10 Best Wholesale Greeting Cards Suppliers

Selling greeting cards is a great idea if you’re looking to start a business. Your business can reap huge profits if you concentrate on high-quality products with great marketing.

You need to find great wholesale greeting card suppliers to ensure that you can offer your customers top-quality products.

This article will highlight the best wholesale greeting card suppliers in China, the USA, and the UK. It also includes tips and tricks for the wholesale greeting card industry.

Let’s just get started.

Why wholesale greeting cards

Before you start a business, as an entrepreneur, one of your first questions is “Is there money to make in this business?”

We discovered that the greeting card industry is making a lot of cash. These numbers should be enough to prove it.

Statista estimates that the UK greeting card market earned approximately PS1.53 billion in 2016. The UK greeting card market has grown more than PS300m in 2016 when compared to 2012’s revenue.

Statista reports that the US greeting card publishers generated revenue of USD$3.71 billion in 2017 according to Statista.

Global Industry Analyst, Inc (strategyr.com) estimates that the global greeting card market will be worth around USD$21 billion in 2024.

These numbers show that there are many opportunities for money in the Greeting Card industry. We can help you find top-quality wholesale suppliers of greeting cards in China, the US and the UK if you’re looking to start a greeting card business.

China Wholesale Greeting Cards Supplier

Deal Extreme

Deal Extreme was founded in 2006 and has been in business ever since. Wholesale greeting cards supplier Deal Extreme offers 3D and 2D greeting card options. The prices are very affordable.

If you price your cards correctly, this means your profit margins will be high. Many greeting cards come with free shipping. Deal Extreme offers much more than greeting cards. Other product categories include apparel, watches, computers and consumer electronics.


* Affordable prices

* Some products eligible for free shipping

* Many payment options available

* Diverse product categories


* Customer service might not be available 24/7

* Shipping is slow

Wholesale Greeting Cards Suppliers from the USA

1. Popular Greetings

Popular Greetings is a great supplier of wholesale greeting cards. If your order exceeds $200, the seller will ship your order free of charge. The seller offers a variety of greeting card categories.

It will be simple for you to find the right products and services for your customers. There are many greeting card options available, including Spanish and Jewish greeting cards. They are reasonable in price. You should therefore be able to make a good profit margin.


* Various greeting card categories.

* The website is simple to use

All orders over $200 qualify for free shipping

* Fair prices


* There is no live chat

* There are no refund or return policies

2. Stockwell Greetings

Wholesale greeting cards supplier offers a large selection of greeting cards. There are many categories of greeting cards such as friendship, love, graduation cards and Father’s Day.

Shipping costs are not charged if your order exceeds $99 in value. You can get greeting cards for as little as 19 cents.


All orders over $99. qualify for free shipping

* No minimum order requirements.

* Very affordable prices

* Secure payment options


* Customers cannot return products

* PO Boxes are not shipped by the seller

3. Inter Greet

Inter Greet is a greeting card company that focuses on providing its customers with cards. It is simple to get the greeting cards that your customers require. There are many card categories that the seller can offer. All products can be shipped internationally. Inter Greet ships worldwide, so no matter where you live, you can order.


* There are many card categories to choose from

* Shipping worldwide

* Buyers enjoy a great profit margin due to their high prices

* Generous discounts


* No free shipping

* Customer support is not available 24/7

4. Trade Leanin’ Tree

Trade Leanin’ Tree makes it easier for entrepreneurs to get various types of greeting cards. There are many cards available on Trade Leanin’ Tree, including everyday cards, holiday cards and seasonal cards.

Sellers promise to give customers interested samples for free. Customers can then verify the quality of the product before they invest their money.


* Get free samples

* An easy to use website

* The seller has more than 13 years experience

* Contact information for the seller is easy to find


* The seller may not list the price of the product.

* No return or refund policies available

5. Noble Works Cards

Wholesale greeting cards supplier offers a large selection of cards. There are many card categories, including birthday cards, holiday cards and occasion cards. It is simple to find the right card for your client.

The seller will not charge shipping fees. No matter if you purchase a single card, or bulk order, shipping is completely free.


* Shipping Free

* Various card categories

* No charges for returns

* Live chat function


* Printing can take up to 2 business days.

Wholesale Greeting Cards Suppliers in UK

1. Wholesale Stationers

Wholesale Stationers also sells greeting cards, books, art and craft, party supplies, and other items. There are many greeting cards available from the seller.

It will be easy to locate every card your customers require. They are very affordable. You should therefore be able to make a large profit margin.


* Various card categories

All orders over PS100 qualify for free delivery

* A simple to use website

* You can easily access contact details


* No 24/7 customer support

To view product prices, you will need to create an account

2. Shop Inc

This wholesale supplier of greeting cards has everything you need. The seller offers 1354 products in the greeting cards category.

Other than greeting cards, Shop Inc. also offers other product categories such as DIY & Car Care, Arts & Crafts, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, and more. It is easy to navigate the supplier’s website. The prices are very reasonable.


* Various greeting card products

* Amazing prices

* The website is simple to use

All orders eligible for free shipping

* The supplier may offer discount codes


* The live chat option is not available on the website.

3. Card Expressions

Card Expressions offers a variety of card categories. There are many categories, including blanks, seasonal, events, birthdays and ranges. Customers do not need to create an account in order to order products.

This makes it much simpler. This website is easy to use by wholesale greeting card suppliers. The prices are reasonable.


* Affordable prices

* Various card categories

Customers are not required to open an account when ordering

* A simple to use website


* There is no live chat option

* The supplier cannot ship products internationally.

