PayPlug Payment Solution Review, Pricing, and Pros

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Ecommerce store owners might consider using proven payment options that accept debit and credit cards like PayPal or stripe. There are many other options available, especially if you are a solopreneur, SME, or if you are a small business owner.

Today, we will be reviewing PayPlug as an alternative that is available to ecommerce store owners in Europe and the USA.

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This is a lot of information, so let’s get started!

What’s PayPlug?

PayPlug offers a secure payment solution that is both aimed at ecommerce store owners and brick-and-mortar store operators, especially SMEs.

It is very easy to use. Simply sign up for the PayPlug extension and you can accept online and in-store payment. Simple, right?

It was founded in 2012 by Camille Tyan, Antoine Grimaud and is the brainchild of two engineers who wanted to create tech that would make online commerce more convenient. Since 2017, Natixis Payments is the majority shareholder. This is significant because Natixis Payments is a company PayPlug calls “a company that provides…”

“User-centric, tailored solutions throughout Europe for retail, corporates and SMEs, public authorities and associations, financial institutions and fintechs, as well as individuals.”

PayPlug is a platform that allows you to accept payments.

PayPlug: Who uses it?

According to the PayPlug website, PayPlug’s primary customers are retailers. PayPlug is a French company. Some of its clients are listed on the website as French-owned businesses. Online fashion retailers, beekeeping equipment companies, and olive oil and grocery stores were all found. It’s safe to assume that this solution is used by a wide range of niches.

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What products does PayPlug offer?

PayPlug splits its products in two:

  1. Online payments
  2. In-store payments

Online payments

You can be assured that more businesses are going online since COVID-19.

PayPlug segregates its online functions into three distinct categories:

  1. Customization
  2. Security
  3. Performance


PayPlug allows online businesses to customize their payment pages to reflect their brand. Customers can pay faster with one-click payments. This feature allows customers to save their credit card details so they can buy again next time. ).

To allow customers to pay you securely via one link, they can send payment requests to you by SMS and email.

You can also test three different ways to integrate your payment pages: an integrated page or a redirect page. You can then choose the method that has the highest conversion rate.

You can offer your customers several payment options. Customers can pay in multiple installments (e.g. 2, 3, or 4). Deferred payment options can also be offered.

All these features can be combined to allow you to meet a wide range of customer needs and offer a more personal payment process.


PayPlug is a highly secure tool. It claims that its 3D-secure feature can reduce fraud by up to half and increase checkout conversions by as much as 8%.

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PayPlug’s 3D Security feature is compliant with PDS2 (an EU requirement from 2019) and uses a system to limit fraud. By detecting suspicious transactions, and stopping them in their tracks.

When a customer makes a purchase, they are directed to a secure page for payment. This can be done either via a pop-up window or redirect. They will need to enter their payment details. The customer’s payment information is not shared with the ecommerce store. After the transaction is completed, your customer will be redirected to your store. Your server does not store any confidential card information.

We looked at the PayPlug status and security report . These are both easily accessible. It is easy to check the status of their portal and bank transfers. You can also request payment requests and access their payment API. All were operational at the time we wrote this article, and there had been no problems for July 2020, when we checked the metrics.

You can also view the incident history from the last quarter. We discovered that there were 3D-Secure issues. Each was resolved the same day.

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shopify dropshipping store set up


PayPlug customers can manage their transactions through a simple dashboard. This dashboard allows you to see all of your sales and orders in real time. You can also view your order history and transactions and export them into an accounting program from this same panel.

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PayPlug’s performance monitoring capabilities allow you to view your payment history and see failed or canceled transactions. This will alert you if a customer has insufficient funds or incorrectly entered their details.

You can also create payment buttons to make it easier for customers to purchase from you. Customers don’t need to navigate through multiple payment pages before making a purchase. These can be used wherever customers interact on the internet with your brand, including your Facebook page. You just need to click on the “buy” button, fill in your details and you’ll be able to make a purchase in seconds.

In-Store Payments

PayPlug provides physical payment terminals to brick-and-mortar shop owners in France. PayPlug terminals can be used with all cash registers. These terminals are similar to the online features, as you can manage all transactions from one dashboard in real time.

To get started, all store owners need to set up an online PayPlug Account, register and order their terminal. Once the terminal arrives, they are ready to go.

PayPlug Pros & Cons

PayPlug seems to be doing well on TrustPilot’s trusted review sites. We believe that nothing is better than a good old-fashioned pro-con list. So, we have one for you.

