10 Best National Wholesale Liquidators in US and UK

Wholesale liquidators are able to offer new products at a lower price. Below is a list of 12 reliable liquidators that offer wholesale services in the UK and US. You can also see some FAQs about wholesale liquidation.

Who are Wholesale Liquidators and Why Are They Important?

Wholesale liquidators are suppliers that have many wholesale, closeout, stock, overstock, or spare goods stored in their liquidation warehouses. Wholesale liquidators often purchase directly from large retailers. These retailers will have to maintain profitability and add markups because they stock a lot of products.

Let’s first learn about wholesale liquidators.

Best National Wholesale Liquidators of the USA

1. Quicklotz.com

Quicklotz is based in Rutherfordton, Texas and operates out of two warehouses in Laredo TX and Arlington TX. Quicklotz receives a 5-star rating based on these eye-catching services:

* They have an extensive and exclusive inventory that makes merchandise affordable for small and medium-sized businesses as well as retailers who frequent their warehouses to purchase goods.

Quicklotz does not do the ordinary. Instead of doing the normal, Quicklotz uses the unique method of selling merchandise at fixed prices via truckloads or pallets.

*Quicklotz offers another advantage: all merchandise in small quantities is free shipping nationwide. Customers can pick up their order at Quicklotz’s main office or by their freight carrier.

* Quicklotz sells goods at the lowest liquidation prices. This advantage is derived from their exclusive agreements with different retailers.

* Another unique feature of Quicklotz is the ability for buyers to inspect and see the goods they are interested in before making a purchase.

2. Amlinc.com

Amlinc, a Alabama-based company, has been in operation for over two decades and is managed by American Merchandise Liquidators. They target buyers who purchase large quantities and by the truckload. Amlinc provides services that are unique to them, such as:

* They offer a wide range of products, including homewares and furniture.

*Amlinc has a reputation for financing buyers to help them run their businesses without running out of money. This is dependent on the buyer’s credit rating and they must fill out a form on Amlinc.

* Amlinc offers a high-quality e-Product Refund Policy that allows you to return merchandise purchased from large retailers.

*Amlinc does not allow buyers to place orders online, which is a departure from most other liquation companies. For all purchases, buyers must visit their warehouses or head office.

3. Bstock.com

B stock is a partner with eight of the top 10 US retail chains, and keeps the large selection of goods. Bstock, a tech-driven company with its headquarters in Redwood City (CA), is one of the most respected liquation firms in the US. They offer the following services:

*Bstock e-marketplace is largely driven by technology. It focuses primarily in supplying goods for bulk liquidated goods purchases.

* This company has an important USP. Its proprietary software allows buyers to easily track and manage their orders.

* The app allows buyers to search the marketplace for the best deals and engage Bstock customer service teams.

* With Bstock software, buyers are able to easily analyze their sales and calculate potential profits.

*Bstock has hosted over 100,000 online auctions since its inception.

* Bstock buyers have access to a complete inventory, based on their promise of a 30-80% automatic recovery rate for retail chains.

4. Viatrading.com

Via Trading, a wholesale liquidation company based in Los Angeles CA, offers the following services packages:

*Via trading targets wholesale overstock products as well as products that are frequently returned by customers.

*It is mainly focused on small business owners, including those who start flea markets. It is a major supplier to the National Flea Market Association.

* Via Trading’s unique selling point is its lack of minimum order restrictions.

*It is an online platform for buyers that answers all inventory-related questions. It allows buyers to calculate their shipping costs and potential profits.

5. Midtennwholesale.com

Are you looking for a Gallatin Tennessee reverse logistics wholesaler? Mid Tenn could be the right place for you. What makes Mid Tenn stand out in this niche? Here are some examples:

*Mid Tenn has a close relationship with retailers and offers exclusive truckloads to the market.

* They only deal in the e-mail system, which allows buyers to purchase merchandise on an e mail list basis and protects their privacy.

* The company has one of the most competitive prices among wholesale liquidators.

* They offer high-branded and labeled goods in reverse logistics.

*Mid Tenn’s Discount is often withheld from the public in order to preserve the brand integrity of the products sold.

* This discount allows buyers to save thousands on merchandise purchases

* They also sell other products like furniture, sporting goods and many more.

Enjoy the amazing Mid Tenn packages and make a date!

6. Liquidation.com

Liquidation.com is a Washington-based wholesale liquidation e-platform. They deal with over 200 countries and have a staggering 3 million+ clients. Have a look at the services they offer:

*Liquidation Services focuses on jewelry and accessories as well as fashion and fashion accessories.

* Liquidation.com is one of the top wholesale clothing liquidators within the US. They offer the most competitive rates and the best quality for their customers.

*Goods are listed on Liquidation.com and buyers are expected make their bids. There are two options for bidding: open and close. Buyers have the option to select which bids they prefer by using open bids. Closed or sealed bids do not allow this. This is not a blind decision, as it relies on luck.

Best National Wholesale Liquidators UK

1. Wholesaleclearance.co.uk

Wholesale Clearance UK is the UK’s wholesale liquidators.

Wholesaleclearance.co.uk is a Poole-based wholesale liquidator company that focuses on the supply of surplus pallets, bankrupt pallets and container offers. They offer huge wholesale products. Wholesaleclearance.co.uk is the place to go for clothing and it stands out among wholesale clothing liquidators worldwide.

Wholesaleclearance.co.uk has its target customers in market traders, discount shops, shops, car boot sellers, eBay sellers, and party plan.

