11 Top Baseball Jersey Wholesale Suppliers USA

Baseball is undoubtedly the most loved sport in America. The game is highly valued by both players and spectators. It’s almost impossible to imagine a summer without it.

If you’re looking for wholesale baseball jerseys in the US, then you’re not making a bad business decision. Find out the top 9 suppliers of wholesale baseball jerseys in the US.

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TeamSportswear is located in the heart California USA. It was founded in 1995 to manufacture and supply authentic baseball and other sportswear in bulk.

They use modern technology to provide wholesale baseball jackets of the highest quality that offer comfort and convenience.

There are many types of baseball TeamSportswear has to offer. They can supply you with wholesale satin baseball jackets, wholesale baseball warm-up jackets, wholesale plain baseball jackets, and many other products.

Online orders are accepted by PayPal and credit cards. There are no hidden fees.

From Monday through Friday, the market is open between 8 and 7 p.m. (EST). TeamSportswear offers a discount if you make baseball jerseys for a group. The prices for individual shirts are very affordable. There is no minimum order with TeamSportswear.

2.Oasis Uniform

Oasis excels in manufacturing and supplying uniforms, especially wholesale baseball jerseys. They are located in Beverly Hills, California, USA. Oasis allows you to customize your wholesale baseball jerseys with the most advanced technology. This will make you stand out from the crowd. They can supply large or small orders and their designs are outstanding.

Their online shop currently has over 4000 products that their customers can benefit from. Partnerships are available Monday through Saturday. Their customer service is also outstanding.

Oasis’s prices may seem high, but they are very affordable and they will work with you on wholesale terms. Oasis can deliver wholesale baseball team jackets and blank baseball jackets as well as other wholesale baseball jerseys.


Uesports was established in 1990 and offers fast and efficient delivery of sportswear both within the USA and abroad. The market is open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 5pm (PST), Monday through Friday. Uesports has a great reputation for high quality baseball jerseys. They offer a one-year warranty on their supply.

Uesports doesn’t have a minimum order quantity, so you can order large or small quantities. They also offer baseball jerseys at extremely-low prices. This is one of the things that sets them apart from other wholesale suppliers of baseball jerseys.

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This supplier can brand your jersey. They are happy to provide a sample of your logo before you commit to them. Uesports has good customer relations, so you can easily strike an ongoing deal.


They are the leading suppliers and manufacturers of custom baseball jerseys wholesale. They wholesale a variety of baseball jerseys in different sizes and quantities.

Suppliers are also closely linked to the baseball game. Ciscoathletic can make any type of baseball jersey, including button down or quarter sleeves.

They can also make custom orders based on your requirements. Wholesale baseball jerseys can be purchased from them in a range of styles, fits, and comfort.

Ciscoathletic doesn’t have a minimum order amount. This means that they can be extremely helpful if you want to start small.

They are known for their customer service. You can find the most recent products on their website.

SP Apparel

They are another well-known supplier and manufacturer of wholesale baseball jerseys in the US. They will deliver jerseys that fit customers’ needs and budget. SP Apparel also offers semi-pro pants to match the baseball jerseys. SP Apparel has all the necessary baseball apparel.

SP Apparel, despite being located in Quebec sells wholesale jerseys in the USA and Canada. They have 110 employees and produce top-quality products. Their jerseys are made using state-of the-art equipment and shipped quickly. If you need it, they can customize any baseball jerseys purchased from them.

SP Apparel was founded in 1999. They have over 20 North American sales representatives, and 17 international representatives. They have a great customer relationship and are often competitive in their prices.

6.Blank Athletics

This fantastic supplier of sports apparel can be found at 1,780 Forest Way, Carson City, Nevada. You can choose from a variety of baseball jerseys, including ones that are gender-specific, such as color, size, material or collar size.

This means that there are many options available. Blank Athletics is often asked by people if their products are high-quality. Blank Athletics products are affordable. Blank Athletics products are not cheap, but it does not mean that they have a lower supply.

Blank Athletics does NOT have a minimum order quantity. The minimum handling and shipping cost to have your order shipped to you is $13.45. Blank Apparel offers you the chance to return your order if you are not satisfied with the order.