4. Harrisons Direct

Harrisons Direct has a variety of titles and designs. There are several categories of greeting cards available, including occasion, birthday, or seasonal.

The website is easy to navigate. It is easy to find what you are looking for on the website. Harrison’s Direct also offers other products such as stationery, health and beauty products, toys, gifts, and stationery.


* Various greeting card products

* A simple to use website

* A clear return policy

* Contact details easily accessible


To view prices, you will need to create an account

* Live chat is not available 24/7.

5. Andersons Wholesale

Andersons Wholesale offers a broad range of products in the Greeting Cards category. This makes it easier to find what you are looking for.

It is simple to use and navigate the seller’s website. Customers who buy greeting cards in bulk receive generous discounts.


* Wholesale prices at a great price

* Various greeting card products

* Website is easy to use

* Contact information is easy to find


* The supplier doesn’t offer live chat support

* No 24/7 customer support

How do I find wholesale greeting card suppliers?

Many people are confused about how to find reliable suppliers for their greeting card business. Some take a lot of time to identify great suppliers so I have included some tips to help you find the right supplier.

. Make sure the wholesalers are great for your business/brand

It is not always easy to find a reliable wholesale supplier of greeting cards. Although you can find helpful advice and testimonials on the internet, it is important to choose suppliers that are right for your brand.

It is important to note that different business models can work. It is important to note that different business models work for different entrepreneurs.

. Participate in the Local Trade Shows

This is a great way to meet wholesalers of greeting cards. Trade shows allow you to connect with people whose business aspirations/interests are similar to yours.

You can also exchange information with wholesalers if you find greeting cards that you like at trade shows. Request samples by contacting the suppliers.

If you feel that the products and suppliers are a good fit for you and your customers then you can establish a business relationship.

. Google is your friend

Google is a great resource for any business, no matter if it’s a startup or a well-established greeting card company. You can search Google for wholesale distributors of eyelashes to locate wholesale suppliers that you can work with.

. Locate Businesses that are Exiting the Industry to Place Bulk Orders

This is an excellent way to get wholesale deals for your greeting card store. Many businesses exit the industry sell their stock wholesale. Some stock will be priced below wholesale.

It is vital that you buy products out of passion and not because they are inexpensive. You should ensure that stock is in good order. Before purchasing stock, verify that the business is not closing for the right reasons.

. Use the Yellow Pages

Look for wholesale stocks on the Yellow Pages within your area. Find wholesalers that sell the products you are interested in and offer competitive prices if you find one.

Shipping is now easy. You don’t have to limit yourself to your local area.

. Buy from International Companies

This option is great if you’re just starting out or if you have a tight budget. This option is best if you are able to wait for stock to arrive. Many large international companies offer products at affordable prices.

Be sure to confirm the quality of greeting cards before you buy from large companies.

. Bulk Wholesale Orders

Some companies compile lists of wholesalers that offer different greeting cards. This list will help you to avoid having to search for every supplier.

Here are some proven tips for selling greeting cards online

These tips will help you make more money from your greeting card business.

. Understand Your Target Audience

It is impossible to provide the services your customers need if you don’t understand your target audience. Study your target audience. You must understand your target audience’s likes and dislikes.

You can target your audience better with more information.

. Install Live Chat

FurstPerson estimates that around 80% of customers won’t buy products online if they don’t have live chat.

Chatbots or you can chat directly with your customers via live chat. Customers will be more inclined to purchase from you if they are receiving answers in real-time to their pressing questions.

. Offer a Guarantee

Your customer will not have to worry about common concerns, such as whether the product will last. Your customers will feel confident knowing that you stand behind the products they purchase.

. Your website should offer a great user experience

If your website navigation and use is difficult, customers will not buy from you. Make sure your website offers the best user experience.

. Marketing is the focus

Marketing can help you attract new customers. Advertise on social media and even partner with Google to increase traffic to your online shop.

. The Best Selling Greeting Card

Stocking the most popular greeting cards will increase your profits. The greeting card market is dominated by birthday cards.

Over 50% of all greeting cards sold globally are birthday cards. Next is the anniversary and wedding card. The get well, sympathy and friendship cards are next.

Your business will succeed if you concentrate on Christmas and Holiday cards if your goal is to sell seasonal greeting cards. The Christmas and holiday greeting cards make up more than 6% of all seasonal greeting cards sold around the world.

These cards are often followed by Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day cards, Graduation Day cards, Father’s Day cards, and Mother’s Day cards.

Important to remember that the numbers used to group these bestselling greeting cards are average figures. The groupings may not be representative of customer needs.

Customers’ requirements can vary depending on where they live. However, the above group should give you an idea about the best greeting cards that you can sell.

Is it financially feasible to open an online business selling greeting card?

It is indeed profitable. Annual retail greeting card sales amount to more than USD$7.5 million. About 9 out 10 households buy greeting cards every year.

An average household buys more than 30 greeting cards each year. These are not great numbers, but they show that it is possible to start a business in greeting cards.

You can make a lot of money from your business if you do the right marketing.

Dropshipping greeting cards is possible? Is it possible to find wholesale vendors?

Dropshipping greeting cards can be done. Dropshipping greeting cards is a good idea. Dropshipping means that you don’t need to spend thousands on inventory.

Although there are many suppliers that dropship greeting cards to you, they won’t usually offer wholesale pricing. Chinabrands.com is the best place to find a wholesale supplier.

Chinabrands.com offers many products in the category of greeting cards. Everything you need for your customers will be available.