10 Best Wholesale Tumbler Suppliers in USA and UK

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This guide will introduce you to the best wholesale tumblers sites in the world. It will also show you how to locate wholesale tumblers suppliers.

First, I will show you the top wholesale tumblers sellers in the USA, China and the UK.

Next, I will show you how to find wholesale tumbler distributors and offer tips & tricks for the wholesale tumblers market.

Last but not least, some Q&As regarding the wholesale tumblers industry.

Let’s get started…

Why wholesale tumblers?

From 2020 to 2026, the tumbler market is expected to grow. Lucintel predicted that tumblers with lids and stainless steel tumblers would be the two largest segments of tumblers and will see the greatest growth.

Transparency Market Research’s report shows that tumblers with lids will reach $2.5 billion in revenue, with a compound annual rate of growth (CAGR) 6.8% between 2018 and 2023.

The introduction of coating technology and vacuum sealing has also contributed to the increase in demand for tumblers with lids.

Steel tumblers are following the trend of tumblers that have lids. According to the same report, steel tumblers are expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.8% by 2026. Steel tumbler sales made a total of US $730 millions in 2018.

Tumblers are in high demand because of the many outdoor recreation activities such as hiking and camping.

Stainless steel tumblers have excellent temperature retention, durability, and light weight making them a viable product.

Also, there is a demand for unique and attractive drinkware, personalized gifts, corporate and promotional tumblers. Tumblers can be used as a replacement for plastic containers and are environmentally friendly.

Top Wholesale Tumblers Suppliers from China

1. Chinabrands

There are many great tumblers available at wholesale prices in Chinabrands. It’s a great choice for dropshippers and retailers looking to achieve top marketing results. Its products have very low prices.

These products are high-quality because they have passed through rigorous quality control procedures.

The pros:

* Invest much energy in technology. The API integration is optimized to ensure a successful end–to-end system integration. You can order and manage inventory in synchronization.

Chinabrands will automatically capture orders from customers who pay in store.

API allows you to add multiple products simultaneously. This function is extremely helpful in order management when your store receives 100 orders per day.

* Chinabrands offers many options for products and suppliers.

The products you receive are direct from the manufacturers. Many factories in China want to expand their sales but lack channels. Chinabrands is a platform that connects Chinese goods manufacturers with global buyers. Chinabrands allows manufacturers to list their products and buyers can buy directly from them.

* Wide coverage of warehouse and delivery: The warehouses of CB are located on 3 continents, in more than 50 countries. The total warehouse covers more than 100 locations around the globe. There are more than 200 countries covered by the delivery line, and you can choose from 1W+delivery routes.

2. Jing Sourcing

Jing Sourcing was founded in 2014 and is an importing and sourcing business located in Zhejiang in China. It provides services such as product sourcing, production management and quality control.

They assist small and medium-sized businesses in negotiating with manufacturers to avoid potential transaction risks.


* Helps businesses to negotiate with suppliers and manufacturers

* Product sourcing and quality inspection free of charge

* Members can order product samples

* Low bulk prices


* Additional charges of 5-10% for service fees

Top Wholesale Tumblers Suppliers from the USA

1. 100% Promotional

Totally Promotional, based in Coldwater Ohio, has a more than 25-year track record online. They are an established manufacturer and designer of customized items, including drinkware, signage, trade show and signage bags, napkins, coasters, personal care and items for special occasions, such as weddings.


Access to design templates, including a wide selection of fonts and clip art

* Expert art advice by their in-house Graphic Design staff


* We are specialized in personalized and customized tumblers, so the variety of tumblers we offer is very limited

Dropshipping is possible, but customers must manually mail their delivery addresses.

* Additional drop shipping charges

2. Bulk Tumblers

Bulk Tumblers, a Kansas family business, is located in Wichita. They specialize in blank and personalized insulated stainless-steel tumblers, ranging from 12 to 20 oz. to 30 oz.

Drop shipping, wholesale and fund-raising sales are all possible. The shipping costs vary depending on which type of steel tumbler you choose. Blank steel ships in 1-2 days and items laser engraved takes 3-10 days.


Orders over $125 qualify for free shipping

* Customized laser engraving available for wholesale


* Higher prices than other wholesale tumbler suppliers

3. Steelys Drinkware

Steelys Drinkware, based in San Francisco California, is a leading wholesale supplier of food grade stainless steel and BPA-free stainless steel drinkware, including tumblers.

They specialize in customized personalized or imprinted steel tumblers.


* Get free advice about custom-printed Zero Waste cups or tumblers

Orders shipped to California are exempt from sales and resales taxes


* Minimum order of 4 to 6 dozen tumblers

* Additional fees may apply for substitutes or fixes to artwork

* Custom design projects cost $60/hour. They are billed in 30-minute increments.

4. Signature USA

Signature USA is a leader in custom hot/cold plastic tumblers. You can choose from a variety of custom-made designs, including animals, nature, couple, and sports, as well as fun, events, sororities, and collegiate.


