National Dropshippers Review – Advantages and Disadvantages

National Dropshippers Overview

National Dropshippers is a drop shipping firm based in the United States that was founded in 2005. The program allows you to buy products created in the United States and distribute them directly to clients. National Dropshippers takes a no-nonsense approach to business, focusing on offering the lowest feasible pricing to retailers.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of using a national dropshipper?


National Dropshippers offers a free seven-day trial period before the first invoicing.

Longer-term subscriptions from National Dropshippers offer significant savings. You can also choose to pay a one-time cost for a lifetime membership and avoid any recurring charges.


National Dropshippers encourages you to conduct these duties manually due to the lack of automated options for product import and order fulfillment.

Navigating the National Dropshippers catalog is a time-consuming and stressful affair due to the lack of sorting tools or filters, vacant sections, and unclear department titles.

No international shipping: With National Dropshippers, you can only sell to customers in the United States.

Poor Customer Service: You’ll have a hard time contacting National Dropshippers if you have any issues.

Returns are difficult: Astringent returns policy, a lack of supplier information, and poor customer service combine to make returns a headache.

How much is National Dropshippers? What services does it offer in terms of dropshipping?


For the first seven days, National Dropshippers is completely free. However, once the trial period has ended, your credit card or PayPal account will be charged.

You can choose from various subscription plans, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and yearly. The longer you stay with a plan, the more money you’ll save. The following is a list of the plans and their prices:

  • $19.99 per month every month
  • Quarterly: $44.97 every three months
  • $59.94 per six months on a semi-annual basis
  • $89.88 per year every year

National Dropshippers offers the most value for money when you pay a one-time cost of $199.00 for a lifetime subscription.

On top of your subscription, you may have National Dropshippers build and run your eCommerce store. The service is $299.00 upfront and $19.99 per month after that.


By becoming a member of National Dropshippers, you will be able to buy products from their catalog at wholesale costs. In addition, Dropshipping is available for all of their products to your customers.

You’ll also get access to the Order Manager feature, which allows you to keep track of the status of all your transactions.

What products can I sell with National Dropshippers?

Product Catalog

National Dropshippers has approximately 100,000 goods in their catalog. The catalog is divided into several categories, including fashion, cooking, electronics, pet supplies, and a few more. The products are displayed in no clear order, and there are no sorting tools or filters accessible, making browsing a pain.

Another option is to select a warehouse from the department section. We do not, however, encourage this practice. Surprisingly, warehouses are called after semi-precious stones. They give no clue of the types of products that can be found. It’s a strange decision on their behalf.

In addition, several of the links go to blank pages. It happens frequently and can be aggravating.

With that in mind, using the search box is the most practical approach to find things. Enter a term, and you’ll be presented with a list of relevant results. For convenience, we recommend bookmarking your best-selling products.

Once you’ve found anything you like, save the photographs and copy the descriptions. Unfortunately, because National Dropshippers doesn’t have an automated import tool, you’ll have to manually upload items to your store.

Supplier Information

National Dropshippers provides very little information about their suppliers or how they are chosen, so you have no way of knowing how trustworthy they are.

How do I sell products with National Dropshippers?

Order Placement and Fulfillment

When a consumer orders something from your store, you must search the National Dropshippers catalog for the item and add it to your shopping basket. Enter the customer’s shipping address, and they’ll take care of the rest.

National Dropshippers do not have the tools to do this quickly. You’ll have to handle everything manually, which can be inconvenient if you have many orders to process.

Tracking and Delivery

National Dropshippers serve customers in the mainland United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. There is no option for international shipping.

Tracking codes are instantly uploaded to your account by National Dropshippers.

Thanks to an inbuilt UPS online tracking service, you can check the progress of your shipments right from the website.

Refunds and Returns

Returns and refunds are strictly enforced at National Dropshippers. All sales made on their website are regarded final in general.

Only when a product is out of stock is a refund issued. Returns are only permitted if a product is damaged, defective, or lost in transit, in which case National Dropshippers will replace the item.

Returns that do not satisfy these criteria will not be accepted.

What is the best way to get in touch with National Dropshippers?

Customer Support

The telephone is the best way to contact National Dropshippers. Their website has further information.

Sending them an email is another option. We sent them a message to see how quickly they responded. However, it has been more than a week since they haven’t answered our inquiries as of this writing.

Sections for Self-Help

The National Dropshippers website is devoid of many of the instructional tools that other drop shipping organizations provide. There is no FAQ area or help desk to be found.

The good news is that you don’t need a tutorial to get started due to their service’s simplicity.


National Dropshippers may be cheap, but you won’t get much for your money. It is one of the least appealing drop shipping providers on the market due to a lack of automated features, market research tools, customer service, international delivery, and available products. We propose some of the options we’ve researched if you’re looking for a drop shipping firm.

The bottom line: The only reason you’d want to join National Dropshippers is if they have a product you’re looking for that isn’t accessible elsewhere.