12 Top Dropshipping Product Sourcing and Shopping APPS

Dropshipping Explained

Dropshipping is a common supply chain management method in which the seller or retailer does not store the goods but transfers the orders from customers to the wholesaler, or manufacturer who then ships them to their customers. The difference between the wholesale and retail prices benefits the retailer. The wholesaler can also offer a commission on the percentage of sales.

Dropshipping sellers do not keep a stock of products. Instead, they display a few items and have a catalog that lists the details. Dropshipping sellers will often use “private label shipping” to label their products as they need. This avoids direct contact between wholesalers and customers.

Dropshipping has seen a boom due to the e-commerce industry. Dropshipping is more popular for smaller retailers that sell products in small quantities, but have a large customer base. Dropshipping is a great business idea for big-ticket items such as steel and iron, where retailers simply take a deposit and ship the materials directly to the customer from their manufacturing yard.

Dropshipping has many advantages

  • It is not a good idea to keep money in stock, especially if you are sole trader. Dropshipping is a way to solve this problem. It allows you to sell products before you buy them from wholesalers. Dropshipping creates a positive cash flow cycle as the seller gets paid after the purchase and the wholesaler is paid using credit terms.
  • Although bulk buying can get you a great discount, the price per unit will still go up due to higher costs for distribution, storage, handling, and so on. Drop shipping can reduce these costs and help you make more profit per unit.
  • Dropshipping allows sellers to concentrate on their core competencies rather than worrying about stock storage and handling.

Dropshipping: The disadvantages

Dropshipping sellers are just like any other supply management technique. Here are the main risks.

  • Dropshipping can lead to backordering, where the seller receives the customer’s purchase request and forwards it on to the wholesaler. However, the product has already been sold out. This can lead to long delivery times and negatively impact retailers’ credibility.
  • Dropshipping can also lead to frauds and scams because middlemen, who illegally become involved in the supply chain and make their money as intermediaries between wholesalers and retailers, have been involved in some of these scams. Some scam artists are also involved in this lucrative “work at home” opportunity.

Ideal for beginners

Dropshipping has made it easy for beginners to start a business. E-commerce sites allow beginners to open a business quickly and sell products and deliver them anywhere in the world. This is a vast improvement on traditional brick and mortar businesses.

Do you need products to sell in your store? Are you looking to sell products online? You can import products to your dropshipping or ecommerce business using a wholesale shopping app.

According to reports, the trend in wholesale will shift to mobile and be influenced by retail buying experiences. This means that wholesale and retail purchases are almost identical. Directly from the manufacturer or factory, you can purchase small quantities and even one-off items.

Many suppliers are now developing online shopping wholesale apps in an effort to stay ahead of the curve and attract more customers.

This is the biggest question: Which wholesale shopping app should you have?

We have listed them here for you to consider.


Everyone has heard of Alibaba, the largest wholesale online shopping site. One of the most well-known businessmen in the world can be called one of its founders. They changed the B2B marketplace. They are the best option if you need to sell rare items that others in your niche may not have. This makes them a rare choice in a sea of others who can copy and paste.

Essential Features:

* Trade Assurances

* Logistics Services

* Supplier Membership

* Pay Later


Another brand-new player on the block. Chinabrands offers a wholesale shopping app to help you with your dropship and wholesale needs. You can get everything you need from product sourcing, publishing, system integration, shipping, and even customer service. You only need to promote your store.

Essential Features:

* Global Drop Shipping

* Warehousing networking

. More than 100 categories

* Download product descriptions for free

* Join for free


The wholesale shopping app can be used by either a B2B website or a B2C one. It provides all details about the product. Their transparency is also top-notch. The prices are included. It also includes the minimum number of items that can be purchased.

This option is available to buyers as well as Cash on Delivery. It makes it simple and allows you to plan for it.

