How to Use Google Trends to Find Dropshipping Products?

What is Google Trends?

When it concerns beginning your drop shipping service, the primary step is generally the hardest. Nevertheless, if you understand how to utilize Google Trends, you can have the ability to be definitive about a strategy and eventually put your concerns and worries to rest.

So you run an eCommerce shop, and you have actually been hunting for methods to keep your operating expense down.

You have actually thought about drop shipping, a company design that lets you order items from producers and have them provided to your customer without needing to equip them up in a storage facility. Some state it’s a fantastic cost-cutting step and even a dazzling method to raise profits streams. Others believe the revenue margins are so little that it’s simply unworthy checking out.

Possibly you’re uncertain whether to offer this drop shipping thing a go or avoid from possibly squandering your valuable time with it.

Whatever your ideas have to do with drop shipping as a means of getting rid of stock storage expenses or making additional dollars, it’s not as basic as lots of claim.

If you’re not offering items that remain in high need, any cumulative gains you recognize might not deserve your while.

For something, it’s an extremely competitive specific niche. There are great deals of people scrambling for ever-shrinking little bits of the eCommerce market. As gamers in this area continue to look for a benefit over their competitors, they continue to drop their costs to brand-new levels of low. The producers aren’t doing any prefers with their costs either. They stay in business to generate income, similar to every dropshipping clothing.

Let’s put this clearly: there are chances with this service design, however they aren’t lying around for the average Joe. It depends on you to discover them anywhere they might be concealed.

Google Trends to the Rescue

Fortunately, there is at least one simple method to reveal these chances. It’s Google Trends, a tool which lets you understand what people in your area or around the globe are searching for with its online search engine.

It shows the most popular search questions of the minute, along with over various durations from the past. A great deal of this info is portrayed in charts that are easy to understand.

Here’s why this issues you: when a great deal of people are searching for specific items, their searches will show up in Google Trends. And if you utilize it, you’ll have the ability to inform the most-searched-for product within any given duration.

If you understand anything about SEO, you’ll most likely recognize quickly the prospective cash cow this resource could be for you or for any other dropshipping endeavor, eCommerce shop, or services in general.

However if this isn’t clicking for you yet, here’s a rundown of a few of the reasons Google Trends could be the sweetener for your dropshipping service.

Some trends chart using particular search terms over extended periods. With this, you have the ability to inform how the levels of interest in specific items have actually increased or lowered in any offered length of time.

You can see these items (or whatever trends you’re examining) in classifications, and discover the level of interest in different product or services segmented by markets.

You can see how inquiries for various sorts of things increase or drop off in particular seasons. In a lot of cases, this assists you remain on top of seasonal needs.

In particular cases, you might have the ability to see how regularly your competitors gets browsed by prospective consumers. Other insights, such as areas in which your competitors might be doing better than you are, can be gotten also.

In summary, we’re not simply discussing Google Trends finding items that remain in need. It’s likewise about gathering crucial insights about where your markets are, who your closest rivals are, and what the potential customers might be for offering particular sort of product.

Prior to we enter how Google Trends can assist you make more money through dropshipping, let’s have a look at its essential functions and how they work.

Using Google Trends to Discover Your Specific niche

Do not let the raw information deceive you; Google Trends is easy to use, as soon as you understand what you’re doing. Follow our 3 standards listed below to begin utilizing Google Trends like an expert.


Much of Google Trends works by trial-and-error. You key in a search term, see how it carries out, then enter another one and compare. Repeat the procedure over and over till you discover the best specific niche for you.

To begin, you might wish to make a list of prospective search terms/product locations. These could be data-driven inquiries based upon your own sales experience, or absolutely nothing more than an inkling. They could be items you’re personally enthusiastic about or items you have actually overstocked. It’s finest to start with a complete and open-ended list, and after that narrow it down based upon what you discover.

Another strategy is to utilize the Associated Subjects and Associated Questions includes to see what the very same users are likewise thinking about. This is most reliable when you currently have a recognized client base and wish to provide them brand-new items that they’ll like. Merely look for items you currently understand they like and inspect the “associated” areas to see what else those very same people are looking for.

