Wedding Party Supplies Wholesale Distributors Online

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These are some wholesale distributors of wedding supplies where you can purchase unique items for your wedding.

Get Wholesale Wedding Party Supplies

A wedding is one of the most important events in one’s lifetime. Wedding preparations can take up to three months. They focus on the details of all rituals and ceremonies, as well as ensuring that food and decorations are in order. People try to be as creative as possible when decorating weddings.

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According to research, the wedding industry has been growing steadily. Couples want the best for their wedding day, which means that there are more ideas and themes on the market.

Demand for wedding decor is influenced by the budgets and preferences of the couple, their families and religious and regional influences.

Specific wedding decorations are in high demand. The market for party balloons is worth 220 million US$ in 2017, and will grow at 5.3% CAGR to reach 330 million US$ by 2025. Similar to the cake stand market, there has been a lot of development in the industry. There are now bakers and confectioners in every corner of the globe.

We suggest that you keep up-to-date with all the latest trends in wedding industry through blogs. Also, keep your shop current accordingly.

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Distributors of wholesale wedding party supplies in China

1. Chinabrands: Chinabrands is a leading dropshipping website and wholesale site for all product categories. This platform allows you to find high-quality products at extremely low prices. Each product is subject to a strict quality control. The company’s team keeps up-to-date with the market so you will always find the most current products. There are many categories on their website, including electronics, home decor and office tools. You will find many items for your wedding, including cake stands, string lights and fairy lights as well as confettis.

2. Made in China: Made in China was founded in 1998 and is a third-party B2B ecommerce platform in China. Their primary focus is on global trade and to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices. There are many categories on their website, including food, electronics and apparels. Made in China offers 27 categories and over 3000 subcategories. This is China’s first online marketplace to offer a complete review of all paid-up suppliers. You can find a wide range of supplies for weddings, including party poppers, bunting garlands and wedding tents, as well as show lights.

3. Alibaba: Alibaba is a leading platform for global trade. Alibaba was founded in 1999 and has since served over a million buyers and suppliers. Alibaba has over 40 categories that offer thousands of high-demand products. There are many categories on their website, including consumer electronics, packaging and printing, apparel, textiles, leather products. Personal care is also included. You can also find items for weddings, such as realistic artificial birds, bridal shower rose-gold wedding items, and even glasses.

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4. DH Gate: DH Gate, one of the most popular trade platforms. Their website has more than 30,000,000 products. This means that you can find anything you want on their site. Along with shipping your product, they offer many other services such as buy protection plan and secure refund policy, shipment tracking, delivery express, and shipment tracking. There are many categories on their website, including cell phones, accessories and electronics, cameras as well as health, beauty, jewelry, watches. They also offer toys, gifts, baby products and wedding tents. DH Gate stocks everything you need for a wedding party, including artificial roses, cake topper flags and vases, LED neon lights, sequin cake toppings and more.

Wholesale Wedding Party Distributors in UK

5. Angel Wholesale: Angel Wholesale provides a one-stop solution for events located in the UK. They supply retail, boutique, mail order, party planners and embroidery companies. They were also awarded the Best Baby Gift Wholesalers Award. They offer services that include no minimum order and 48 hour delivery from stock. Mid-season order, short orders lines, low delivery costs, easy online ordering, easy payment, exclusive brands, 24*7 customer service. There are many categories available on their website, including occasions, blanks and character, clothing, craft floristry, gifts home, hamper supplies, nappies, parties, pets, toys, weddings, and gift ideas. You can find a variety of wedding supplies, including beautiful bird cages and holders, place cards and holders and table numbers and holders.

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6. Wedding Mall: The Wedding Mall is the destination for all things wedding decor and accessories. Their website currently has more than 5000 products and they are constantly updating it with new accessories. Their website has categories such as table decoration, event decorations, artificial flowers and wedding gifts. They offer discounts for bulk orders and have more than 220,000 customers.