We and reviewers love:

The pros

  • It’s Facebook-compatible
  • The dashboard is extremely user-friendly. You don’t even need to have any technical skills in order to get the most from it.
  • PayPlug is available to all customers without a PayPlug account
  • It is available in English, French and Spanish.
  • PayPlug (Acceptable Payment Institution) is licensed by the ACPR Bank of France.
  • It’s fast and secure
  • PayPlug allows you to offer your customers many payment options. PayPlug accepts all Visa, Mastercards, debit and credit cards, as well as CB (Carte Bleue) and MasterCards.
  • There are no setup fees
  • It can be used with many most popular plugins
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We (and other reviewers), tend to prefer less of the following:

The Cons

  • PayPlug’s features are not well-explained on their website.
  • It doesn’t mention enabling customers to purchase from Instagram
  • To find out about VAT charges for companies that are not located in France, you will need to look around.
  • Their website doesn’t show prices for in-store payment options.

PayPlug Pricing

PayPlug does not display in-store pricing so we are unable to provide an overview. There are three online payment options. You can see the cost and what each plan offers.

  • Starter Plan: This plan is ideal for small and new businesses
  • Pro Plan: This plan is best suited for existing businesses with higher turnover
  • Premium Plan: This plan is for businesses with existing customers who need additional support and help.

The Starter Plan costs:

  • 1.6% + 0.25 EUR for every transaction on Euro cards
  • 1.9% + 0.25 EUR for every transaction on Business Cards
  • 2.5% + 0.25 EUR for international cards

…and +10 EUR per month

The Pro Plan costs:

  • 1.8% + 0.15 EUR for every transaction on Euro cards
  • 1.9% + 0.15 EUR for each transaction on Business Cards
  • International cards: 2.5% + 0.15 EUR

…and +30 EUR/month

The Premium Plan costs:

  • Transactions on Euro cards: 0.5% + 0.15 EUR
  • 1.9% + 0.15 EUR for each transaction on Business Cards
  • International cards: 2.5% + 0.15 EUR
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…+ 80 EUR per month

Here’s what you get back:

PayPlug features can be divided into four distinct categories:

  1. Integrations and plugins
  2. Payment pages
  3. Reporting tools
  4. Customer support

Each of these plans includes access to the following plugins and integrations:

  • Ecommerce plugins (more information below).
  • REST API and libraries
  • Accepting Mastercard, VISA, and CB payments is possible
  • Integration of SMS and email
  • Integration of payment buttons

Only Pro and Premium plans offer one-click payment and only Premium plans unlock installed and deferred payments options for customers.

These payment page features are available in all three plans:

  • Payment pages that can be integrated and/or hosted
  • Mobile responsive payment pages
  • Your logo can be added to your payment pages
  • Access to a custom interface
  • PayPlug’s 3D Secure feature

Only the Premium and Pro plans grant you Smart 3-D Secure access. The Premium Plan also unlocks integrated payment pages via AJAX forms.

These reporting tools are available in all three plans:

  • Tracking real-time transactions
  • Export transactions to CSV/XLS files
  • It is possible to track the history of failed payments

Only Premium plans unlock multi-user accounts.

All three plans include access to PayPlug’s online support center and email support. If you are a Premium or Pro customer, however, you will have access to telephone support. Only Premium customers have access to quarterly reports, but it is unclear what these reports are.

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What about ProPlug’s Ecommerce plugins?

There are many ecommerce plugins that you can integrate with, including the major players such as WooCommerce and Shopify.

Also, it’s worth noting that you can sign up to receive updates so that PayPlug will be the first to learn about new plugins.

PayPlug Review: Support and Help

A separate section on the PayPlug website is dedicated to customer service. Customers who require more information on specific topics, such as setting up a store in another language, creating a refund, or setting up a payment request can find it here.

You can also access the online Help Center to ask any questions. You can find answers to common questions such as how to update your account information or change your bank details.

The Help Center can be divided into six categories:

  • Installation
  • Subscribe to our Newsletter
  • Transfers to and from banks
  • General
  • Payments
  • Security

Non-PayPlug customers that have made a payment to a PayPlug merchant but have had an issue with it can also access this area. Here you will find information about refunds, refusals to pay, and how to file a claim against merchants.

What We Think

We think PayPlug is a great alternative payment solution. It’s compatible with many of the most popular ecommerce platforms, including those used by entrepreneurs and small businesses. The features are quite extensive, and users seem to enjoy and find it easy-to-use.

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Although the pricing seems fair, if you live in the US you will be charged more per transaction than you would if you were in the EU. PayPlug is a good option because it accepts most major credit cards. It also has a simple website. PayPlug is a great option for anyone looking to start an ecommerce business or find an online payment solution. We think PayPlug is the right choice for you.