11 Best Shopify Wholesale APPS and Pricing Details

Is it worth selling wholesale on Shopify?

Are you looking to increase your sales without spending too much? You might want to focus your efforts on more productive tasks like product innovation, brand image and packaging improvement, or optimizing your website for online visibility.

Sounds nice, right? Imagine if you could focus on these tasks and not have to worry about marketing or sourcing new customers. Shopify Wholesale is one of the best options to accomplish this.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Shopify Wholesale is the right choice for you if your Shopify store has a lot of stock. You also want to reduce marketing costs. We will be discussing the advantages of selling wholesale on Shopify and how to set up your wholesale channel. We’ll also review the top 15 Shopify wholesale apps.

Shopify Wholesale Benefits

Shopify lets you wholesale your products to retailers in bulk.

This option is password protected so you won’t need to worry about security. You can also list wholesale products in your Shopify store as a Shopify merchant. Shopify lets you set minimum and maximum quantities for each product your customer can order.

Shopify can offer many benefits for wholesaling. Here are some of the most notable:

1. Increased market reach and increased sales

To grow your business, if your primary focus is to sell to consumers, then you will need to invest a lot of money in marketing. You can increase your brand’s visibility online by selling wholesale products on Shopify. This will allow you to reach more customers.

More sales and conversions are possible when there is a wider market. This is the best part: you don’t have to spend so much marketing. You can sell wholesale through Shopify and let other businesses manage the marketing of your products, as well as the associated expenses.

2. Use the Audiences of Other Brands

One of the most difficult and costly aspects of marketing is customer acquisition. It is difficult to build customer loyalty. This is why it is important to take advantage of every opportunity to tap into the existing audience of another brand.

You can sell wholesale to a well-known brand on Shopify and take advantage of their loyal customer base.

3. Increase your business with fewer risks

Every business wants to increase revenue and make more profit. Expanding your business means entering new markets. Although it may sound appealing, entering new markets is risky.

You must also consider logistics costs such as setting up a warehouse and marketing to a different customer group, as well as the cost of setting up your supply chains. There are many other things that you need to do. It can be very profitable to sell wholesale on Shopify to a retailer that has established a market presence and a functioning supply chain in the new market.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

You can reduce the risk of your business expanding into new markets by leveraging existing supply chains and their presence.

4. Reliable and Secure

Shopify is a reliable platform for wholesale sales. All your wholesale stores are protected by Shopify. All Shopify websites are SSL certified. L1 PCI compliant Shopify wholesale channels ensure maximum security and safety for customers’ data such as phone numbers, payment details, shipping addresses, and billing addresses.

5. Better Management

Shopify wholesale allows you to easily manage your business and stores. Shopify Wholesale allows merchants to access the customer order page. This makes order tracking much easier.

The customer order page displays all the information necessary to view orders and transaction information. This allows you to quickly make management decisions and manage your business efficiently.

You don’t need to worry about sales taxes if you are a wholesale Shopify merchant. This responsibility is transferred to your wholesale customers. Shopify wholesale sales are a stable way to generate revenue. Because wholesale customers are more likely to order again over a longer period of time than direct customers, this is a better way to generate revenue.

6. Higher Profit Margin

Shopify Wholesale allows you to earn higher profits by selling wholesale. Shopify Wholesale features include flexible pricing for product variants, minimum order quantity and maximum order quantity as well as volume-based pricing.

These features enable you to plan pricing policies that maximize your profit margins. Your wholesale orders will increase in volume as your business grows. You will eventually be able increase your sales volume while making more profit.

How to set up a wholesale channel

You must follow certain steps to sell wholesale on Shopify. Let’s take a look at some.

1. Protect your Wholesale Store by Using a Password

First, you must create a password for your store. This will allow your wholesale customers to order at a discounted price.

The password protection feature makes it easy to protect your Shopify store. Go to the Shopify admin page and click the Online Store tab. Then click on Preferences. Then enter your password.

After your Shopify store has been password protected, you can start setting up your wholesale customers with all your products at a discounted price.

For better security, you can use security solutions such as Locksmith. These apps offer customizable features that allow you to have greater control over who can access your Shopify store, and how they can purchase products.

2. Shopify allows you to open a separate wholesale storefront

There are many options for Shopify sellers who want to create a wholesale channel that can sell directly to customers. You can set up another Shopify store with a different URL. This is the easiest option. The password can be used to protect the Shopify store via Shopify or a password protection app.

Shopify Plus is a great option if you are able to handle large volumes of sales. Shopify Plus offers a wholesale channel option that you can use. Shopify Plus allows you to create a wholesale channel in your store. It is password protected.

You can set up a wholesale channel to sell your products. You only need to do a little bit of work to create your channel. You can customize the product pricing through Shopify’s wholesale channels. by utilizing volume-based discounts and percentages for customer groups.

3. Get a wholesale app

One of the Shopify Wholesale Apps is another way to set up your Shopify wholesale channel. These apps allow you to offer wholesale customers discounts without having to open a new shop. This directly increases your average purchase value.

These are easy to set up and offer a dedicated area for wholesale customers to view your wholesale items. Because of the various pricing options, your customers will not be able to access this area. These apps can be customized with automated discounts and pricing.

Shopify Wholesale Apps

It is clear that wholesale sales can be much more profitable than direct retail sales to consumers.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

You can set up wholesale sales channels easily. There are many dedicated wholesale apps available on Shopify. Let’s take a look at 15 of the best.

1. Adoric Shopify App

Adoric Shopify offers tons of solutions that will make your Shopify wholesale store a success. You can create marketing campaigns that will grab your customers’ attention from the moment they visit your website. These campaigns can be deployed to your website without the need for coding or graphic design skills.