* These buyers have access to attractive discounts for their shops or discount retail outlets. This allows them to save a lot on the wholesale products they purchase.

* They have access to a great selection of quality wholesale products from many reputable suppliers.

* The bulk of their goods are sourced from surplus catalog supplies, ex-chain shop goods, and bankruptcy clearances that offer exceptional value.

* Their wholesale stock includes a wide range of goods, including top-quality branded clothing and accessories as well as sunglasses and leather belts and handbags.

2. Wholesalescout.co.uk

Wholesale Scout is one the UK’s leading online wholesale liquidators and supplier directories. Are you looking to source bulk products? You’ve found the right place. They are distinguished by their services:

* Wholesale Scout has a great reputation in the industry and offers amazing discounts on large stocks of goods.

* They have more than 1000 reliable and trusted suppliers around the world and are all listed in the company’s online directory according to the products they provide.

* They only deal in high quality brands and suppliers. You can rest assured that you will only receive certified wholesale pallets or products.

*A dedicated team of research professionals who work with the company can find any supplier or product that is not easily found.

3. Ukstocksupplies.com

We are grateful that you have visited UK Stock Supplies site. This is the UK’s largest stock buyer and wholesale liquidator. They buy a large variety of stock and target high-end retailers with a variety merchandise range.

UK Stock Wholesale as Sufficient Stock Buyers offers services in stock liquidation and supply.

They deal also with end-of-line goods, clearance stock buyers and sales of bankrupt stocks, ex-catalogue stock, pallet stock, wholesale bankrupt stock, ex catalogue returns, ex-shop fittings, ex-catalog stock, wholesale stockrupt stock, ex catalogue stock, ex-catalogue returns, ex-catalog stock, etc.

There are many products available, including baby items, building materials, cases, clearance, clothing and drinks, as well as food, shoes, cosmetics, clothing, and electrical items. Mastercards and VisaCards are available as well as Visa Electron, Maestro and Delta. Before you can view stock updates, you must sign up.

4. Gemwholesale.co.uk

Gem Wholesale UK is an experienced wholesale liquidator and trade-to-trade wholesale wholesale dealer with over 40 years of experience in the liquidation business.

*Gem Wholesale UK sells Ex Catalogue customer returns as well as clearance stock. They target the UK’s top high-street retail outlets and mail-order companies that enable. They offer a wide range of stock.

* They have two warehouses located on the same Industrial Estate and can provide over 1,000+ parcels to their customers at once.

* They update their website daily, adding new stock arrivals and updates.

* Gem Wholesale UK acts as an advisor wholesaler for their many customers who wish to purchase Ex Catalogue.

* According to Gem Wholesale, the goods on their website are considered ‘trade. A customer who purchases goods via their site is not covered by a policy that covers non-trade consumers.

5. Merkandi.co.uk

This is a fact you should consider: “You cannot talk of top brand wholesale liquidators UK and indeed in the world without mentioning Merkandi.” Merkandi also offers a variety of services that are unmatched anywhere else. Here’s a list:

*As an international wholesale trading platform based in the UK, Merkandi offers both regular products and liquidation stocks.

* They are proud to have over 30,000+ users. This is a remarkable number considering the amount of time they have been in this industry.

* They cover over 150+ countries around the world, collecting well over 1000 reviews and opinions.

* They assist in the sale and purchase of wholesale products at very competitive wholesale prices. Multiple payment options are available, including Master and Visa Credit Cards, PayPal, American Express, Maestro, and Bank Transfer.

6. Marthill.co.uk

Marthill is a leader in the supply of high-quality surplus and returned merchandise to wholesale liquidators around the world.

* The company is well-known for offering high-street clearance stock and ex-catalog surplus directly from major high-street stores and catalogs.

* Their focus customers include exporters, wholesalers and retailers, as well as market traders, auctioneers and car-booters.

* The bulk of their product assortment is sourced from high street and catalog businesses, who wholesale a variety of pallets with customer returns, excess stock, clearance lines, and other items.

* Their extensive product range includes clothing, hardware and white goods as well as electrical, electronic, toys, floor coverings, watches, jewelry and electrical.

* They offer a fast and efficient delivery service, which can deliver goods within 24 hours to any location in the world. They can deliver up to 26 pallets, with a maximum weight limit of 1000Kg each.

* They are known for their huge discounts for bulk buyers, as they deliver 40ft containers directly from the mail order companies to you business. There is no minimum order.

Which are the Best and Cheapest Wholesale and Liquidation Sites

These are the top websites:

1. Merkandi.co.uk

2. Quicklotz.com

3. 123liquidation.com

4. Goo.gl: Bulq.com

5. 888lots.com

Can I resell Apple products purchased wholesale from liquidation sites?

Absolutely! They can be resold on your website. You will need accessories to make them more profitable. These accessories are often needed and not included in the purchase price. Major retailers make the bulk of their wholesale electronic profits by upselling accessories.

Is it more affordable to buy hardwood flooring from lumber liquidators than from a wholesale club such as Costco or Sams Club?

Although I can’t speak for hardwoods, I believe I was able save over $1.50 per square feet by laminating at Costco instead of Lumber Liquidators. The product I received was superior (11mm vs. 9mm).


Don’t delay! It is time to jump at the incredible opportunities in wholesale liquidation. Within a short period of time, you can be one of the most sought-after wholesale liquidators. Take a look at the different options in the UK as well as the US. Start by planning, thinking and starting.