The Two Things You’re Trying to find

Aside from breakout and increasing topics/keywords, you need to likewise focus on the shape of the time charts. Particularly, you’re trying to find 2 chart types that represent business practicality:

Slow and Steady Development. These are your more steady specific niches, helpful for long-lasting techniques. The bright side is that you can depend on a consistent stream of company; the problem is the competitors grows with time (you’re not the only one with access to Google Trends).

Steep, Sudden Development. On the other end of the spectrum, you have items and subjects that have actually all of a sudden become famous, possibly because of a news occasion or PR stunt. If you act rapidly, you can profit from the pattern prior to other rivals acquire it, however there’s no informing for how long the pattern will stay popular.

Location Lessons

The Google Trends map might not assist with brand-new item concepts, however it’s vital for discovering brand-new markets and tweak your shipping choices. Understanding where the searches originate from lets you:

craft tailored marketing campaigns for specific areas
develop shipping offers and promos for private areas
enhance the areas of fulfillment centers, providers, and storage facilities
plan tactical growths into brand-new locations/markets

In some cases specific niches follow rigorous geographical limits. For instance, if your specific niche is initial edition Stephen King books, the marketplace in Maine is two times as big as any other state.

You can likewise utilize the map for reverse searches: what do people in a specific location look for? This can be found in helpful if you have your heart set on an area and require to understand what individuals there have an interest in.

One last note: do not ignore language distinctions! Your item might be a hit in Mexico, however Google Trends will not inform you unless you look for the Spanish name also.

Grow Your Dropshipping Organization with Google Trends

Offer Products That People Really Want

With Google Trends, dropshipping ends up being about providing things that people are trying to find. When there is a big audience searching for an item through Google search, it’s a great indicator that the item has a considerable swimming pool of prospective consumers you can market to.

Make Relevant Material Marketing and Advertisement Campaigns

You currently understand that the need for any provided item differs over various areas.

What Google Trends does is to offer you a peek into what those distinctions are. For example, if you’re going to reach prospective consumers in 2 locations with advertisements, you’ll wish to know how to designate advertisement invest for the various projects.

While Google Trends will not assist you with specific sharing solutions, it will let you understand the distinction in between the levels of interest in both towns for the item you mean to provide. This will, in turn, notify your choice on how effort you need to use up in reaching target market in each area.

Likewise, the ideas received from this tool can be utilized to drive more targeted digital marketing efforts. You can mine trending keywords from Google Trends and plug them into your online material. When integrated with other SEO methods, this might assist your material get more clicks and score greater search results page rankings.

Create Offers and Promos for Particular Places

Google Trends provide precise insights that are important to the success of your region-specific marketing projects.

Offers are typically developed to get more people thinking about the important things you’re offering from producers, and eventually, raise sales and incomes. However unless you’re providing offers for things that people in the locations you’re targeting really desire, you might not accomplish the outcome you expect.

Leveraging Google Trends can assist bring you closer to your objective.

Gain Prized possession insights Into Viable Markets and Target Market

The pattern lines you see are not simply summaries of droll stats. They represent the stories of genuine people: their issues, hopes and dreams, expectations, their look for a service, and their painstaking evaluation of responses they believe are practical.

These lines and charts provide real-time insights into the significant issues and discomfort points of your target market, along with bits into the practicality of an item and inside scoops about their choices that you might make use of in your brand name messaging to draw them to your product or services.

How to use Google Trends for Dropshipping

These are some amazing tips to help you use Google Trends for dropshipping. These tips will help you discover new ways to use Google Trends.

1. Find Niches

Finding niches to sell dropshipping products is the first step in using Google Trends. You will waste your time and money if you sell the wrong product or target the wrong market. Use Google Trends to find the right audience, popularity, and other information for your niche.

How can you use Google Trends to help in this situation?