* Vendors have been reviewed and are in compliance to the Fair Labor Association’s Workplace Code of Conduct


* International orders can be shipped using UPS to 60 countries. They do not deliver to postal addresses.

* Only limited quantities of plastic tumblers will be accepted

5. Inkhead

Winder, Georgia. Inkhead Promotional Products offers over 20,000 custom business products and corporate gifts, including apparel, bags and electronics, banner and signage and clock and watches.

They have over 25 years experience in the import business.


* International clients who place large orders can receive factory-direct shipping services

* Free virtual proof submitted by the in-house graphics team before printing

* No rush processing or production. They can produce 10,000 custom-made products in 3 days

* Get free product samples


* Only limited quantities of plastic tumblers will be accepted

Top Wholesale Tumblers Suppliers in UK

1. Kitchway

Kitchway is a well-respected wholesale company that specializes on kitchenware. Their tumblers are only for glasses but they are made of durable, high-quality glass material. They also offer cocktail tumblers.


* Glass tumblers at affordable prices


* Tumblers can only be used with liquor or bartending glasses

2. Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen, a family-owned business, specializes in stainless steel tumblers. Their reusable products are guaranteed quality by being certified B Corporation companies.

Its headquarters are located in Chico, California. There are branches in Australia, England, Belgium and other countries.


* Tumblers come with climate lock vacuum insulation that can keep beverages hot for up to 30 hours and cold for up to 100 hours

Orders over PS50 qualify for free shipping

* Products are of the highest quality because of strict B Corporation standards


* Volume and type of tumblers are limited

* Prices are not cheap or competitively priced

3. MBS Wholesale

MBS Wholesale offers a wide range of tumblers, including plastic, glass, cocktail and stainless steel.

They are located in Harrow in Middlesex. They are considered to be one of the top distributors of glassware, lead crystal, hotelware, china and tableware in the UK.


* They offer a large selection of plastic, glass and stainless steel tumblers in their catalog.

* Competitive and low prices

* No shipping charges for orders over PS100


Returns of goods cannot be accepted without a returns number. Returns are not accepted for personalized goods, special orders, or bespoke products.

4. Puckator

Puckator is a wholesale distributor of giftware in Europe and the UK. They sell toys, figurines and homeware as well as jewelry, collectibles and souvenirs.


Orders over PS250 qualify for free delivery to the UK

* Secure and secure online shopping


* Minimum order PS100

* Very limited selection of glass tumblers

5. Drinkstuff

Drinkstuff is an internet wholesaler of barware, glassware and catering equipment. They offer highball and cocktail tumblers. The shipping cost for their products is standard UK at PS4.99.


* Reduced retail prices

* A personal account manager is based in the UK

* You can request product samples

* Credit accounts can be granted

* Showroom tours


* Tumblers can only be used with liquor or bartending glasses

How do I find wholesale tumblers vendors?

Many people are confused about how to find reliable suppliers for their tumblers business. Some take a lot of time to identify great suppliers so I have included some tips to help you find the right supplier.

. Make sure the wholesalers are great for your business/brand

It is not always easy to find a wholesale tumblers supplier. Although you can find helpful advice and testimonials on the internet, it is important to only work with great suppliers for your brand.

It is important to note that different business models can work. It is important to note that different business models work for different entrepreneurs.

. Participate in the Local Trade Shows

This is a great way to meet wholesale tumblers with whom you might be able to work. Trade shows allow you to connect with people whose business aspirations/interests are similar to yours.

You can also exchange information with wholesalers if you find tumblers that you like at trade shows. Request samples by contacting the suppliers.

If you feel that the products and suppliers are a good fit for you and your customers then you can establish a business relationship.

. Google is your friend

Google is a great resource for any business, whether it’s a startup or a well-established tumblers business. You can search Google for wholesale tumbler distributors to locate wholesale suppliers that you can work with.

. Locate Businesses that are Exiting the Industry to Place Bulk Orders

This is an excellent way to get wholesale deals for your tumblers business. Many businesses exiting the industry will sell their stock wholesale. Some stock will be priced below wholesale.

It is vital that you buy products out of passion and not because they are inexpensive. You should ensure that stock is in good order. Before purchasing stock, verify that the business is not closing for the right reasons.

. Use the Yellow Pages

Look for wholesale stocks on the Yellow Pages within your area. Find wholesalers that sell the products you are interested in and offer competitive prices if you find one.

Shipping is now easy. You don’t have to limit yourself to your local area.

. Buy from International Companies

This option is great if you’re just starting out or if you have a tight budget. This option is best if you are able to wait for stock to arrive. Many large international companies offer products at affordable prices.

Be sure to confirm the quality of tumblers before you buy from large companies.

. Bulk Wholesale Orders

Some companies compile lists of wholesalers that offer different tumblers. This list will help you to avoid having to search for every supplier.

How do you choose the best wholesale tumblers suppliers?

There are several important things to take into consideration when choosing the best wholesale tumbler suppliers. These are:

1. Reliable Shipping

You could lose a lot of money if your wholesale tumblers supplier fails to deliver on time. Unreliable suppliers will reflect poorly on your business.

