Dropshipping Greeting Cards from Top Vendors

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Selling Greeting Cards Online:

Greeting cards are widely used to send joyous messages, well wishes and comfort to people we care about. It is no wonder that it is such a booming market worth 7 and 8 billion USD in the US alone. Online stores can make greeting cards creative and compelling. They also have the option to be playful, sensitive, playful, or thoughtful. You can be, too. You can choose which type of greeting card you want to sell online, and take advantage of this amazing industry that keeps people connected. You can sell greeting cards online by identifying your target audience and the type and quantity of cards they are looking for. Then, source these cards from trusted suppliers.

Dropship Greeting Cards Online

Although the greeting card industry has its own trends such as Valentines Day cards and Mother’s Day Cards, it’s hard to predict how many cards customers will purchase even during busy times. Dropshipping greeting cards online ensures that you don’t miss out on any opportunities or make the most of every profit. Dropshipping eliminates the need to purchase stock to ship orders. Dropshipping means that your supplier will ship a product once it is bought from your online store so you don’t need to hold any inventory yourself. Oberlo’s automated processes mean that ordering and fulfillment are quick and easy.

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Who are the main distributors of greeting cards?

Greeting card distributors provide a wide range of greeting cards to choose from, keeping your dropshipping company varied and applicable to all ages. You can sell a variety of greeting cards online, including birthday cards, good fortune cards, get well soon cards and pop-up greetings cards. It is important to offer blank cards in a variety of descriptions, so customers can create their own messages. Distributors of greeting cards might also sell items for niche markets like mini greeting cards and handmade greeting cards.

What are the main manufacturers of greeting cards?

Greeting card companies are mostly located in China, India, Taiwan. However, online greeting card shops have the majority of their customers in North America, Western Europe and South America. As a dropshipper it is important to source high-quality greeting cards so that your customers are 100% happy with the product, therefore it is important to build a good rapport with your greeting card manufacturers so that they ship on time and provide great service every time.

Oberlo to Dropship Greeting Card

Yes. Oberlo allows you to find amazing products to sell online.

Oberlo automatically chooses the most affordable shipping method for you. You can click on any shipping option to choose the one you prefer, as many suppliers offer multiple shipping options.