.

Lucintel, a market research company, also conducted a market survey and found that global bicycle sales are expected to grow at 2.7% between 2017-2022.

More people are looking for bicycles than ever before. Google Trends real-time statistics show that the bicycle trend is at its highest point this month.

Wholesale cycle business has a bright future and it is worth investing in.

Distributors of Bicycle and Wholesale Parts


Company Name: BRD Traffic Equipment (Kunshan) Co., Ltd

Phone: +86 18626 182781

General Email: Email: sales13@boritabike.com

BRD Traffic Equipment co. has been producing and exporting electric bikes, bicycle parts, and spare parts for over 15 years. Its operating principle is “supreme client service and high quality products.”

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BRD offers OEM or ODM services to help clients meet their orders. All wholesale bicycles and parts are compliant with ROSH, EN CE, CE, and SGS national quality standards.


Name of the Company: Shanghai Forever Import and Export Co. Ltd

Phone: +86 2152626876

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Email: info@forever-bicycle.com

The company was founded in 1940 under the brand “Iron Anchor”, and has 200 employees in Shanghai China. This was in a time when there wasn’t any other bicycle manufacturer in the area. The Forever company is one of the most respected distributors of electric and bicycle bicycles.

They are experts in the manufacture of new bicycles. You can order wholesale mountain bikes, traditional bicycles or children’s bicycles.

ABC Bike

Company Name: Asia Bicycle Trading Company

Phone: 886-4-24725658

Email: abc12688@ms8.hinet.net

Asia Bicycle Trading Company was established in Taiwan 20 years ago. It is one of the few best bicycle parts wholesale manufacturing companies and distribution companies in China.

Many wholesale bike suppliers prefer it because of its design skills, high-quality products, and professional customer service. The brand GREENTECH is home to over 30 models of wholesale bikes, both traditional and modern.

Products include complete bikes, parts for bicycles, and cycling-related sporting products.

Atlas Cycles

Name of the Company: Atlas Cycles Ltd (HARYANA).

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Phone: 91.130.2200001

Email: companylaw@atlascyclesonepat.com

Atlas Cycles was established in Sonepat, India, 50 years ago. Many clients trust it for its unique designs and high-quality bikes.

Its ISO 9001 Certification is a sign of its commitment to quality standards both local and international. They can supply small and large quantities of bicycles, with a minimum production capacity of three million.

This distributor offers the greatest benefit: low prices and availability for all models of vintage and new bicycles, young and old.

TI Cycles

Name of the Company: Tube Investments of India Ltd

Phone: +91 44 42093434

Email: customercare@bsahercules.com

Tube Investments of India Ltd, which falls under the engineering section, is one of the wings of Indian Conglomerate Murugapa. It is probably the oldest Indian manufacturing company with a history of more than 118 years.

It is a global supplier of agricultural products, engineering and financial services. 28 large investments are made by the INR 369 Murugapa Group, which is spread throughout India.

TI Cycles of India was founded in 1949 as a manufacturing division for bicycles. They have more than 200 retail outlets in urban and rural areas to connect with customers.

TI Cycles manufactures a variety of bicycles including the BSA model, Hercules and Mach City models, Montro, Track & Trail, and Montro.

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Hero Cycles

Company Name: Hero Cycles Ltd

Phone: 1800 208 4376

Email (Export): ashokabrol@heromotors.com

It is the largest distributor of its own-made bicycles, under the brand “Hero Cycles”. Its markets span 70 countries across all continents. Hero Cycle products are most popular with a market network that includes 250 suppliers.

Hero Cycles was founded in 1956 as a manufacturer of bicycle components. They produce approximately 5.3 million cycles annually.

Their products are certified ISO 9001 and 14001 by their international total quality control systems. Here you will find MTB, Ebikes, city bikes and kid’s bikes.

Select My Bicycle

Company Name: Choose My Bicycle.com

Phone: +91 98402-62965

Email: support@choosemybicycle.com

This site is the one-stop shop for all wholesale bike suppliers around the globe. They are experts in the distribution and repair of complete bicycles, accessories, spares, and cycling apparel.

Choose My Bicycle began 5 years ago as an online e-commerce site. You will find the largest selection of wholesale bikes and accessories, all sourced from certified and verified manufacturers.

All Indian orders are free shipping. They are available for immediate use, or can be shipped as needed to their destinations. In the event of any defect, all orders come with a full manufacturer warranty.

Osco. Bike

Company Name: Olympic Supply Company

Phone: 800-236-8380

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Email: kyle@osco.bike

It is a family-owned company that operates an online B2B platform. Most of its clients have been with the company since 1948 when it was founded.

They conduct market research on each customer to determine which model of bicycle is most likely to sell. This helps keep their clients’ businesses selling more. There are many products that they sell, and each manufacturer has its own.