7. Wedding Outlet: Wedding Outlet has been in business for 18 years and is now a leading wholesale platform for accessories and wedding decorations. Their motto is customer satisfaction at affordable prices. They use the best materials and work with top manufacturers to design their products. Their website features categories such as bride accessories, ceremony accessories, reception accessories and wedding decor. They also offer wedding stationery, wedding favors, and wedding gift options.

Distributors of wholesale wedding party supplies in the USA

8. Wholesale Party Supplies: Wholesale Party Suppliers has been a leader in providing party supplies at wholesale prices. You will find many different themes to suit all kinds of events. There are over 500 party themes, some of which have been licensed by Disney, Marvel and Nickelodeon. There are many categories available on their website, including invitations, thank-you cards, holiday and occasion accessories, tableware, entertaining accessories and balloons. They also sell toys, candy, and decorations. They offer tableware, decorations such as a botanical floral banner, cake topper and guest table decor sets, balloons, favors, and gifts for wedding events.

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9. Bulk Party Supply: Bulk Party supplies is a top party supplier. Bulk Party Suppliers has been in the wholesale business for over a decade. Their website has more than 7000 party supplies at an affordable price. There are many categories available on their site, including award ribbons for baby showers and birthdays, general party supplies as well as graduation, holiday, sports, anniversary, and wedding supplies. You can find a variety of items for your wedding, including confetti, signs banners, wedding bells and a wedding all-purpose container.

10. Oriental Trading: Oriental Trading is a national direct retailer of party supplies. Oriental Trading was founded in 1932 and has over 40000 products on its website. They keep it updated every week. You can also find combo supplies according to theme like Neon Glow Up Party. There are many categories available on their website, including party supplies, holidays and events, toys, games crafts, teaching materials, wedding supplies, and religious items. You can find exclusive wedding supplies like decorations, signs, centerpieces, candles and hanging decor as well as decorating fabrics, balloons garland, table numbers, paper lanterns, and garland.

India’s Wholesale Wedding Party Distributors

11. Pretty ur Party is a wholesale party supplier based in India. Their party supplies are unique and make your party look very fashionable. They can arrange decorations, food, wand even groovy tunes. There are more than 200 themes available on their website. Most of them can be done yourself so you can arrange everything as you wish. Their website has categories for party supplies and themes parties, birthdays. Baby showers. Various occasions. They also have personalized, handcrafted, and return gifts. Many unique items for weddings are available, including tassel garlands and wedding magazines.

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12. Dhol Dhamaka: Dhol Dhamaka, an e-commerce portal, supplies items for events such as weddings, festivals, and parties. Shoppoz Enterprise owns the site. Their main goal is to offer party supplies at a low price and high quality products. There are many categories available on their website, including party supplies, decorations, party wear and decor, return gifts as well as games, costumes, fun stuff, weeding, and other things. You can also find party supplies at discount rates in their sale section. You will find a huge selection of wedding items, including balloons and just-married auto clings. They also have items that are required for rituals like mehendi and sangeet.

13. My Party Shop: My Party Shop, India’s largest party supplies store. Customer satisfaction is the main focus of this company. They deliver party supplies quickly and securely to customers for special occasions. They offer the highest quality party supplies and a wide range. You can contact them 24*7 to get updates and answer all your questions. You can also get cash on delivery and free shipping if you spend more than Rs.500. You can find many categories on their website, including 1st birthday theme, adult theme, baby showers and bachelorette, balloons and barware, cake toppers, birthday theme for boys and girls, emoji themes, fun stuff, gifts and party accessories, decorations, special birthdays and tableware. You will find plenty of options for wedding items in the wedding section, including paper lanterns and balloons, tableware as well as photo booth props and fringe curtains.

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1. Sequin Balloon Romantic 12 Inch Wedding Party Decoration: Sequins can now be seen at all parties. A 12-inch sequin balloon is all that’s needed to decorate your nuptial party. This package contains three latex balloons filled with confetti. These balloons come in gold or silver. You will see the confetti inside the latex balloon when it is blown. It measures 12.00 x 5.00 x 0.30cm. The price for this 12-inch romantic sequin balloon wedding decoration is $0.16 Sequin balloons can be found everywhere nowadays.

