Wholesale and Dropship Dresses Suppliers from China

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Ecommerce is growing rapidly. It is predicted to nearly double by 2022. Fashion’s global revenue was around 480 billion dollars. It is expected to reach 700 billion in four years.

There are thousands of fashion merchants looking to get into the market for wholesale Chinese dresses. There is an insatiable demand for clothing and dresses all over the world.

You have two options to start a business in the apparel niche. You can either wholesale or dropship your dresses.

As you know, China is the best place to import. People are familiar with many types of clothing and dresses such as evening and prom dresses, formal wear, and other varieties. Should you buy wholesale dresses from China Dropshipping dresses from China is a better option.

If you have the capital to purchase large quantities of dresses, you can store them in your inventory and pack them for sale.

Dropshipping is a way to sell your inventory without having to keep any stock. The dresses are advertised and the details of any orders received by you go to your dropship supplier. The supplier will pack the dress and ship it directly from their warehouse to you.

Each has its pros and cons.

We will be listing the top wholesale and dropship fashion apparel suppliers that you can use to buy wholesale from China today.

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China’s Top Dropshippers & Wholesale Dress Suppliers

There are many options for what you can sell, regardless of whether you sell women’s dresses. To get a better idea of what is likely to be profitable for your case, you can use tools such as Adwords and google trends to do a market analysis.

You can also wholesale maxi dresses and party dresses or t-shirts dresses or any other fashion dresses.

You can choose your primary supplier of sourcing dresses. Let’s now take a look at 10 dropshippers and wholesale suppliers from China.

2. Rosewholesale

Rosewholesale is a well-known wholesale clothing supplier. It sells women’s clothing, lingerie and accessories, as well as bags, jewelry, shoes and footwear for men. Rosewholesale is well aware of the fact that fashion industry changes too quickly.

They are able to offer high quality, trendy fashion clothing in wholesale fashion in China thanks to their relationships with hundreds factories. If you are looking to buy wholesale, the more you purchase the better. They have international agreements with UPS and DHL for fast shipping.

3. Dear-Lover

Dear-Lover, a dropship supplier and wholesale dress supplier in China, is affordable and stylish. It is a subsidiary to Quanzhou Shiying Cltothes Ltd., a leading international manufacturer of wholesale women’s clothing. It produces 3.5 million units annually.

They have more than 5000 products in 10 different categories of women’s dresses. These dresses are available for wholesale or dropshipping. You can also get OEM service, which allows you to have labels applied to your dresses and customize the design.

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The minimum order quantity for this service is $99.

4. SammyDress

Sammydress, a wholesale clothing online shop, was founded in Shenzhen in 2011. It is also a subsidiary of eGrow, just like Chinabrands. Sammydress offers a wide range of women’s dresses, including tops, shirts and swimwear. The latest trends include jackets and coats, plaid for women and long maxi dresses, long sleeves dresses, lace-up dresses, and many more.

Their catalog contains more than 200,000 products. You can also order dresses from them dropshipping to many countries.

5. Dhgate

Dhgate, a Chinese ecommerce platform founded in 2004, is another major b2b platform. Similar to Aliexpress, they operate similar. It acts as a bridge between wholesale clothing buyers and sellers. They ship to more than 230 countries and have a large customer base of approximately 4 million.

dhgate is not a supplier and therefore has no control over its sellers. It is important to choose carefully who you deal with. They are making every effort to be transparent but there are still trust issues. Their refund and return policies are limited and products may take longer to arrive.

6. Wholesale7

Wholesale7 is a wholesale dress china supplier and manufacturer that is dedicated to delivering high quality products and service worldwide. Wholesale7 is known for its stable stock, timely updated stock of new and popular styles, sufficient supply, and the ability to process orders and ship them within 24 hours.

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You can find wholesale designer dresses, maxi dresses wholesale, sleeveless, strapless, special occasion dresses as well as evening and party dresses.

Clearance sales are available and dresses start at $4.99 There is no minimum order, but depending on how much you spend, you may get as much as 20% off.