Look for a wholesale supplier that offers product traceability, automated shipping alerts, as well as an understanding of the shipping requirements of the industry.

2. Price

Wholesale tumbler suppliers should offer the best prices. The following factors could impact the price:

* Shipping distances.

* The relationship between the wholesaler and the manufacturer.

* Based on geographic locations, currency exchange rates

These factors show that price is not determined solely by volume. It is important to work with suppliers that allow you to make large profit margins.

3. Customer Service

There are some questions that you should ask before you decide to work with wholesale tumbler suppliers. These questions include:

* Can I reach out to customer service to discuss a problem?

* Do you have a support number or live chat?

Before you decide to work with a supplier, make sure you have the ability to get answers whenever you need them.

4. Product Offerings

Before you decide to partner with a wholesale tumblers supplier confirm that they offer the products you are looking for.

It is a good idea to work with suppliers who have a clear and easy-to-search catalog. Check how readily available the products are. This will ensure you have enough stock.

Best Practices in Wholesale Tumblers Inspiration

We will now discuss some tips for wholesale tumblers. There is a lot of outdoor and recreational use for tumblers.

However, because there is such a large market, there is also tight market competition.

These are some ways to make your tumblers more attractive and marketable.

1. Your tumblers’ functionality can be improved and updated.

You can think of different ways to make your tumblers more relevant to your customers’ needs. Double-wall stainless tumblers used to be a popular trend a few years back, but they are now a common function.

Consider the needs of your users and create a design that suits them. To attach to backpacks, or to pouches for storing coffee or other beverages, you can make straps.

2. With a vibrant design, you will stand out.

Many wholesalers offer custom-made graphic design advice at no cost. Make the most of your supplier’s in-house graphic team by taking advantage of their full-color, high-resolution printing.

The majority of market users are young and middle-aged, so colorful and artistic prints will appeal to them.

3. Your tumblers should be packed in cardboard boxes

Also, tumblers make great gifts so be sure to gift them in gift boxes.

4. Assure consumer product safety

Sometimes it can be difficult to know which wholesale suppliers are best because of the leaching. Make sure you do your research on suppliers that uphold the safety of consumers.

These safety standards include those relating to imprinting methods and print inks.

5. Ask your customers for their feedback.

Do not forget to get feedback from your customers if you plan to launch a business selling personalized tumblers. You should pay attention to what they think about the tumblers’ functionality, packaging, and custom-made design.

These feedback are essential to make your products stand out.

The best-selling tumblers that will help you earn more

There are many tumbler products and types that you can offer your customers in your online store. It can be difficult to choose which type of tumbler you want to sell. Here are five top-selling tumblers, which will sell like hot pancakes.

* Insulated tumblers

The most sought-after tumbler product is the double-wall vacuum insulated tumbler. These tumblers can be used by coffee lovers and travelers and are popular during cold seasons.

You should look for suppliers that offer products that are lightweight and durable. They can also hold cold or hot beverages for a significant amount of time.

* Glass tumblers

Glass tumblers can be used to serve cocktails and bartending. The highball glass, which is used for tall cocktails, is the most popular glass tumbler.

Drop shipping glass tumblers to wholesale retailers is a good idea.

* Children’s cups

Sippy cups for children are also a popular choice. You can sell them individually or in sets.

Sippy tumblers must meet safety standards if you plan to sell them. Many sippy cups have been recalled due to potential ingestion or mold-forming properties.

Look for cups that have replaceable lids. Parents often have trouble buying new lids for their children when they lose them.

* Travel tumblers

Because it’s stylish, colorful and trendy, travel tumblers are easy for people to buy.

There are many types of travel tumblers. You should consider the following: leak and spill protection; ease in opening and cleaning; heat retention; cup holder; durability.

* Smart tumblers

Smart tumblers can hold both hot and chilled beverages. They have double-wall insulation technology. They are durable and feature state-of the-art technology to keep beverages cold for long periods.

I would like to sell mugs. What should I do? How can I design white mugs that are affordable?

You can also use mug-design software from companies like No Refresh. You can design mugs with No Refresh’s user-friendly, multi-design functional software. It has pre-defined clip art and design templates.

There are also ready-made web printing solutions like Brush your Ideas or Printify.

If you prefer to create your own designs and print them, wholesale blank tumblers can be purchased in the US at Totally Promotional or Bulk Tumblers. Blank tumblers can be purchased from Aliexpress or DHGate for non-US business owners.

Where can I buy wholesale fancy mugs from Delhi?

Wholesale fancy mugs are available in Delhi at Indiamart and Trade India.

Are there any great wholesale distributors?

Wholesale distributors of tumblers are excellent. They offer a wide range of products, including plastic, glass, stainless and custom-made tumblers.

Chinabrands allows drop shipping of tumblers and tumblers with lids or stainless steel for low prices.

Wholesaledeals and E-Sources are two of the most reputable wholesalers in the UK.