2. Multicolor 5 Meters Fishing line Pearls DIY Cloth art Rose Flower Wedding Party Decoration Crafts: Roses can be used as a centerpiece in any wedding. Multicolor 5 meter fishing line pearls DIY Cloth Art Rose Flower Wedding Party Decorative is the perfect choice for a bride and bridesmaid. If your wedding theme includes roses or flowers, it will match the decorative. This item comes in four colors: Blue, Yellow/ Beige/ Pink, and White. Product dimensions are 50.00 x 0.10x 0.10cm. This decoration can also be used in other events, such as birthday parties and festival decorations. You will pay $0.09 for the product.

3. Tiers Fruit Tray Dessert Tower Wedding Party Stand: Every wedding party must have a wedding cake. A fancy cake stand will help make the cake more interesting. Chinabrands offers a 3 Tiers Fruit Tray Wedding Party Cake Stand. It is white in colour and visually appealing. To prevent any accidents, the cake stand is stable and supported by strong columns. It measures 26.50×26.50×40.00 cm in size and costs $1.32. Package includes one screw, three screws and three pillars.

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4. The Wedding Overall Desk Mesh Gauze Dress Party Decoration. A table is where all food items will be placed. You can’t miss decorating it. Your table decorations will be enhanced by YWedding overall table mesh gauze party decoration. To make your table stand out, you can order wedding overalls desk mesh gauze party decorations. This table mess is made from nylon yarn. It measures 180.00 x 75.00 x 0.50cm and costs $6.91.

5. Love Confetti Wedding Party Plastic Table Decoration Sprinkle – A party without confettis would be incomplete. Italic and shiny, the confetti wedding party plastic decoration sprinkle has the perfect shape to place on the table. You can choose from two colors: Silver or Gold. It will set you back $0.03.

6. Wedding Party Table Cloth Napkin Hotel restaurant Folding Home Decor: A tablecloth napkin can be a great way to give your guests a feeling of luxury. The best choice for your wedding party is Wedding Party Table Cloth Napkin Hotel restaurant Folding Home Decor. It is made from durable polyester. This napkin has a unique feature: it resists stains and wrinkles. You can easily remove any wine stain or other stains. It measures 25.00 x 25.00x 2.00 cm in size and comes in three colours. You will pay $0.81 for the product.

7. C3047 3x3m 304 LEDs Windows Curtain String Light for Wedding Christmas Decoration: Lighting makes the surroundings look stunning and makes the environment more inviting. The C3047 3X3m 304 LEDs Windows Curtain String Light for Wedding Christmas Decoration will create a beautiful atmosphere for your guests. The string light is safe for use in your home and comes with three lighting options to suit your theme. There are 8 options to adjust the lighting pattern, from slow to fast to a combination. The light string is available at any hour of the day for $5.35.

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8. Artificial Flowers for Weddings: Chrysanthemum Artificial Flowers Home Decorations: Artificial flowers can add a sense of mood to any party. Chrysanthemums are loved by everyone and look great when they’re kept in the house. However, flowers can wither so quickly so it is best to buy artificial flowers that look so real. The artificial Chrysanthemum artificial flowers home wedding decoration is made of fabric and plastic. It looks real and measures 56.5 cm high and 11 cm wide. You can choose from six colors. Artificial flowers cost $1.32

9. 20 LED Strip Wine Bottle Lamp Fairy Lights, Cork String Wire 2M Party wedding: Wine bottles adorned with fairy lights are very popular and look great at parties. You can customize your LED strip wine bottle lamp fairy lights cork string wire 2M party wedding lights as it’s made from copper wires. It looks great in any area it is placed. When used, the lights create a romantic, warm and dreamlike environment. It measures 2.30 x 1.50x 4.70cm and costs $0.91.

10. 100 Pieces of Valentine’S Day Confession Cloth Petals Wedding Decorations: This 100-piece set of wedding decorations adds a romantic touch to any wedding or valentine’s Day celebration. These art petals are made of cloth and come in many colors. This product includes 100 cloth rose petals that can be used in any shape, name, or creative thing. The product measures 11.00 x 11.00x 3.00cm and costs $0.49.