12 Best Evening Dresses Wholesale Suppliers

Evening dresses for women are formal occasion clothing. There are many styles to choose from, including ballerinas and tea gowns. Silk, chiffon and velvet are the most common fabrics used to make evening dresses for special occasions. The fashion and clothing industry are growing at a rapid pace every year. We see many merchants interested in selling formal, evening, and party dresses for women.

The fashion industry is on the rise. You might be looking for wholesale suppliers of evening gowns, whether you are a retailer or a merchant. These evening dresses and gowns are available from the top wholesale suppliers and distributors. Ball gowns, mermaid dresses, A-line gowns, sheath dresses, and many others are some of the most sought after evening gowns among women.

Google trends and other tools can be used to do a market analysis to determine which evening dresses are most popular in the area where you plan to operate your business.

How do I find Evening Dresses Wholesalers to Buy Online?

When searching for wholesale party and evening dresses suppliers to your shop, you need to be careful. You must first ensure that the dresses you are looking to purchase are trendy and of high quality. If the dress you are looking to wholesale is worth selling, it will be determined by its designer cut, design and fabric quality.

The most important thing about clothing is that you must inspect the fabric and the build quality. Where can you find the best wholesale evening dresses?

Checking Forums

You can find Facebook groups, forums, and community websites that discuss wholesale party wear, evening, and cocktail dresses. They also share their past experiences with suppliers. You can also get advice from experienced business owners on how to evaluate clothing and its supplier.

Visiting Trade Shows

For different product categories, trade shows are held all over the globe including in China and USA. You can meet your potential wholesale formal dress supplier at any trade show and discuss your requirements in detail.

B2B Websites

B2B websites allow you to connect with thousands of suppliers in many different categories. You can compare their ratings, product line, and other factors such as stitching and shipping. You should only choose quality evening dresses suppliers who have a proven track record.

Check out these Top Wholesale Evening Dresses Sellers

We will now list the top and most reliable wholesalers of evening dresses from China, USA and UK. You can then choose the one that best suits you.

China Evening Dresses

Today, many top brands have their clothing made in China. This is due to the low manufacturing costs and their expertise. It is therefore a smart idea to import evening dresses from China.

2. SammyDress

Sammydress began in 2011 as an online fashion clothing shop based in Shenzhen. It now offers a wide range of lifestyle products, including clothing, shoes and bags, jewelry, lingerie, accessories, and many other products. They also dropship to more than 200 countries and sell wholesale. They constantly update their catalogue with the most current and fashionable clothes and dresses.

3. Rosewholesale

Rosewholesale, another online wholesaler of cheap evening dresses, offers a wide selection of party and evening dresses. You will find a wide selection of party and formal dresses that are wholesale for plus-sized women. Rosewholesale offers the latest fashionable attire at a fraction of the price

Although order processing can take a while, shipping is very fast. They offer wholesale factory rates and have been working with many US-based wholesale buyers almost two decades. They are therefore well-versed in the market.

4. Dear-Lover

Dear-Lover, another trusted Chinese supplier, deals in prom and evening formal wholesale dresses. They also ship to many countries around the world as dropship partners.

Wholesale buyers can order minimum quantities of $99. They can be both a manufacturer or distributor of a variety of clothing. Their catalog includes over a million products. You can also take advantage of their 50% discount listings every day to save even more.

UK Wholesale Evening Dresses

Here’s a list of top UK wholesalers of evening dresses. Let’s see what they have to say.

1. CityGoddess

CityGoddess, a UK-based designer, manufacturer, and distributor of women’s clothing, includes evening gowns, maxi dresses and casual and formal dresses. They also sell floral dresses, plus-sized dresses, prom and plus-sized dresses. All of these items are available wholesale.

They sell only in pre-defined lots (packs of 5-10 pieces). Minimum order quantity is PS150 You will need an online shop or business to check the rates and fill out the registration form.

2. Wholesale Catwalk

Catwalk wholesale, based in Industrial estate, UK is a fashion wholesaler with a huge selection of formal and prom dresses. You will find a wide range of party and evening wholesale dresses and gowns. Register as wholesale buyers to see wholesale prices. They also have dresses starting at 1 pound

Wholesale orders are limited to 150 pounds. They offer next-day shipping to the UK and international delivery within 3-5 business days.