7. Aliexpress

Although Aliexpress is not used often by wholesale merchants, it is highly admired and well-liked by individual buyers. Alibaba owns Aliexpress and it’s a b2c platform. It is only for individuals and small businesses.

Aliexpress sellers have also stepped up to meet the growing demand for dropshipping. Talk to sellers about dropshipping partnerships. They may be able to offer lower prices if you purchase 10 or more units. It would still be more than what you get from Alibaba or other suppliers with larger moqs.

Aliexpress sellers use China economic mail to deliver parcels. This helps to keep costs down and can make it take up to 4 weeks to get to other countries.

8. Alibaba

Jack Ma founded Alibaba in 1999. It is now the largest online b2b retailer in the world. Its revenue exceeded that of Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, according to a study. It boasts a record number 8.5 million active sellers and suppliers. Because it offers wholesale products at the lowest prices, sellers often have higher minimum order requirements.

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Find here suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers for more than 100 categories. They offer competitive prices.

Although it is possible to have your product custom-designed with branded logos, it will take some time for it to be manufactured and processed. However, it is better if you are looking at long-term branding strategies.

9. Lightinthebox

Lightinthebox, a well-known online retail store with warehouses around the globe, is based in Beijing China. Lightinthebox sells mostly apparel and women’s clothing, including evening dresses, formal dresses, and wedding dresses.

There is no minimum order quantity for retailers. They offer a 10% discount on orders over $300. They also offer dropshipping services. If you’re a registered user, they can help you dropship to your customer.

10. Shein

Shein, a well-known Chinese designer and manufacturer of women’s clothing, is an international brand. They sell modern women’s dresses at an affordable price. Shein is a strong American company that can offer wholesale dresses china. Shein products are a favorite choice for women because they offer a luxurious look and feel less expensive.

They offer dropshipping and wholesale services to more than 88 countries. Wholesale buyers get healthy discounts. Orders above $200 qualify for 25% off and orders over US$3000 get 40% off. Register at Emmacloth (wholesale site of shein) to take advantage of wholesale rates

Is it possible to buy cheap clothes from China for wholesale and dropship?

All of the above websites offer wholesale and dropshipping cheap women’s dresses from China. If you’re looking for maxi dresses, party dresses, or any other type of wholesale dresses from China, these websites can help you find them.

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Wholesale dress suppliers from China can provide you with the best prices for high-quality clothing that you can use wholesale or dropship.

Where can I find wholesale dress manufacturers in China?

You can search for wholesale dress manufacturers in china by searching yellow pages, company directories, or on b2b platforms such as Global sources, HKTDC and Alibaba.

There are distributors and suppliers, so make sure to find the factory manufacturer. There are suppliers from China that buy large quantities directly from factories, and can offer lower prices than the manufacturer.

What are the best places to visit in China for fashion clothing?

We are happy to let you know that wholesale clothing for women can be found in all major cities of China, even if you cannot attend trade fairs.

You can purchase from Chengdu, Guangzhou and Guangzhou. Visit the beijing silk market (or yashow) and the wudaokou clothes market (or both). Guangzhou Shishang Clothing wholesale marketplace is also available. You can also visit Shenzhen’s Luohu, North Huaqiang and Dongmen areas for women fashion clothing and dresses.

How can I dropship dresses from China to my customers?

Dropshipping dresses from China can be very lucrative, but you need to do it right. You don’t want your customers to feel hurt by low-quality or misleading products when you sell online.

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Dropshipping has one disadvantage: you don’t know what your supplier will send to your customer. Dropshipping is not a good option because you don’t know what your supplier will send to your customer.

Chinabrands is one such supplier. They have 200 professionals who ensure quality control. They have been trusted by thousands of merchants for many years and kept their word.


Although the above is our personal recommendation, we have already listed the top places to find wholesale dresses for women in China. Select the dropship or wholesale model that suits you best and then choose the right supplier.

They all have a huge selection of women’s dresses, with low prices. You can compare their delivery and payment options, as well as other reviews to determine which one you should partner with.