This app can be installed on Shopify to reduce cart abandonment up to 12% and increase sales and leads. Adoric gives you a $29/month plan as well as a free plan.

2. Wholesale Club

Wholesale Club by Pixel Union, one of the most popular Shopify wholesale apps for Shopify merchants. Wholesale customers are encouraged to purchase in bulk to receive certain discounts. This will increase your Shopify store’s average orders value. Wholesale Club can be used to offer discounted products to selected customers.

You can also set minimum order quantities, create tiered pricing systems for your customers and offer multiple pricing levels. Wholesale Club offers exceptional customer service and a 14-day trial period. Prices start at $24 per Month for 300 orders, and $49 for unlimited orders.

3. Wholesale Gorilla

Wholesale Gorilla was created and developed by wholesale merchants. The team was familiar with wholesale merchants’ challenges and created the Wholesale Gorilla app.

It can help you manage inventory, order fulfillment, and shipping. You can set wholesale prices for products, collections or your entire store. Prices can be set as percentages of the initial value, or fixed prices. Wholesale Gorilla offers a 30-day free trial and prices as low as $29.95 per month.

4. Wholester

Wholester is a Shopify app that allows you to save time and manage your Shopify store. Wholester makes it easy to manage wholesale orders using the efficient wholesale toolkit feature.

Your customers can access the tools they need to complete bulk orders quickly and ship to multiple locations from one checkout. Wholester is completely free to use.

5. Wholesale – All in One

Wholesale All in One, another Shopify wholesale app, allows you to offer tiered discounts to your customers and products in your Shopify store. It has many features, and also provides countdown times.

Wholesale All in One allows you to offer your wholesale customers the choice of shopping with or without coupon codes. You can also allow your customers to shop in different currencies. After a 14-day trial, the pricing starts at $14.99 per Month

6. Wholesale Prices Discount

Wholesale Pricing Discounts will save you time and make it easier to offer a tiered pricing structure for your customers. Wholesale Pricing Discount allows you to offer different customer groups discounted pricing options. Discounts can be offered on select product categories, or your entire store.

The Wholesale Pricing Discount App allows you to offer unlimited discounts. You can set up advanced shipping rates and minimum order quantities. Customers can also order in bulk. You can try it for 14 days free. Prices start at $19.99 per Month.

7. Custom and Wholesale Pricing

The app lets you offer wholesale and custom pricing without the need to have a separate wholesale store. The app offers a variety of features and new features are constantly added.

It’s easy to set it up and use.

Wholesale and Custom Pricing offer advanced features such as individual product pricing and compatibility with AJAX carts. After a 7-day trial, you can choose between paid and free plans. Premium email support starts at $9.95 per Month.

8. Wholesale Order form & Reorder

Wholesale Helper also created the Wholesale Order Form and Reorder.

This app allows you to give your wholesale customers the option to order from or reorder products from your Shopify store.

For wholesale customers, you can list your products and have them reorder within two clicks. This app can be easily customized.

The app comes with a free 8-day trial and prices starting at $12.99 per Month.

9. Dropshipping

Wholesale2b Dropshipping is an app for Shopify that allows you import inventory and then sell it wholesale. It allows you to track your inventory and receive real-time inventory updates. Many Shopify dropshipping vendors use this app.

Wholesale2b Dropshipping offers 7-days free trial with its paid version starting from $29.99 per month

10. Wholesale Lock Manager

Wholesale Lock Manager has a different approach to wholesale pricing than the other apps. This app allows you to lock certain pages or your entire Shopify storefront with locks.

You have the option to choose who has access to your secure pages. This allows you to separate your wholesale customers and your retail customers within your Shopify store. It makes it possible to manage your wholesale and retail businesses from one spot.

Pricing starts at $6.99 per Month with an 8-day trial.

11. MagicPass Wholesale

MagicPass Wholesale by Impress allows you to protect your Shopify store using a lock or password. This wholesale app allows you to protect individual products, collections, pages and can be used to grant access using secret keys or client tags.

MagicPass Wholesale allows wholesale customers to receive discounts and value breaks. You can also offer bulk discounts or percentage discounts. The app’s monthly price starts at $5.

12. Wholesaler from Microapps

The wholesale app allows you to easily set up wholesale pricing for your wholesale customers. This app allows you to create discount groups, set your prices, and then add your wholesale customers. You can also add wholesale customers to the group and override shipping and tax calculations.

Additionally, you will get excellent support in managing your inventory and other customization options. The app is completely free to download and use.

13. Bold Custom Prices: Wholesale

Bold Pricing: Wholesale allows you to easily create tiered pricing structures for your customers with the help of an app called Wholesale. Just tag your wholesale customers to apply your tiered pricing structure. It has an auto-tagging function that allows you to modify the customer’s membership level, as their purchase values increase.

This app makes it easy to set up discounts and coupons for customers without having to create multiple coupon codes. After a 14-day trial, the app’s monthly pricing starts at $29.99.

14. Volume & Tiered Discounts

You can offer wholesale customers discounts in a variety of ways with the Volume & Tiered discount app. You can set up flat-rate discounts or percentage discounts for certain products. This app allows you to motivate your wholesale customers to buy more and increases their average order value.

Tiered pricing can be set up for wholesale customers. The app is easy to install and use.

15. Wholesale Pricing Manager

SpurIT’s Wholesale Pricing Manager promises quick results and higher revenue. The wholesale app is simple to install and easy to use. It also has many features that help make this promise possible. These features include auto-tagging and unlimited wholesale statuses. Email marketing is also possible.

This app allows you to offer price adjustments to wholesale customers based on their location, purchase frequency, quantity, and spending value. The app offers a price range starting at $19.95 per month and a 14-day guarantee for any issues.


These are the best Shopify wholesale apps. You can try all of these apps to find the one that works best for you Shopify store.

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