10 Top Jewelry Manufacturers in China, USA, and UK

This guide will introduce you to the top jewel manufacturers in China, USA and UK. It also includes how to locate wholesale jewelry manufacturers.

First, I will show you the top jewelry companies in China, USA and UK.

Next, I will show you how to find wholesale jewelry manufacturers as well as tips and tricks for the wholesale jewelry industry.

Last but not least, some Q&As on the wholesale jewelry industry.

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The Benefits of Selling Jewelry

In the last decade, the jewelry industry has seen a steady rise. The industry’s market value is over $170 billion.

Market value is expected to grow by as much as 6% per year, which would translate to $200 billion in 2020.

Changes in consumer behavior are responsible for the phenomenal growth. This is because more people find value in accessorizing to complement their outfits every day.

Important to remember that women dominate the market. You can market yourself strategically on various online forums to create a niche and large jewelry customer base, considering the impulsive nature that women are known for buying online.

China’s Top Jewelry Manufacturers

1. NihaoJewelry

NihaoJewelry is a well-known jewelry brand that is known for its reliability. Each piece is manually inspected by inspectors to ensure the highest quality.

The company also makes custom jewelry according to customer needs. People interested in this service should describe their design ideas and the materials they would like to use.

After approval, the company begins to create the custom-made jewelry. In such cases, customers must pay upfront.

2. Veryselection

Veryselection is a new entrant to the industry. It started its operations in 2012 in the United Kingdom. Later, it expanded its operations to the USA. It currently has a large warehouse in China.

This company seems to be ahead of its competition primarily because their products are reasonably priced and can be purchased wholesale.

Although the company is only seven years old, it boasts a strong market base in over 200 countries worldwide.

Best Jewelry Manufacturers in America

1. The Welman Group

The Welman Group, a well-established wholesale jewelry company in the United States, specializes exclusively in silver jewelry. Dropshipping is available for retailers who are interested. The wholesale price ranges are attractive.

The company also offers massive discounts for bulk orders. For orders over $2000, these discounts can be as high as 7%

This company is highly recommended for sellers looking to dropship internationally.

2. Stuller

Stuller offers a variety of accessories that will complement any stylish collection of women’s clothing and bags. They are a premium brand offering a wide range of high-end jewelry at wholesale and retail prices.

They may offer massive discounts on a variety of products at random times. Some items can have a value as high as 756%

3. Cheap Wholesale Jewelry

It is obvious that the company specializes on affordable jewelry. Swarovski Crystal elements are used to make their products. This is a distinguishing feature of the company.

It is also important to mention that earrings are their specialty product. The cubic zirconia used in polishing their earrings gives them a distinctive lustre.

This company offers bulk purchasing to retailers who want to get better value for their money.

4. Koleimports

Koleimports is a leading supplier of wholesale jewelry in the United States as well as around the globe.

They have over 30 years of industry experience and have built a large market base through improving their products over time. They offer a range of products at reasonable prices, for both wholesalers as well as retail customers.

They have sold the most jewelry over the years, including necklaces, ear rings and wrist wear. They also offer many other products.

Dropshipping is the company’s main business model. This is a great opportunity for retailers to start selling these products.

Dropshipping is a company that can compete with the big-wigs of global markets like Walmart and Staples for efficiency.

The UK’s top jewelry manufacturers

1. Radford Accessories

Radford Accessories is a leading UK wholesaler of jewelry thanks to its 40-years of industry experience.

They sell a variety of products, including necklaces, bracelets, wedding rings, and wrist wear like bangles. The minimum order should not exceed PS100.00.

The company ships only to the UK so their products do not reach international markets. The delivery time is between 2-5 days depending on the shipping preferences and whereabouts of the customers.

They can offer next-day shipping for an additional fee. This means the product will arrive in 24 hours.

2. Amber Jewelry

Amber Jewelry is a well-known jewel manufacturer in the UK. Sellers interested in buying from Amber Jewelry have an easy time because the financial risk is lower with a minimum order of PS50.00.

They can ship products to Europe at affordable prices. The shipping time depends on how many goods are purchased and what shipping method is chosen by the customer.

The delivery of purchased jewelry can take anywhere from 2-7 business days. This is significantly longer than the average time for other companies in the industry.

3. Mainly silver

Mainlysilver Jewel Company has been producing products that are competitive in international markets for more than 20 years. Their extensive catalog reflects their uniqueness and diversity.

They are true to their word that there is something for everyone regardless of age, gender or class.

They can ship orders from all countries and serve international markets. Shipping can take between 2-5 days depending on which shipping method the customer prefers and where they are located.

The company’s many years of experience in the industry guarantee that the company will provide the highest quality and uniqueness in jewels.

4. Jewel City

Jewel City has been manufacturing jewelry for the United Kingdom market for a little over ten years.

Their reputation has grown enormously since they compete for products from global producers from China and the U.S. who export to the UK.

