10 Best Wholesale Crop Tops Suppliers Worldwide

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The winter season is nearly over, and summer will arrive in just a few short months. Women will soon be sporting the crop top that they worked so hard to keep warm during this cold season. This is the perfect time to show off all your hard work. These little dresses will be on sale in stores for women to browse and purchase.

Crop tops: Why are they so popular?

Since the 2000s, crop tops have gradually returned to fashion. The past decade has seen crop tops become more popular than ever. Everybody is looking for summer crop tops, even wholesale ones, more and more.

Crop tops are very popular for many reasons. The most important reason crop tops are so popular is that they have been prominently featured in pop culture, especially when worn by the biggest stars. In the 90s, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and the Spice Girls were the most prominent users of the garment. We all know how many fans Kim Kardashian has.

There are many other reasons people wear them.

It Stretches Your Body

For those who want to look longer on camera, a short top and high-waisted jeans are the ideal combination. Vertically challenged people who love the look agree with this sentiment.

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It Invokes Confidence

Crop tops are empowering, especially for small-bodied people. This is unacceptable. Self-shaming is passé. The new generation wants everyone to feel confident about their bodies, so wearing a crop top is the right message.

# Less Material, More Profit

Crop tops are much more affordable than full-length clothing if you buy them wholesale. This is because less material is used in manufacturing a product. It’s also more profitable to charge higher prices for them, especially if they are in season. This allows you to maximize your profits because the product would not be as popular if it wasn’t sold.

These are just three reasons the crop top is slowly rising in popularity. They aren’t the only reasons. It could also be comfort, especially in warmer seasons.

Top Crop Top Wholesale Suppliers for Women

It’s not surprising that the product is so popular, every seller wants to profit from it. As we get closer to summer, more wholesale crop tops are going on sale. Before you know it, your local shops will be stocked with them.

Online stores are also subject to the same rules. Crop tops may be the only product on some pages. This is why it is important to know where you can find the best crop tops.

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Parisian Wholesale

Parisian is another company that sells wholesale crop tops at an affordable price. They also have a large selection.

Parisian’s online shop is what makes it unique.

You will notice labels on some of the products displayed on their page. These products could be labeled as Blogger Style, which could indicate that they have been used by bloggers. The ones for sale are brand new. These items are only labeled as such because bloggers might recommend them, which could make them sell quickly. Bloggers have a lot of followers, so if you sell something they recommend, it will go fast.

Others are also referred to as ‘Pre-Order’. This is self-explanatory.

Their only problem is that you will need to register and log in before you can view any price.

Blank Apparel

One of the best wholesale shops. The company’s selection of crop tops is not much to write about. Only four wholesale crop tops were found in a quick inventory search.

Although they offer good service, there is not much choice for crop tops.

If you’re interested in other clothing, there are many brands available.


You can see that they have a wide range of wholesale crop tops. No matter what product you choose, all products are guaranteed to be high-quality. Wholesale products can be exactly what you want.

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Trendsgal’s VIP membership is what sets them apart from all the other companies on this list. It allows sellers to purchase wholesale crop tops at a discounted price. You can choose to pay monthly, in blocks of three, six or twelve months, for a recurring membership.


Because they have everything, everyone knows that Alibaba is coming. They have a great reputation that they built from scratch after years of receiving negative reviews from customers.

This company is unique in that it offers wholesale crop tops to re-sellers. This means that you can offer your customers the same products as your company, which is a major advantage.

People are attracted to options and they return.

DH Gateway

DH Gate, just like Alibaba, has a lot of choice in their inventory. This is especially good. Their brands are well-known. They specialize in long-sleeve crop tops and track suits for women.

You can also find a lot of their products on sale. You get at most a 20% discount, which is quite reasonable considering you already have these products wholesale.


Another company that sells wholesale crop tops at a discount price that specializes is the long-sleeved. The difference between DH’s and theirs is that they offer more options when it comes to style for their long-sleeved crop tops for women.

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Their selection isn’t limited to these. There are many other styles available. To find out more, you just need to visit their website.

Fashion Book

If you don’t like the sporty crop tops and want to avoid the distractions, Fashion Book has a range of more stylish or casual wholesale crop tops that you can sell to the public.

There are many options, some with prints and others with solids.

Made In China

This company offers a mix of different types of crop tops. You can wholesale plain crop tops as well as crop top tees and plus-size crop tops. You can also find hoody crop tops that are very casual.

Although I wouldn’t say there’s anything special about this wholesale supplier, you might find something that suits your needs.

Top 5 Crop Tops For Women At An Affordable Price

We now know where to find crop tops. Let’s learn more about what crop tops women can buy on the market. There are many styles and types of crop tops, if you didn’t know. Not all are affordable. Some of them are cheaper than others.

These styles are easy to understand.

* Crop Top Hoodie

This is the most casual of these wholesale cheap crop tops. These tops are usually supplied by sports apparel companies, much like the tracksuits long-sleeve crop tops. This is a casual look.

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* Lace Crop Top

These are crop tops made mostly of lace, as the name implies. There are many styles, but they are all see-through.

A crop top made entirely from lace can be very exciting but they can also be boring fashion-wise. Others choose to have a thin, fitted undershirt underneath, while some lace tops only cover the chest and are lined around the torso.

* Long Sleeve Crop Top

Women can wear long sleeves crop tops for casual occasions. Tracksuits are most commonly long-sleeved. It does not necessarily mean it’s only for track suits. You can still find casually-made suits made from a different material.

* Striped Crop Top

The difference between striped crop tops and others is the presence of other patterns in between. These will be either horizontal or vertical stripes.

* Discount on Shoulder Crop Tops

This style is only available in one or both shoulder variations. Some may have both long and short sleeves. This is another plus.

Summer is right around the corner. You should seize this opportunity to grab the hot items in the heat. Crop tops are one such trend. If you want to get the most out your e-commerce store, look ahead to the future and don’t let anyone else take your customers.