USA Wholesale Evening Dresses

Let’s now talk about some wholesale evening dresses made in the USA. It will be easier for you to find the right distributor or supplier from all of these.

1. SMC Fashion

SMC Fashion has the largest online selection of wholesale evening and party dresses in America. Their unique features include a custom virtual shop, flexible minimum orders quantity, and a reliable dropshipping program. They can help you find the best Los Angeles designer evening gowns for your customers.

The minimum order is $200. Orders over $500 qualify for free shipping to the USA and Canada. They also offer weekly sales campaigns that will help you find the hottest and most fashionable items at discounted prices.

2. TheDressOutlet

TheDressoutlet offers a wide range of luxury holiday, wedding and event dresses at wholesale prices from top US designers. R & M Richards and Marina, Le Bos, Anne Klien and Bebe are just a few of the most notable.

You can get coupons and discounts on all maxi dresses that your customers will love for their events by signing up for their wholesale account. Don’t forget to shop their clearance sale, which often includes closeouts.

3. Singhimpex

Singhimpex is an American wholesaler of prom dresses and party dresses. You can choose which evening dress style is most popular from their list of top sellers. The most popular dresses are pageant dresses, prom dresses and a few cocktail gowns.

Only after you have approved your wholesale account, can wholesale prices be accessed. For the first time, they require a minimum order amount of $200. They have a no return policy. Before placing an order, please make sure to check the sizing chart.

Where can I find high-quality custom-made evening gowns?

There are many online wholesale sites that offer custom-made evening and party dresses such as SMC fashion, Lunss. It is not recommended that you wholesale custom-made evening dresses or search for suppliers. Because of the variability in fabric, material, fit, and stitching, it can be difficult to sell customized evening dresses to everyone.

The best and most practical choice is to purchase ready-made formal and prom dresses wholesale in all sizes, which will fit most women.

Where can I find wholesale dresses for women?

If you are still interested in customizing evening and party dresses, you will first need to find the fabric. You will also need to search for beautifying materials.

How can I wholesale formal dresses from China

You all know China is the center of fashion industry today. There are thousands of suppliers for wholesale formal dresses. It is easy to buy evening dresses wholesale from China.

There are many suppliers available from Alibaba, made in China and global sources. However, they require a large MOQ to get wholesale rates. For small businesses and people with lower capital, this might not be possible. It is important to locate trusted suppliers from China who can provide you with high quality formal wear and evening dresses at wholesale prices without any minimum order quantities.

A few have been listed above, including Chinabrands. Check out the wholesale policies of suppliers and their collections to decide which supplier partner you want.

Where can I buy evening gowns wholesale in NYC?

Tbdress, JJShouse, and others are some of the most well-known wholesalers of evening gown dresses in New York City. You can also find them in directories or yellow pages.

We found some New York wholesale evening gowns in a directory by doing a quick search.

Where can I find wholesale dresses online from Thailand

You can source wholesale dresses from Thailand from suppliers on B2b sites like Alibaba or global sources. Lanna, Bangkok apparel and one tribe apparel are some of the most well-known.

However, if your customers require quality gowns designed for them. You should give a Chinese supplier a chance. Some of the best evening dresses wholesalers are located in China, which offer high-quality dresses at affordable prices such as Chinabrands or sammydress.

Where can I buy long maxi dresses and evening dresses in bulk from India?

You can wholesale long maxi dresses and evening gowns from India in two ways. You can either visit their wholesale markets in person or order online if this is not possible. Indiamart is the best option.

Indiamart is an online marketplace that specializes in b2b business. You can find many evening dress wholesale suppliers on Indiamart. Get the most recent prices based on quantity and shipping location.

Where can I buy wholesale evening dresses made from turkey?

There are many online shops that sell evening dresses wholesale from Turkey, whether you’re based there or not. Abiyefon has many online stores that sell short and long prom dresses as well as mermaid prom and night dresses.

DakkasInda, another wholesale turkey-based evening dress manufacturer, specializes in custom wedding and evening gowns for women. They ship to more than 50 countries. They are able to offer private labeling, pattern design and quality stitching.


We did our best to provide detailed information about evening gowns and formal wear, as well as their wholesalers in the USA, China, India, Turkey, USA and other countries. We hope you find this article helpful in your analysis to begin your business in women’s party wear dresses.

Let us know which wholesaler for evening dresses you think is the best and which one you are going to buy. We look forward to your positive comments on this.