Essential Features:

* Refer and Earn

* With every purchase, you earn loyalty points that you can use for your next purchase

Wholesale Box

Wholesale Box is a popular B2B trading platform for Indian apparel. Only problem is that you must register your contact number into the system before you can purchase anything. It is worth it if you are able to grow your business.

Essential Features:

Drop Shipping

* Cancellation and Returns Policy

* Door-to-Door Delivery

* Directly sourced from the manufacturer


There are many people who want to buy more Indian clothing, and Wholesalebazar is one place that can help. The app offers high quality Indian apparel at extremely affordable prices. They can also ship your items within 3-4 days.

Essential Features:

* Cash on Delivery

* Diner’s Club

SimpleLots Wholesale

It is an online wholesale shopping platform that is located in the United States. All products are located in the United States. They only work with American suppliers. They do not charge a membership fee or compete in auctions.

Essential Features:

Wholesale surplus, overstock and closeouts

Only USA suppliers

Fashion Clothing Supplier UK

Wholesale Shopping was a UK-based wholesale app that caters to small boutiques and fashion trends. Their prices are still competitive enough to keep up with independent fashion lines.

Essential Features:

* Click and Collect

Your Frist Order 10% off

* No minimum purchase required. Delivery across the UK is also free.

LWholesale Shopping

LWholesale is for people who want to be fashionable but don’t have the money. LWholesale is a wholesale shopping platform that actually sells products at wholesale prices, even if they are inspired by celebrities.

Men can also benefit from the same approach. They made sure that it could be used for any occasion.

Essential Features:

* Worldwide Shipping

Wholesale Clothing & Fashion

This online wholesale shopping app is designed to help you find the best prices on any clothing. This information is gathered from the websites where they purchased them. This app will also allow you to see which items are at 80% RRP. Their fashion is suitable for all ages.

Essential Features:

* 1-Clik Purchasing

* Collects data from all over internet

* We find the best deals for our customers

MaxWholesale – FMCG Wholesale

MaxWholesale, a wholesale shopping app, offers general trade sellers the opportunity to shop for fashion and other items online. It also delivers the goods.

Essential Features:

* Targeted Audience

* Get access to over 10,000 products

* Membership in Mange


This brand has been around for a while and is well-known as one of the top dropshipping and wholesale online shopping websites. You can get the products you need quickly thanks to their extensive network. It also makes it easier to manage your e-commerce store more efficiently.

Essential Features:

* Check out the store profile

* Examine manual, regional, national and international performances

* Reach your target audience this summer


This is where retailers and wholesalers can upload their products online to the Delhi online wholesale marketplace. The public has a large selection of products to choose from. The items you can choose from range from jewelry to raw materials to make your products.

You can join for free or get help from IndiaMart to set up your business with the suppliers that you need.

Essential Features::

* Connects to verified sellers according your needs

* IndiaMART Payment Portection

* Free to sell on the wholesale shopping app

* Product scanning


It is one the most popular online shopping websites in India. They have a Bengaluru base and claim to have solved the problem when it comes to sourcing different suppliers.

Essential Features:

* Direct sourcing/buying

*On Demand Souring/Buying

* Defect Control

* Support for Global Sourcing


TradeIndia is not a standout website in terms of aesthetics. It is its simplicity that makes TradeIndia one of the best wholesale shopping apps. There are many items that they offer, which is great. It makes it easy for you to order the items that you desire. You just need to contact the seller and they will provide all the details you require.

Essential Features:

* Allows for you to advertise with them

* Compliance Management

* Get alerts about any business opportunities


This wholesale shopping app’s selling point is their low prices, especially considering that most of the items they sell are jewelry. The range of items they sell is usually from heavy bridal pieces to oxidized jewelry. All of them are made in India.

Essential Features:

* Worldwide Shipping

* Three-day Return Policy

End of the Line

There are many online shopping apps for wholesale, and you can choose more than one. It’s proven to be very useful and has helped many people to succeed. It’s all about business intelligence and fully using the tools available to you.