Their willing customers face the single biggest challenge: mandatory account registration. This is offset by services such as drop shipping, free delivery, and a low minimum order requirement.

Accell Group

Name of the Company: Accell North America Inc.

Phone: +1 253 395 1100

This company specializes in bicycles, their accessories, and spare parts. It has over 80 countries represented. The Accell group, a distributor and manufacturer worldwide, has a network that includes wholesale bicycle suppliers from over 18 countries.

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They can sell any amount of bicycles they want, with a capacity to sell more than 1.1 million per year.

Accell North America NLC distributes bicycle brands

* Readline Bicycles for Off-road Sports

Raleigh Electric

* Haibike best for sports

* Torker Bicycles are designed for all ages


Raleigh America Company Name

Phone: 1-800-251-8235

Email: customerservice@raleighusa-orders.com

Raleigh bicycles may not be new to you. Raleigh Company is a wholesale and manufacturing supplier of bicycles. They’ve been around for over 130 years.

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Raleigh bikes are the most well-known and popular bicycle brand in the world, which will help you increase your sales. Orders above $349 qualify for same-day shipping at no additional charge.

These are the types you can buy from Raleigh America.

* Mountain bikes

* For children:

* Electric bikes

* Recreation bikes

* Sales bikes

* For ladies, see the following:

* Urban bikes.


This B2B platform is dedicated to the distribution of wholesale bicycle parts. Madison Company was founded in 1977 as an independent bicycle shop. Later, in 2001, it became an integrated e-commerce site with thousands of bikes.

Madison Platform has over 28,000 SKUs sourced from the finest manufacturers in every country. All orders are shipped within 1-2 days.

They are the UK’s largest distributors for wholesale bikes and parts/accessories of bicycles, with a supply capacity exceeding 1,100 orders.

DT Swiss, Dunlop and Maxxis are some of the top-selling brands in bicycle distribution.

Langsetty cycles

Name of the Company: Langsetty

Phone: 0114 234 8191

Email: info@langsettcycles.co.uk

Another wholesale company that specializes in bicycles, Langsetty also has over 100 years of experience in the industry. Langsetty is a wholesaler of all types and brands of bicycles, spare parts, and accessories.

Langsetty also supplies bicycles.

Many different brands of bicycles are available for sale in shops. You can find mountain bikes, leisure bikes, used bikes for hire, electric bikes, and Roadsters.

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Tips for starting a wholesale cycle company

It is essential to have a solid understanding of the trends in the wholesale bicycle industry and prior knowledge.

These are the things you need to know before starting a business selling bicycles and parts.

i. Many bicycle brands are not well-known to customers. It is a good idea to search for the most well-known brands of bicycles that have been on the market for many years.

ii. Who are your target clients? Each model is made to appeal to a particular clientele. The bicycle models that you sell in your shop must be compatible with your customers’ needs.

iii. Pricing- Bicycle manufacturers often sell their bikes at very high prices when compared to similar models, sizes and quality from other companies. Pricing can be complicated and you need to evaluate who will buy your bicycles.

iv. Season- It is crucial to determine the best time to start a bicycle business. When starting a new business, it is best to avoid December, January, February, and March.

How do I find the best wholesale cycle shop near me?

You have many options to locate the best shops near you. These are:

*Referrals – Ask other resellers in your area where they get their wholesale cycles.

*Internet Search- You can search for all shops in your area and their exact locations by using Google Maps.

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*B2B directories – All directories are intended to establish connections. They not only give the company’s profile, but also the direction.

*Visit tradeshows- This allows for one-on-one interaction with the exhibitors and is the best way to get to know their products.

I want to wholesale bikes in India. Would you be able to recommend the best wholesale bike shops or markets?

India’s bicycle industry is growing rapidly. In all major cities, there are hundreds of bicycle markets and houses. These include:

* Mastermind bikes

* Cyclocraft

* Bharat cycle Stores -Kurla

* Imperial Cycles-Mumbai

* Ambika Cycle Stores

You can also try these online wholesale markets and websites:

* Indiamart

* Milmila

* Wholesalemart

* Dhgate

Which are the best suppliers for wholesale sports brands bikes?

The popularity of sports bikes is increasing and so is their demand. These suppliers can help you order your brand-name sports bike.

i. Sportsbikeshop.UK

ii. Demon Tweeks

iii. M&P Direct

iv. Performance Bikes

What are the Best Places to Buy Wholesale Cycling Supplies?

These are the top places to sell cycling supplies. These are:

* Lotshell

* Banggood

* Chinabrands

* MXWholesale


It is very rare to find a bankrupt wholesale cycle business. It is not uncommon to see dealers and suppliers of bicycles wailing about their losses. This is a sign that the bicycle business is a lucrative niche.

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The bicycle industry is in constant evolution. Wholesale bicycle and bicycle parts wholesale businesses will thrive due to the new inventions and new e-bikes.