This US-based supplier of MLB jerseys ships all orders received before 11.00 am the same day. Your choice of delivery method and the weight of your order will determine which one you choose. Delivery time may take up to 6 days for bulky orders.

7.Sports Warehouse

Sportswarehouse has been manufacturing and selling youth baseball uniforms since 1979. You can also order other apparels from them, including high-quality baseball jerseys. Their customer service representative is available 24/7 to answer your calls.

Sportswarehouse can replicate any baseball team’s jersey and provide a great experience for fans supporting the players on the field.

They have the license and certification necessary to reproduce the jerseys of several American baseball teams. You can find a complete price list on their website for all available baseball jerseys.

9.Fans Edge

This supplier is well-known as a source of Nike NFL baseball jerseys. The company’s focus on its supply may have been the reason it got its name. It focuses primarily on providing baseball jerseys for fans. Fans Edge allows fans to customize their jerseys according to their preferences. Fansedge does not require a minimum order.

Fansedge deals with many other brands, including MLB. Fansedge will offer a 15% discount for orders above $99 Fansedge is meticulous about their services and will fulfill your order promptly.

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Fansedge will give you a 365-day window to return any item that you do not like. Fansedge offers a one-year warranty on all products purchased from them. They offer a wide range of products and prices that are very competitive.

Famous Brands of Baseball Jerseys

NFL Baseball Jerseys by i.Nike

Nike is a well-known brand that produces apparel, footwear, accessories and other products. Although they are based in the United States, they have operations in many other countries. They make a great baseball jersey and many people would buy a Nike baseball jacket or wholesale jersey because of their brand. These are just a few of the features.

a. Water-repellant

b. Made to fit the contours of players and fans

c. Light fabrics

d. Allows maximum movement

e. Made with high-quality materials and first-class technology

f. Affordable and easily customizable

Jerseys ii.MLB

MLB stands for Major League Baseball, and the jerseys brand has been a hit in the United States. There are many sizes and shapes. They come in different sizes and shapes.

Majestic was the sole provider of MLB Jerseys for more then 30 teams until 2007, when it was acquired by VF Corporation. MLB uniforms can be worn by players until they become completely old. There are many types of MLB jerseys,

a. Authentic MLB Jerseys – Officially licensed by MLB and worn on the field by all players

b. Replica MLB Jerseys are also licensed by MLB, but are a bit more affordable and worn by fans.

c. Custom Jersey

d. Alternate Jersey


f. Batting Practice

iii.Adidas Baseball Jerseys

Adidas headquarters is located in Herzogenaurach, Germany. However, it also manufactures and supplies wholesale baseball jerseys in the USA and other parts. Adidas is known for its innovation and precision.

This is evident in their baseball jerseys. Adidas is the most recognized sportswear manufacturer in Europe. Wholesale Adidas jerseys and jackets are available at prices between $90 to $130.

Baseball Jerseys by iv.Gucci

Independent artists create wholesale Gucci jackets, and baseball jerseys. It is high-quality and available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The jerseys feature Gucci designs on the front and back. You can also request a customized jersey. These are just a few of the striking features.


b. Short sleeves

c. Lightweight

d. Very fashionable

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Baseball Jerseys Wholesale

Q: How can I create my own online baseball jacket?

A: You can customize your baseball to suit your tastes and preferences. How do you make it happen online? Do not panic. This is a step by step guide.

i. Select your manufacturer and/or distributor. We recommend that you choose any of the 9 top suppliers of wholesale baseball jerseys in the US.

ii. Go to the website of your manufacturer and click “Customize jersey”.

iii. You will be asked to choose your favorite jacket or jersey type

iv. Provide additional details like team name, jersey color, size and player names.

v. Make the necessary payments through the online portal

vi. Wait for your order to be delivered.

Q: What material is most popular for baseball jerseys?

A: It’s double-knit polyester. It is highly durable, shiny, and moisture-wicking.


Baseball is undoubtedly the most loved sport in America. The game is highly valued by both players and spectators. It’s almost impossible to imagine a summer without it.

If you’re looking for wholesale baseball jerseys in the US, then you’re not making a bad business decision. Find out the top 9 suppliers of wholesale baseball jerseys in the US.