Find niches you are interested in. You can use Twitter to narrow down your search by selecting the most popular topics. After you have narrowed down your niches, visit Google Trends to search for keywords. You can search for data categories that are region-specific and those that cover other data types.

Trends that are growing rapidly are the best. You can also pick niches that are already high.

2. Look For Products

After you have identified the right niche for your brand’s products, it is time to start looking for products. If you’ve chosen artificial nails, you can then search for products within this category such as press-on nails.

How do you use Google Trends

Google Trends will allow you to search for topics that are trending in your niche. This will provide you with an overview of the most popular products within your niche.

Next, search for relevant product categories. Compare product trends. Dropshipping stores may find the one with an upward graph of relevance. To learn more about this niche, make sure to check out the sections that apply.

3. Search Keywords

You now know what niche you are in and which products you should be selling on your website. That’s amazing!

How can we market our products? How do we choose the right keywords to promote our dropshipping business?

Google Trends is also available for this purpose. Scroll down to find every keyword, then look at the Related Queries section and Related Topics section.

Although Related Queries provides you with some keywords directly, you will need to click on specific topics within Related Topics in order to see more.

4. Discover Seasonal Trends

Seasonal trends are essential for every business. These trends can help you increase your revenue and keep your market value.

Fidget Spinners were popular at one time. You could have spotted this trend earlier and sold Fidget Spinners, which would have created market value for the brand as well as made a lot more money.

Social media is a great way to find seasonal trends. You would be able to spot seasonal trends if you were a buyer. Follow an influencer to keep up-to-date. To find the actual numbers, you can search Google Trends once you have found these trends.

5. Find out about the most popular topics

Google Trends, as the name implies, is all about current topics.

How can you use Google Trends for seasonal trends?

  • Go directly to Google Trends, and search for the topics at the top.
  • You can search for your niche such as clothing or children.

6. Marketing specific to a particular location

You don’t have to follow the global trend if you are only focusing on one area. Although many trends move from one place to the next, it is important to keep an eye on trends in your country.

Use all the methods above to filter your country. This is the first option of the filter options.

7. Target Audience: Deals

You can sometimes check out the top topics that are popular with your target audience.

You might sell products that are relevant to children, for example. Google Trends can help you find the most popular keywords in your niche. For more information, visit the Related Topics and Queries section.

We searched Children in Google Trends for delta variant children and found them in Related Queries. This allows us to better understand the COVID-19 concerns of children. This information can be used to promote products or content marketing.

8. Eliminate Bad Keywords

Google Trends shows results Interest over Time. You can set the timer to 12 months to find out how popular the product was in the past year. An increase in product popularity over the past year is a positive sign.

This will allow you to determine if certain keywords aren’t right for your business. These keywords can be avoided.

At the beginning of 2020, custom-made masks were very popular. However, this niche might not be of any benefit to you. Google Trends allows us to see if there is still acceptance for a product.

9. Find out more about marketing possibilities

Google Shopping is one of the most amazing features in Google Trends. You can choose Google Shopping from the filters.

Dropshipping businesses may ask how to use Google Trends.

This filter allows you to see trends over the course of a year. This filter is only applicable to the ecommerce and shopping industry. These trends will help you to understand when and how to market your products.

Google Trends can confirm that ads can be used around November or December if, for example, you sell new year’s gift items.

10. Increase Outreach via Social Media

Google Trends is a great tool to increase your social media outreach. If you search YouTube for children’s videos, the trending results will be at the top.

Check these videos for common keywords. These keywords can be used to check Google Trends for the trend of rising or dipping keywords. These keywords can be used on YouTube or other social media platforms if there is a rise.


With Google Trends, discovering items and specific niches for dropshipping is a lot easier. One truly great aspect of this tool is that it’s totally free to utilize. That’s an entire wealth box of analytics readily available to you at no charge whatsoever.

Now that you have actually been presented to the delights of this app, go on and release it to disastrous impact. However do not simply construct your eCommerce endeavor on its trends. If you can, compare them with information from real research study, and talk with individuals on the ground as much as possible.