The website allows orders up to PS50.00. Important to remember that bulk orders result in lower prices for the goods, which allows resellers to make a greater profit margin.

It is worth noting that shipping times can be as short as two working days. However, this largely depends on the location and the amount of the order.

India’s top jewelry manufacturers

1. Sagun Jewelry

Sagun Jewelry, a rising Indian manufacturer, will give you the transformational look you’ve always wanted. Their unique catalog includes a variety of products.

They currently have more than 925 sterling silver jewelry for sale and over 900 gemstones.

2. Sterling Silver Jewelry

Wholesale silver rings are the manufacturers, as well as the wholesalers of silver plated jewelry, sterling and all kinds of silver jewelry.

Different natural materials are used by the company, including genuine gemstones like sapphire or ruby. The company also offers free shipping and flexible returns.

Wholesale Jewelry can also be purchased from Chinabrands

Chinabrands is one the most trusted and respected wholesale jewelry suppliers in China. They are both focused on dropshipping and wholesale supply.

Chinabrands is your source for wholesale jewelry suppliers. Chinabrands can be your business partner, whether you are looking to buy wholesale jewelry in bulk or drop ship so that you can resell the products.

They are a trusted company that sells jewelry to customers all over the globe. There are over a million products and more than ten thousand suppliers in nearly every category. You can find everything you need in categories like health and beauty, apparel, outdoor, sports, and any other niche.

They are very affordable and are a favorite for wholesale purchases.

A quality control team ensures that all goods are checked before being shipped out. This guarantees that buyers get only the highest quality products.

Chinabrands offers powerful automation software and tools to help you synchronize orders and shipment. Chinabrand is committed to making wholesale shopping easy and enjoyable.

Chinabrands has a wide range of products. They also have over 10,000 suppliers. This allows you to find suppliers for low-end, high-end, and everything in between. Chinabrands adds new products every day to keep you up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and fashion.

How to find the best jewelry manufacturers?

. Google Search

Google is the most popular search engine for finding information online. It can be used to locate websites, maps and pictures. The traffic to the search engine determines which web pages are included in the index.

It is easy to find the top jewelry manufacturers because they will be listed on the first pages of your search engine, depending on their marketing strategy.

Google users are advised to search several pages first. Once you have a list, you can check their ratings and reviews on forums.

. B2B Online Platform

A B2B, or a business-to-business marketplace, is a place where companies and businesses can buy and sell to each other.

Alibaba, globalsources.com and eWorldTrade are just a few examples of b2b market.

These markets are dominated by wholesalers and manufacturers of various products, including jewelry and accessories.

. Wholesale Directory

Wholesale directories include publications that list the company profiles for different product categories or niches. Currently, the majority of these databases can be found online.

It is worth noting that the listings in the first section can be used as a directory. This can help you find reputable wholesalers of jewelry.

. Participate in International and Local Trade Shows

A tradeshow, also known as a trade fair, is an exhibition that is held to host wholesalers and manufacturing companies in a particular industry. This gives them the opportunity to display and showcase their products and to meet their competitors.

You can find jewelry manufacturers by looking for accessory trade fairs that are held in your area.

You might also consider attending international trade shows each year to have one-on-1 interactions with manufacturers. You will be able to touch and feel their products, which can help you determine the quality of their products.

5 Trends in Jewelry for Wholesale Business Inspiration

1. Earrings made of crystal drop

This pair of earrings was spotted by many celebrities at the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019. These earrings have a bold look but are casual.

These can be worn with casual wear, and look great in jeans or t-shirts. This is the best style to wear on a girls night out.

2. Get it all!

The Dripping crystal jewel’s debut on runway was less than two months ago, before Valentine’s Day 2019.

The trend took Instagram by storm since Arianna Grande’s release of the seven rings. This trend encourages you to go the extra mile. This trend looks great with party-ready bracelets and earrings.

3. Earrings with silver-tone crystal clips

This 80’s-inspired pair is great for accessorizing any casual or classic outfit. It may appear old, but it is not like your grandmother’s pearls. This piece should be cherished.

4. Ring made of gold pearls

You should try your pearls in a new form this year, a delicate stacking ring. It is unique and you should get it as soon as possible.

It is because it is going boom in a very short time, and it won’t be worth it to wear it with the laggards.

5. 80’s Hearls

You can show your love this year with large heart necklaces and earrings. This trend is funky and gives an old-fashioned, but classy, look to people who wear it.

It was first discovered on Balenciaga’s runways a few weeks back.

Which costume jewelry company is the most successful?


The company boasts over 5000 fashion jewelry designs and is a major player in the market.

A third advantage to buying from a manufacturer is their return policy. Returns can easily be accepted back within three days for replacement or refunds.

What jewelry companies are trustworthy in China?

China has many jewel manufacturers. But, there are a few that have proven to be superior in quality over the years.



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